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  1. liberation

    Mo's Long-Awaited Leona Lewis Megapost

    Yaaaas stan the legends Hilary and Leona. I actually think that Leona would slay singing Sparks even though i never imagined that before lol.
  2. liberation

    Christina Aguilera - Liberation

    Guys y'all better check these ICONIC official remixes of Accelerate!! Especially the Pink Panda Remix, which is a solo version and features lots of new vocals (Actually the only mix that features Ty Dolla $ign and 2 Chainz is the one by Marc Stout, which as usual is amazing too) 01 Accelerate (Pink Panda Remix).mp3 02 Accelerate (Pink Panda Extended Remix).mp3 03 Accelerate (Marc Stout & Tony Arzadon Remix).mp3 04 Accelerate (Dicey & Faraoh Black Radio).mp3 05 Accelerate (Dicey & Faraoh Black Extended Mix).mp3 06 Accelerate (Dicey & Faraoh Black Dub).mp3
  3. liberation

    Maty Noyes - Upcoming EP

    Porn Star is definitely my least fave so far but it's still cute, hopefully the EP is still coming in two weeks
  4. liberation

    The radio version request

    What's the difference in the Delicate radio version?
  5. liberation

    ZAYN - Sour Diesel

    So far i've only seen positive reactions I think this song will go nowhere though, just like 'Let Me' and 'Entertainer'
  6. liberation

    xtina unreleased

    I have to look at home but I got a few more items to add for y'all, most are not unreleaseds but rarities that didn't make any album 😀
  7. liberation

    Mo's Long-Awaited Leona Lewis Megapost

    Oh no I don't think i would miss Homeless or The First Time that much but I Will Be and Run are really great in her voice I wish that some of her unreleased songs made the albums though, especially Mountains and I Miss You Missing Me!
  8. liberation

    Moonchild's Requests...

    I don't have these, sorry
  9. liberation

    Ciara – Level Up

    i think it is a fun bop! Not one of her best lead singles imo but still enjoyable. Here's the music video:
  10. liberation

    Tinashe - Like I Used To

    She's actually working on a new project named NASHE which i believe that will be out very soon! I didn't really care for this song but i'm still excited for what's to come
  11. liberation

    Mo's Long-Awaited Leona Lewis Megapost

    the link at the main post is still working sis, enjoy
  12. liberation

    Maty Noyes - Upcoming EP

    What about London though? It's her best bop imo! Just wish we could understand better what she says in the chorus. Can't wait too, even though at this rate i think we deserved a full album
  13. liberation

    Kacey Musgraves - Golden Hour

    Ikr, even though i'm not surprised when all the charts are so full of Post Malone, Halsey and other digusting creatures
  14. liberation

    Paris Hilton – The Unreleased Collection– Album

    We need the full version of Crazy!!

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