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  1. Well, it's Leona's song. She wrote it with Toby Gad and Lindy Robbins
  2. Her team did not know this song when I sent them couple of years ago. They called it trash or something along those lines. I guess it was just Leona laying down some vocals on a track, something she does alot and then never hears the finished product again.
  3. You realise there's 2 artists singing right? First 2 lines is Leona, then it's someone else until 'I wanna be unreachable with you', then it's back to Leona
  4. Added 4 news songs to the list that are recorded for the new album: Moved On, Her, Two Broken Hearts and These Tears Are Mine. All of them are written by Tobias Jesso (Adele, ...) and Leona. I have heard Two Broken Hearts but it's nothing special.
  5. Leona might add some new songs to her Xmas album too this year 🤫
  6. U ugly. If she's said yes to All Stars she'll get something huge in return but she's still in negotiations atm.
  7. The ending of the year and onwards should be exciting
  8. Added two more songs to unleaked list. Both are from 2012. Infinity is Jahlil production and Sacrifice is Darkchild production
  9. Depending on some huge decisions she has made over the last couple of weeks, her next era could be as big as Spirit with huge budget. Only if she made the right decision though. Don't know yet what she has picked. Ending of the year could be very exciting, or mediocre
  10. I don't leak unfortunately.. but I'm still looking for couple of songs that I, and her team, don't have so maybe we'll trade one day I have added 'Understand' to the list. It's a track for upcoming album and one of my favourites. Songs I still need: Dangerous Falling Away From You Forget Tomorrow Most Beautiful Man in The World Play On (Boom Boom Boom Boom) The One That We Love Wake Up Human Promises Promises What You're Looking For You Missed Me My Frozen Heart When I Met You Why Should I (I
  11. Well I didn't say what songs I have, I also didn't bring it up randomly. I just gave it as a reason in a reply to someone here who quoted me.
  12. These are leaked songs, I have 100 demos that aren't leaked. As I'm close to Leona's team, I have lots of confidential demos which can't be leaked, including a bunch for the upcoming album. This website leaks songs every single minute, can't risk it.
  13. I have 100 Leona demos, I stopped updating the list
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