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Found 18 results

  1. So as you know, Ella Henderson is working on her second album which is due for release this year!! Followed by a Tour in November with James Arthur. So many songs have gotten registered that are associated with the album, and also so many lyrics! So as HUGE fan i have compiled them all... and here it is... PREVIEWS: All Previews here: https://instaud.io/XuG Now You Say You Love Me Again: http://www.mediafire.com/file/6kusz6dgedk0wmg/Ella_Henderson_-_Now_You_Say_You_Love_Me_Again.m4a Ella Henderson - '#EllaAlbum2' All of You or Nothing Crown Brave Love Me When It Hurts Concrete Solid Gold Tightrope Now That You Love Me Again (from Despite The Falling Snow) Everybody Outta Know Broken Grave Robber Come Back To Me Dark Cloud Down Feel Feels Like Love Lost Louder Love Back Love Is The Only Thing Majesty Red The Crash Truly Badly Deeply U You'll Never Know.... Hooray It's Alright Pick Me Up Teardrops in The Rain Guilty Pause Pay Me Back With Love Honeymoon Days Ice Cream Little Boy Nervous Painkiller Regardless Safe Sheets Until You Love Me Waterfalls Cold Queen Replace You The Clown Shame All or Nothing Take Care of You Home Lions Better With You Wasted On Love Who's Laughing Now Without A Man Figure me Out Almost Love Song Disaster One Night Stand Where Is The Rain Like I Can I Cant Lose Selfish Let Go If It Was Ever Love T-Shirt Don't Say It Don't Go When We Were In Love Grown Stuck With Me Drunk (Outtake from Chapter One) Last Song LYRICS: ?? 'Something is different, the look in your eyes tonight ??'✔️ 'This is my almost lovesong, and I wrote it for you....'??✔️ - Almost Love Song 'My secrets are yours...'?? - Safe 'You'll be my secret..'??✔️- Safe 'You don't have to find love, love will find you....'??✔️ 'I'm gonna write a song for you tonight....'??✔️ - Almost Love Song 'You can keep it, heart on your sleeve, and I'll protect it....'??✔️ 'All these memories, well they're yours to keep....'??✔️ 'Back in my safe house...'?? - Safe 'Can you feel it too babe, do you really think I'd give my heart away, after all I've done for you....'?? - Shame 'I will lay down, down on his bed, make him feel good, just to let him know he's my man...'??✔️ 'Feels like, I don't wanna feel anymore...'?? - Feel 'I'll run with my dreams and desires....'?? - Lions 'You'll never know....'?? 'Let me be your therapy...'?? 'I'm thinking, breathing, writing and figuring out a way to say a lot of things....'?? 'His kisses feel like fire when they burn on my lips....??' ✔️ 'Made it clear, my only fear was you deceiving my heart......??? ✔️ I didn't need this, I didn't want this, but now I'm in this and the truth is ??✔️ Quench your every desire...??✔️ Ain't hard to risk it all, when you've got nothing to lose....??✔️ - All or Nothing Pull me close so I can see you in this light, and keep dancing like your mine...??✔️ Just say you think of me, the way I think of you....??✔️ If your staring at somebody else, then please keep it to yourself...??✔️ 'Your my dirty pleasure...'?? 'There is no killer, no painkiller for you....'?? - Painkiller 'We should be fooling around and falling in love...'?? 'I can breathe better now...'?? 'I'm a recipe for casualty, but I think you can handle my curves...'?? 'Be the smile on my face...'?? 'But how can I resist...'?? 'My heart is ar wild creature...'??- Lions 'Mama said don't waste my energy, yeah she said don't waste your time on a waste man...'?? 'Round all your weapons, now you say you love me again'?? 'Started out as friends....' ?? 'Guess I underestimated you' ?? 'Try to stop those words falling out of my mouth...' ?? 'I can't help but think about you...' ?? 'I wanna label it, before they label us...' ?? 'I carry your heart around my neck'...?? 'We will never be like them....'?? 'When I love, it's like fire in my bones...'?? 'Don underestimate a woman who can take over the world and still be your girl...'?? - Paperback Love 'You'll never fool me again' ?? 'It's only natural, were catching feelings...' ?? 'I wanna hold you and carry you close...' ?? - Honeymoon Days 'Feel your fingertips run down my neck...' ?? - Honeymoon Days 'When the words are washed away, guess that I was just a page...' ?? - Love Back / Waterfalls 'I know that we got a good thing...' ?? 'You burnt us down to the end, like a cigarette...' ?? 'The truth is in his tired eyes and written on his face...' ?? 'Can you see the horses run, as the clouds shadow the sun...' ?? 'How many more secrets can I tell...' ?? 'They'll never be wild like us...' ?? 'I can't believe I was a sucker for you, I can't believe I got stuck on you...'?? 'You rattle my bones...' ?? 'I'm not afraid to feel, so don't think about it, c'mon keep giving me chills, love me for real & take me to lavender hills...' ?? 'Now that i'm openly wearing my scars, you feel more comfortable showing me yours...' ?? 'Kids these days don't stck together, i want something to remember...' ?? 'This heart ain't made of stone...' ??
