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  1. Your Fave Vocalists

    Demi Confident and TMYLM era Mariah Glitter and Charmbracelet era Jessica Public Affair, Sweet kisses, In this skin era Come on Gals
  2. Your Fave Vocalists

    Demi Confident and TMYLM era Mariah Glitter and Charmbracelet era Jessica Public Affair, Sweet kisses, In this skin era Come on Gals
  3. DO you BOP to Willa Ford?

  4. DO you BOP to Willa Ford?

    I wanna be bad snatches me Too bad her label didn't really push for her after they released her 2nd single on 9/11
  5. The begging thread (please leak....)

    (I want it to leak)Willa Ford's 2nd album
  6. Fix the Era

    So basically, here we take a failed album/era and make it better Mine: Jessica Simpson's 2001 album, "Irresistable" Story: Columbia saw the attention Jessica Got in her debut era and thought this was the time to launch her as the bona fide pop star. Sales were around only 750k and Jessica was pretty much forced into this project. HOW IT SHOULD'VE BEEN : LOOKS : urban sweetie with a touch of Glam Singles: 1.Irresistible 2. Forever in your eyes remix feat. Usher 3. Imagination 4.His eyes are on the sparrow The era would've (in my opinion) Would have snatched up a double platnium WW certification Let's get it started mp.3
  7. Conspiracy theory thread

    Mine: 1. 9/11 was an inside job. Media used Mariah's Glitter release to get off topic 2. A LOT of Pop girls are/ have been black balled b4 their peaks 3. The WHOLE "Illuminati " conspiracy (as we know it) is a prejudice piece of propaganda against Ancient African culture LETS GET IT YA'LL
  8. Taking My Lina Morgana Addiction Too Far

    This is Beyond interesting Yet Creepy at the same time
  9. Jessica Simpson is coming

    Case Closed https://youtu.be/sUSQgBd5prc DISCLAIMER: BOP Could've been the second single
  10. Jessica Simpson is coming

    Walkin' Round in a circle bops too! Funny how we BOP to Public Affair I mean, it's the crown jewel of ha Discography
  11. Jessica Simpson is coming

    And She also said she doesn't have a label and she is running everything . And from the looks of how successful her business is now, she better translate it into her career
  12. Jessica Simpson is coming

    TBH, her older crowd can remember who she is and really knows her 4 her fashion line. She need to work on this new generation. I mean if Shania came back after 15 years with a #1 album, then anyone can
  13. Jessica Simpson is coming

    Homegirl has been teasing 4 about the past year Hopefully, she gains an OFFICIAL Idenitty this era
  14. Have you? I mean even before I got on these sites, I always had my preferences. I never have Always liked music the GP has. TBH, the only time that really has happened has been with Pop girls. How about y'all P.S. Y'all barely comment on here

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