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  1. They say i’m Broken but diamonds are hard to crack. I’ll dance pon it, on that body boy.

  2. Natalia Kills

    Natalia Kills - Trouble (Demos)

  3. Natalia Kills

    The begging thread (please leak....)

    please leak cruel youth's intrumentals
  4. Natalia Kills

    Album Artwork Request Thread

  5. Natalia Kills

    Album Artwork Request Thread

    i made a better version lol
  6. Natalia Kills

    Album Artwork Request Thread

    INCASE anyone needs this
  7. she said shes almost done with the album no music video for spirit animal because estii left her broke
  8. Natalia Kills

    Cruel Youth socks out now!

  9. I MET BEBE REXHA LAST NIGHT OUTSIDE THE VENUE!! She's soooo sweet and nice

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    2. Third Eye

      Third Eye

      Pics or it didn't happen

    3. Natalia Kills

      Natalia Kills

      the body guard was rushing me to take the photo

      so dont laugh



    4. Natalia Kills
  10. i love stanning for teddy

    she has so many names

    at this point its like a puzzle

  11. where is the cruel youth instrumentals! leak it bitches!

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