  2. DOWNLOAD Hi again! This time I decided to make a different type of project than those I usually do (fanmade albums). This time I went on to create a non-stop version of Dua Lipa's latest album Future Nostalgia, so it can be played like a DJ set, without pauses between the tracks. I think the outcome is pretty cool! So if any of you are interested in this type of albums, well, you can grab it above in the link I provided. These files are mastered for iTunes. Enjoy! xx P.S. I have a corrected version for Kim Petras' Turn Off the Light, which original release has small but perceptible pauses between each song. I fixed that issue and might upload it later as well!
  3. I wanna be bad snatches me Too bad her label didn't really push for her after they released her 2nd single on 9/11
  4. Lousa Jhonson "Yes" 2018 Samantha Jade - Shake that! 2015
  5. Daily mail UK 'It was a pretty tough decision' 'You have to choose something that isn't going to be too off-brand for what I do.' : Samantha Jade is recording an album of disco covers... after her last pop release flopped on the charts Daily Mail Uk really hates Samantha??? like wtf this article made by the EVIL haha..if this is Sony's way to promote her ... link: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-5422733/Samantha-Jade-release-disco-album-pop-flop.html Can we just start tweeting to SBS Australia , SBS , wiwibloggs to get Samm's name out there? for 2019 Eurovision! ugh were are her fans???
  6. Dami Im sang Alive by Sia at the Commonwealth Games 2018. so far people think she saved the night, and also the funny thing about The Veronicas as backup singers for Dami Im.all good! they are friends no shade but yeah,
  7. Well! news Dami Im just posted this! : Well went better than i thought! She top her previous album "Classic Carpenters"(2016) with also #3 on ARIA and #1 on ARIA Australian Chart , since 2016 (btw she wasn't #1 with Classic Carpenters because Lemonade was released the same week and Prince passing)
  8. Aria Charts : WHO'LL TOP THIS WEEK'S ARIA CHARTS? " New releases come from Dami Im, George Ezra, The Wolfe Brothers, Jack White and more." "ALBUMS Korean-born Australian singer-songwriter, and the winner of the fifth season of The X Factor Australia, Dami Im is set to make a fourth appearance on the ARIA Album Chart top 50 this week with her fifth studio album ‘I Hear A Song’;" link: https://www.ariacharts.com.au/news/2018/who-ll-top-this-week-s-aria-charts-(12) The Music Network "ARIA CHART PREDICTIONS: DAMI IM IS HEADED FOR THE ALBUMS CHART TOP 5" " With the release of her latest studio album Friday, Aussie Dami Im has the Albums Chart Top 5 in her sights once again with I Hear A Song. The Eurovision star went all the way to #1 with her Platinum eponymous record in 2013, followed by two more Top 10 albums Heart Beats (#7) and Classic Carpenters (#3)." link: https://themusicnetwork.com/news/aria-chart-predictions-dami-im-is-headed-for-the-top-5-on-the-albums-chart The fact that she is going to get again a top5 Album and it's a cover album after 2016 Eurovision boost .makes her good? loyal fan base? i think she is going to be #4 on Aria charts and #1 on Aus Aria Chart. The official chart are out in April 1st
  9. Hey guys, I recently got to interview an up and coming artist called Harper! Check it out https://www.poptimism.org/blog/harper-spotlight
  10. Dami Im was in Nashville recording new music and this image now are around internet , she didn't say anything yet! she just comeback from the U.S to Australia but seems like her new album release next year in April? her past tour for the C.C Album started in 2016 till 2017- so now this kinda tour with new material ,they say. , looks like she is going to release really soon this album. "new material from her upcoming album" i just want to leave really behind the classic carpenters cover album when she was on Eurovision , Sony's fault.- GOLD album at least . i need originalsss
  11. After a year of releasing multiple singles, Phoebe Holiday Ryan (Phoebe Ryan) announced last week that she will be releasing a new EP. The James EP will be out this Friday, the 27th of October in preparation for her upcoming US tour. According to Ryan, the James EP "tells a story from beginning to end. It's not a love story, but it is about love." The five-track EP will contain only two new songs we have yet to listen to in studio quality, having been performed on tour last year. Tracklist: 01. Should I 02. Be Real 03. Aspirin 04. James Has Changed 05. Forgetting All About You (feat. blackbear) What do you think of the tracklist? Is another EP the right step? When asked about an album, Ryan answered on Twitter, posting; "Like when I put my full length album out I want it to be the best shit ever - EP's are a good way to test a direction, see what works, etc." It seems we will have to wait even longer for that debut LP but for now, this EP will have to do.
