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  1. liberation


    Do you guys know Daya? She has just become one of my new fave flops because of her singles "New", "I Wanna Know" and "Safe". She was featured in the shitsmokers song "Don't Let Me Down" and also released an album around that time but i don't like the songs from it. These new tracks are amazing tho, they have great videos and give me some Julia Michaels vibes, especially "Safe".
  2. liberation

    Ariana Grande - Sweetener

    So shook @ the gays dragging this album It's not my favorite she's ever done but i really liked it. People love to drag Pharrell and i do too but some of the songs he produced are so interesting and have such amazing twists. the light is coming is the most original thing i've listened this year and my fave of the album. I said what i said. Between the new songs my favorite is sweetener, it's such a sweet and boppy song, i'm really obsessed. On the other hand, blazed and borderline have very flat productions, i still think they are enjoyable but they don't bring anything new. Imagine having Missy Elliott in your album and give her 5 seconds Also i think that this pete interlude is so unnecessary... That song don't go anywhere lmao. get well soon has such a positive message and ends the album in such a warm way. My favorite closing track by her since better left unsaid
  3. liberation

    Singles/Albums Releases

    I also think that xoxoxo had a great idea, streaming is free but some people don't like it or don't have access to it at work like me for example, so it's always great to have a place to download things, and if you prefer you can simply drop the spotify link here since the purpose of the thread is to mention new releases. Also sometimes i wanna share some new release but feel too lazy to create a new thread for it That being said, here are my first contributions: Aurora - Forgotten Love https://dbr.ee/kO2Z SG Lewis - Hurting (feat. AlunaGeorge) https://dbr.ee/NUjL Jess Glynne - All I Am https://dbr.ee/5ORL Also Kesha has a new song with The Struts, does anyone have an i+ file of it?
  4. liberation

    Maty Noyes - Love Songs From a Lolita [EP]

    Loved this EP so much more than i expected!! Perspective is her best song since London imo
  5. liberation

    Latest leaks

    Charli XCX - Delicious (Solo Demo) https://dbr.ee/DdKW
  6. liberation

    Pixie Lott ღ Collection ღ

    Someone give me them all! I can also add a few more titles: I Want You Kill a Man (Demo) Love You to Death (Demo) Fell In Love with Your Best Friend You Lose Pillow I Need You Tonight Party Starter Last Day of Summer Yeah Yeah Yeah Gullible (HQ)
  7. liberation

    Latest leaks

    Thank you!!
  8. liberation

    Latest leaks

    Can you please post the download for the mp3 files of these?
  9. liberation

    Iggy Azalea – Survive the Summer (EP)

    I loved this EP! I still think that the stuff that was supposed to make Digital Distortion is her best material so far but I really like the direction she's taking with this type of songs like Kream and Hey Iggy, love Tokyo Snow Trip too. I don't think it will have huge hits but It looks like people are starting to enjoy her again so I'm really happy.
  10. liberation

    ZAYN - Too Much (Feat. Timbaland)

    I'm so shook to say this but i really loved it! I'm starting to have some hope that this album might be decent after all
  11. liberation

    Ariana Grande - Sweetener

    I think that No Tears Left to Cry is smashing a lot, can't think of another track by a female artist that is doing as good right now as this one and some trash by Cardi B. I agree though that it doesn't seen like there's much hype for the album at least so far and seems like because of the 4th album curse thing some people are lowkey rooting for it to flop just so she can be dragged like Katy Perry last year. Also i'm kinda bored with some tracks titles and worried about the Pete interlude which I already think it's a mess.
  12. liberation

    The begging thread (please leak....)

    If somebody leak Roses by Leona Lewis for me i'll leak the Kelly Rowland song
  13. liberation

    Latest leaks

    I've been waiting for this to leak for AGES
  14. liberation

    Latest leaks

    Album: Current Bebe Rexha Trade List Thanks for sharing! Does anyone know what is this track? Shame it doesn't have vocals, it could be a bop
  15. liberation

    Changes To Uploads

    The same happened to me I can't see my attachments and I probably have uploaded so many random stuff in here

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