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Big Time Rush (Unreleased Infopost + Masterpost)


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I've updated the credits for "Anything" - as it turns out, Ryan Tedder's demo had them in its OG filename before being lost to time. Looks like he wrote it with Evan Bogart, Noel Zancanella, and Jerrod Bettis. At first glance, I thought that meant it could have started life as a OneRepublic scrap, but it sounds as though Ryan and Evan primarily wrote for other artists when they worked together. Not sure if it was written specifically for BTR or not. (Huge thank you to @Permanent Blackout for finding and sharing all this on the BTR wiki!)

This reminded me of something else I found not too long ago: Besides of course MSBWU, "Anything" isn't the only song of Ryan's that has some form of ties to BTR. There's also another song he wrote with Josh Hoge called "If This Is Love" that was submitted to their A&R in 2010. Interestingly, both Ryan and Josh have their own demos of it. Here they are!

Josh Hoge - "If This Is Love" (Demo)

Ryan Tedder - "If This Is Love" (Demo)

I have no idea to what extent this was considered, if it even was at all. But I thought the demos were worth sharing, if for no other reason than Ryan Tedder is one of the songwriting GOATs. :magic: Anything is one of my absolute favorites and I would die to hear whatever else Ryan might have produced for them!

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On 11/26/2022 at 4:55 PM, Micro-Com10 said:

I mean the vocals he did is similar to the one by Jacky Boyz, also, how do you know that Ryan & Josh had wrote together?

The Jackie Boyz' demo was probably recorded for reference purposes - I don't know a lot about Mishon but it seems more likely his would have been recorded with intention to release it. BTR would have picked it up after his was scrapped. I know it's not technically a 'writers demo' but sometimes people ask when I leave stuff like this out. I don't think there's any harm in having it there for the sake of completeness.

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