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2 minutes ago, camilacabello said:

Girl this is a whole ass mess, it seems like you're making her messy era even worse. Havana was (and still is) a huge hit and Never Be the Same hasn't hit top 10 yet-- Inside Out is the least streamed track from the album & was already set for release but got scrapped. Adding OMG and Bad Things is stupid, one is a collab and the other was a promo single that people don't really care for. Crying In the Club tanked and was part of the THTHTL concept which is why she left it out. Well I Have Questions is one of her best but I don't understand how you'd want music she's already released on her debut album instead of new music especially when there's only 11 tracks, though She Loves Control is a great idea for a single because it's the most streamed non-single from the album so far!

:cackle: DON'T FOIL MY PLAN!

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Fifth Harmony - Fifth Harmony

Album Cover





1. He Like That

2. Sauced Up

3. Make You Mad

4. Deliver

5. Lonely Night

6. Don't Say You Love Me

7. Angel

8. Messy

9. Bridges

10. Feel So Right



Lead: Angel

2nd Single: He Like That

3rd Single: Deliver

Singles after the album is released:

Feel So Right


Songs I Added/Deleted


Added songs:

Feel So Right


Deleted Songs:

Down (feat. Gucci Mane)

What it looks like in itunes


Screen Shot 2018-02-20 at 2.17.25 AM.png


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5 minutes ago, Ari said:

Ariana Grande - Dangerous Woman
Release - November 18th 2016 (this would be structured around the all the award shows season and performances, a massive loss that was missed in promo for the album)

Into You would be the lead single which would debut at the MTV VMA awards with a performance on August 28th, this music video would then be released a week later.
Let Me Love You would then drop as a buzz single in October time, would remove Lil Wayne and add an actually useful rapper feature (still say this song was meant for Big Sean before the split)

The cover would still feature the bunny ears (as much as I dislike them) but it would be from afar showing off her body from head to toe looking either afar or at the camera

  Hide contents

Ariana_Grande_Dangerous_Woman_bunny_Photoshoot_(1) (1).jpgab95f7e8e44a5b7e2f9c2488c9e78802.jpg


The reason for keeping the bunny ears would be to stay with the album theme, empowerment, woman power and also getting rid of the 'Cat Valentine' cupcake image which many perceived her as before the album.

The track list would then follow

Into You
Let Me Love You 
Everyday -
Side to Side
Bad Decisions
Sometimes -
Leave Me Lonely
Thinkin Bout You
Touch It
I Don't Care -
Be Alright
Knew Better / Forever Boy
Dangerous Woman

It might not make sense jumping from Pop then to R&B then back to Pop and so on, but it would be to stick with the whole theme of the album and the story it's telling, the album would start about Ariana falling in love with someone (Moonlight, Into You, Let Me Love You) and then would go to into "loving life" stage, (Everyday, Side to Side, Greedy) then the fuck up stage (Bad Decisions, Sometimes, Leave Me Lonely) the missing stage (Thinkin Bout You, Touch It) and then lastly into the female empowerment and how you don't need any man to not feel good (I Don't Care, Be Alright, Knew Better / Forever Boy, Dangerous Woman)

In the running weeks to the album release, I'd have the normal TV/Radio interviews and promo as well as appearances and performances at the award shows such as the AMA's, EMA's etc. 
One thing I won't do is release half the songs on Apple Music Beats radio the week of the album release (probably the most stupid thing she has ever done, keep asking myself why she thought that was a good idea)

In December would be the tour announcement which would span from March - August as well as having Touch It the 3rd single in late January/early February with a Grammy performance of Into You and Touch It.
The last single would be Side to Side which would be pushed around the summer time.

The era would then wrap up with the DWT movie (which we still don't know what is happening with) dropping on YouTube (like Demi's) in October which would show everything from the start of DW as in the making right to the end of the DWT, key moments would be Manchester and One Love.

I feel the problems the DW era was that it felt too long, didn't have enough sustainable promo and was also rushed (since the Moonlight concept got done and scrapped after Focus flopped) and they're the things that were needed to make it a good era just like My Everything.

Scooter Trash take notes! 

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