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  1. Watch the video version of this article here! Although her star has faded a little in recent years, Katy Perry remains one of the biggest and most bankable popstars of all time, having sold more than 40 million albums and 100 million records over her ten year career. With hits ranging from debut single 'I Kissed A Girl' to 'Teenage Dream' and 'Chained to the Rhythm', Perry has until recently been a fixture of the charts, with every single she releases becoming not just a hit but an entire cultural happening. But with so many hits it seems impossible to avoid comparison with oth
  2. I lowkey didn't even realise these two were still together after we saw him making out with Selena... But congrats to both of them! I hope they have a happy marriage and that this doesn't ruin Katy's chances of a #1.
  3. Poor Katy... She had a flop album and a bad turn on Idol, people hated her Grammy's performance and now this. The girl just can't win! In my opinion, there's nothing even remotely racist about these shoes. The idea that just because something has big red lips means it has to be blackface is stupid and outdated. The fashion industry had another major blackface controversy this week when Gucci released this: And in my opinion that's equally ridiculous. Your thoughts?
  4. Back in June, we reported that Dr. Luke's legal team had demanded that Kesha hand over a group of select texts between herself and Lady Gaga as evidence in their ongoing defamation trial. According to Luke, the texts were proof that Kesha had defamed his name publicly by spreading three intentional lies about him: that he had raped her, that he had given her drugs against her will, and that he had also raped Katy Perry. Up until now, those texts were under lock and key. But thanks to the transparency of the New York legal system, they have now been uploaded online for anyone to view as th
  5. It's hard to believe that it's been four years since Kesha launched a lawsuit against her onetime producer and continued manager Dr. Luke, and that even now in 2018 the full extent of that lawsuit is only just becoming apparent. Because while Kesha's lawsuit against Luke was dropped several years ago, Luke himself was quick to launch a counter-suit against Kesha which alleged that she intentionally defamed his name to the tune of ten million dollars. Luke's suit is based on three alleged falsities that Kesha stated about him in various outlets. One is that he raped her, and another is tha
  6. Katy Perry and Taylor Swift's infamous feud started thanks to the opening of Katy's Teenage Dream Tour back in 2013 - and it ended today with the opening night of Taylor's Reputation Tour. You might recall that the impetus for the entire five year feud was that a select group of backup dancers, who had worked regularly with Katy, decided to leave Taylor's Red Tour to join Katy's Teenage Dream Tour, where their skills were apparently being put to better use. Taylor decided to take this move as a slight against her and held Katy personally responsible, and spent the next few years dropping
  7. I'm shocked and appalled. This woman calls herself a Christian, but shamelessly kisses people before marriage on the mouth! She's as bad as Harvey Weinstein for sure!
  8. In some ways, 2008 was pretty similiar to 2018. A shock candidate had just entered the White House, bypassing Hillary Clinton who people thought was a sure thing. The worldwide economy was still at breaking point, there were still tensions in the Middle East, and global warming was still hugely under-recognised. Betty White was still popular, and O.J. Simpson was still headed straight for priosn. But in other ways, 2008 was a completely different time from the one we're now living in. Politically, things were much more liberal - we had Barrack Obama in office instead of Donald Trump - and
  9. Katy Perry is one of the biggest names in pop music in the last ten years, with her sudden rise to fame from being a mere Christian gospel singer who would often sing in her local church, to being a global success story with five number one singles from just one album. Katy has proven her ability to accelerate up the charts numerous times, earning records that only the King of Pop Michael Jackson has to his name...but the question is, how many of these things have been achieved with her latest era, Witness? With the release of her fourth studio album Witness, Katy has gone through some ma
  10. It's hard to believe it, but 2017 is already coming to an end - and what a year it's been. Between endless headlines of political incompetencies, tragic natural disasters and groundbreaking exposés of sexual abuse, one thing has, like always, remained our constant comfort and saviour - music. Pop in 2017 has been a pretty varied affair, although the running theme has been the odd fusion we predicted last year of country music, tropical beats and EDM drops. It's those undercurrents that birthed some of the most annoying, repetitious songs of the year - 'Despacito', 'Shape Of You' and 'Mea
  11. Another day, another hole in the sinking ship that is Katy Perry's Witness album. So far this era, Katy has been accused of cultural appropriation, approving of misogyny and homophobia, and being an all around tryhard mess. Now, with the release of her latest music video for 'Swish Swish', Katy has proven the latter, while adding a new SJW buzz word to the description of herself: fat shamer. The 'Swish Swish' video was released several days ago, and features Perry putting together a group of misfit sportsmen - the Tigers - to take down a group of pro basketballers - the She
  12. Katy Perry kicked off her Witness The Tour yesterday in Montreal and it looks banging! Check out the setlist: The setlist is amazing and her outfits were really good too. I wish she performed "Unconditionally" and "Wide Awake", but I am also fine with his setlist. The rumor has it, Katy filmed the last scenes of her The Witness Documentary as well yesterday. She really served vocals, outfits, and choreography.
