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Leona Lewis - Unreleased/leaked songs

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Love Killer leaked

This is a Leona Lewis thread. 

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Xenomania wrote & produced 5 songs for Leona's Echo album that didn't make the final cut.

Do we know which ones they were?

Omg, seriously?! That would have been flawless! I bet they've pawned some of them off to Amelia Lily tbh, I can totally see Leona singing 'You Bring Me Joy'. :hail:

But omg, Leona singing 'All Fired Up'. :shocked:

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3 hours ago, Countess said:

I wonder how the chorus goes? "It'll get better all in time"? :stretcher: 

I dont remember... i know the melody kind of changes as well as sone lyrics...

I do remember the chorus ends like "just wait and see this time" or sonething like that

The stems have those vocals as well 

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