  12. So here it is! my cover of 'The Louvre' by Lorde!! SORRY! for the mistakes! hahaha
  13. Hello everyone: I am a singer/songwriter. Here is my soundcloud: I uploaded a new cover 'Sweet Creature' by Harry Styles!! Please share and like! A LOT more coming soon....
  14. My name is Dec and I am a Multi Genre DJ based in the UK. I've uploaded a live 30 minute DJ mashup of none stop Pop music that has been released over the last 2 years. Including music from Ed Sheeran, Bruno Mars, Beyonce, The Weeknd, Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Drake, Calvin Harris, Major Lazer, Zayn and more. Would love to know everyones thoughts and comments on what you liked and where I can improve. Click the link below to listen now. Thanks https://soundcloud.com/decoreilly/pop-mix-new-2017
  15. Welcome to the Pop Loves Flops Awards dedicated to our favorite flops, hosted by Yours Truly. You can add one vote per category Single Of The Year Dua Lipa - Be The One Tove Lo - Cool Girl BANKS - Gemini Feed Tinashe - SuperLove Bebe Rexha - No Broken Hearts (ft Nicki Minaj) Cruel Youth - Mr Watson Album Of The Year Neon Hitch - Anarchy AURORA - All My Demons Are Greeting Me As A Friend Cruel Youth - Cowboys & Angels EP Kiiara - Low Kii Savage EP Grimes - Art Angels Birdy - Beautiful Lies New Artist Of The Year Bibi Bourelly Kiiara Petite Meller CupcakKe Dua Lipa Sizzy Rocket Queen Of The Tradelists Amelia Lily A*M*E Florrie Lola Blanc Bibi Bourelly Zella Day Video Of The Year BANKS - Fuck With Myself Melanie Martinez - Cry Baby Dua Lipa - Hotter Than Hell Bebe Rexha - No Broken Hearts (ft Nicki Minaj) Kerli - Feral Hearts Skylar Grey - Come Up For Air Collab Of The Year Bebe Rexha - No Broken Hearts (ft Nicki Minaj) Bridgit Mendler - Atlantis (ft Kaiydo) KYGO - Oasis (Ft Sia Foxes) Martin Garrix - In The Name Of Love (ft Bebe Rexha) DEV - #1 (ft Nef The Pharaoh) JoJo - Fuck Apologiies (ft Wiz Khalifa) Leak Of The Year Sia - Life Jacket Sia - Hologram Lana Del Rey - Roses Melanie Martinez - Night Mime Dua Lipa - Want To Neon Hitch - London ft Jon Bellion Iconic Moments Of PHF (Special Award) VOTE
  16. You need to discover these girls.... I dont like much K and J pop, cause they dont sing in english, but they yep, sing all in english.....
  17. Hey everyone! I know it's been awhile since I've posted on here (SUPER busy AND sick which was the worst), but I'm back with a topic that makes me nervous typing. Tonight I record my first original song (I've been working on it for a long time now), it would've been done sooner had I not had to film for my brothers project. And then after the video is uploaded I am sending it to my mentors. This is a really big deal for me, as this will be the first thing they've heard my vocals on and they have been anticipating it for a long time now. I was just hoping all of you could wish me luck. And those of you interested could maybe let me know, so I could send a recording or little clip at least to get your opinions. I hope everyone is doing awesome! - D
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