  13. Pink has been a busy bee lately promoting her upcoming album Beautiful Trauma and its lead single 'What About Us?'. During an interview with KISS FM UK, she was asked to pick a side in Taylor Swift and Katy Perry‘s ongoing feud. The biggest feud since Hilary and Lindsay, Taylor vs. Katy apparently began when Taylor accused Katy of stealing dancers from her tour, and has escalated ever since. Wonder which side P!nk took? Wonder no more! She said: Seems like P!nk is more of a Swiftie than a Katycat. All we can say is "Swift Swift Bitch" or however it goes. Katy has recently sai
  14. Katy Perry has announced that her Witness tour will be delayed. Initially, the singer was set to start her tour on September 7th in Ohio. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, it was delayed to September 19th, and will officially begin in Montreal. Perry announced the postponement herself in a statement released online: To make up for the delay, Katy went ahead and announced the opening acts for her tour dates, which will defeinitely give her fans something to look forward to. Noah Cyrus will join the tour from September 19th - November 1st (my baby is rising!), Purity Ri
  15. Why is this failed DJ famous for being a lesbian trying to drag Katy? Is she mad that Katy's more famous for kissing a girl than she is? Or is she mad Katy stole her haircut? And why can't she settle on a viewpoint?
  16. Here is my cover of 'Save As Draft' by Katy Perry taken from her album 'Witness' I had Strep Throat when i recorded this... sorry for the mess ups! hahaha
  17. On July 2, 2017 The Voice Australia aired its Grand Finale. The winner turned out to be Judah Kelly whose coach on the show was Australian singer Delta Goodrem (whoever she is). Although the contest is mainly about seeking out new talent and watching them perform, we couldn't stop thinking about the stars who were invited to give their performances there. The first performer of the night was Noah Cyrus. Introduced by her older and more famous and more talented iconic legendary sister Miley Cyrus, Noah performed her new single 'I'm Stuck'. What is noteworthy is that her performing skills h
  18. Katy took to Instagram Live recently to chat about her new single 'Bon Appétit'. Idk the context of the video, but it seemed like she was waiting for a radio station to play the track which wasn't happening quick enough. Soon enough she broke down into tears seemingly over the negative reception the track has been receiving. What are your thoughts? Was Katy's breakdown warranted or should she take a leaf out of Gaga's book when PI flopped and just start dragging The Chainsmokers on Twitter instead?
  19. In the ongoing feud between Taylor Swift and Katy Perry, it's becoming increasingly clear that there's no real winner. While Taylor has shaded Katy in interview after interview, her diss track 'Bad Blood' was miles more successful than Katy's recent attempt 'Swish Swish'; even though Katy is coming out on top just by discussing the feud and her limited part in it so openly. And in her latest move, Taylor's continuing to cut off her nose to spite her face, assuring mutually assured destruction for both parties with no one a winner. You'll remember that Taylor has been notoriously anti-Spot
  20. You might have thought that the era of everyone hating Taylor Swift was well and truly finished when she released her Zayn collab, 'I Don't Wanna Live Forever', late last year. Think again. For if new reports are anything to go by, three of Swift's most infamous mortal enemies - Calvin Harris, Nicki Minaj and Katy Perry - are teaming up to release a song for the formers new album - and it would be a wasted opportunity not to have them do some dragging while they're all in the same room. Billboard spilled the beans slyly this week when discussing 'Swish Swish', the newly released song
  21. It's a new year in pop music, and already artists are gearing up for their 2017 releases. While we can never be 100% sure what's around the corner nowadays (we can thank Beyoncé and her surprise release strategy for that), we do already have some idea of how the next twelve months in music will play out if all goes according to plan - and from what we can tell, this year will be an even bigger year than the last when it comes to amazing new releases. Check out all you have to look forward to down below! Allie X - CollXtion II The release of Allie X's second EP, CollXtion II, ha
  22. This is a mess... What she needs to be doing right now is rehabbing her public image and putting out some good pop tunes, not signing on to helm a ship that already sunk years ago. This is gonna be so bad you guys!
  23. Just weeks after confirming that a shaved head is, in fact, the sign of a severe mental illness, Katy Perry has debuted her own buzzcut on Snapchat. Perry sparked backlash back in February of this year when she joked about mental illness on the Grammys redcarpet. When asked by Ryan Seacrest how her three year break from music went, Perry stated "That’s called taking care of your mental health... I haven’t shaved my head yet." Later, when interviewed by CBS about her newly blonde hair, she stated, “It's like the last colour in the spectrum that I can do. I've done all of them and the only
  24. Just found this online and thought it was an interesting comparison between the two albums... A deteriorating public image in which they become the singer everyone loves to hate, matched with only moderately received singles and controversy over their politics... Is KP4 Katy Perry's ARTPOP/Britney Jean/Me...I Am Mariah. The Elusive Chanteuse era?
  25. In the last twenty four hours, Katy Perry's 'Roar' which was released three years ago has had more views than Gaga's 'Million Reasons' which was released yesterday. Is Gaga officially over?
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