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  1. liberation

    Hilary Duff - Rare and Unreleased

    OMG I would diiiie
  2. liberation

    Currently Listening To..

    Not when this exists
  3. liberation


    Do you guys know Daya? She has just become one of my new fave flops because of her singles "New", "I Wanna Know" and "Safe". She was featured in the shitsmokers song "Don't Let Me Down" and also released an album around that time but i don't like the songs from it. These new tracks are amazing tho, they have great videos and give me some Julia Michaels vibes, especially "Safe".
  4. liberation

    The begging thread (please leak....)

    If somebody leak Roses by Leona Lewis for me i'll leak the Kelly Rowland song
  5. liberation

    Changes To Uploads

    The same happened to me I can't see my attachments and I probably have uploaded so many random stuff in here
  6. liberation

    Thoughts on other forums

    I didn't even know about these forums like Spill It Now, Platinum Threads etc... Anyways, PHF outsold them all! I tried to get into PopJustice, actually i made an account there even before i made one here, but i never stayed. A while ago i tried to come back but then someone at the Nadine thread said that 'Girls on Fire' was offensive to burn victims so i just left. Don't get me started on the ATRL and LanaBoards gays too... Can't stand them!
  7. I'd say i'm not gonna listen to her anymore but tbh i never cared about her at all
  8. liberation

    The begging thread (please leak....)

    GUYSSS leak this please
  9. liberation

    10 Year Old Boy Murdered After Saying "He Likes Boys"

    You're so right... Of course that the parents are awful people but what shocks me the most is that DCFS failed so hard. It makes me wonder how many children are going through the same and might have the same end due to their incompetence
  10. liberation

    How do you feel about this forum?!

    ATRL sucks, PHF outsold
  11. Get that promo Charli! Loved the remix, the new lyrics are iconic You should do that to more songs!
  12. liberation

    Scott's Artwork

    Omg loved this!
  13. liberation

    My FAN MADE Liberation album trailer

    Liberation is coming! Friday can't come soon enough, meanwhile i'm doing a marathon of all her other albums
  14. Can anyone please make a masterpost?

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