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  1. This isn't a demo for Hilary, this is a song by Dux Content called "Snow Globe" that was released on the PC Music label.
  2. It's so crazy/fun to listen to Beat Of My Drum demos and hear it originally being based off the same Major Lazer sample Beyonce used in Run The World
  3. Anitta and Pablo Vittar didn't do it, so no. As of now, I can't say it's the next big craze. Asian pop (specifically kpop) will still be the big niche group for a long time more.
  4. Glad to hear you’re doing well, I am too!
  5. Marnie, hi! This is Trav from COP/Discord. Hope you’re doing well, welcome to PHF 😊
  6. @Ari excited for this! Do the unreleased first!
  7. Capsule


    let's do it soon! i don't have skype anymore tho sfgfsgs
  8. Yeah, someone on her team definitely lied to her because there are women much, much larger than her who get dresses from designers for big award shows like this.
  9. She deleted all her official social media because she wanted to fully step out of the limelight, so a lot of the officially uploaded videos are gone now. All of her stuff isn't this dance-oriented, but her more recent projects have been. She's done many genres, though!
  10. Capsule


    Aren't you Pedo Pete??????? You literally just got banned from COP for being a dupe of his trying to get around a life ban. Go back to FOTP. @Countess ban this child molester
  11. I'm interested to see how it might come together. I'm not fully sold that she has the presence for a Bond song, even as a stan, but I'm hopeful and highly interested in seeing what she can do with the opportunity!

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