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  1. Capsule

    Black Eyed Peas - RING THE ALARM

    All the music has been recorded without Fergie! I mean, sure, they could've had her go in and do it quickly, but I doubt she'll be rejoining them for this. Also not thrilled about this, hoping it's better than the absolute mess I expect it to be.
  2. Capsule

    Latest leaks

    Thrillseeker is not Victoria Justice, it's Leighton Meester. It's also been leaked for almost a year now.
  3. Capsule

    Latest leaks

    Love Me Tomorrow is definitely not her voice
  4. Capsule

    Latest leaks

    give me something to leak and i'll do it right now
  5. Shut up, fatty! Samantha Jade's talent isn't on the level of most singing show contestants, it's far above! That's why she swept X-Factor Australia so easily. She's the sad object of mismanagement from start to finish. Even prior to this deal from her reality competition show run, her deal with Jive was also a pretty raw deal and so have most of her deals. She's never been given the push she deserves to become a star. I blame the old men in charge.
  6. Capsule

    Music Trading Thread

    YAS SIS LEAK IT edit: wait my bad, i saw "want" not "have"
  7. Olivia Hyelegend!!!!!
  8. Sony is a garbage label, ESPECIALLY the Australian version. As far as the covers album goes, it's probably cheap for them to do since they have rights to use quite a few songs due to X-Factor. But yesssss, I've been saying for like 2-3 years now that Australia NEEDS to send Sammi to Eurovision. She's the perfect choice and it will truly revive her career!
  9. Capsule


    Girls Aloud (and solos), The Saturdays (and solos) and Sugababes/MKS. All else need not apply!
  10. shfhsfh I love this anti-ally forum she's already signed on to be a part of famous in love season 2, so maybe she'll at least have acting to fall back on?
  11. here's a video of the two songs literally laid on top of each other if you still can't hear it, you should get your ears checked.
  12. Capsule

    The Real Reason Why Keri Hilson Disappeared

    you are such a mess sister
  13. Capsule

    Latest leaks

    Well I mean in my own opinion. Can't speak for anyone else, but I've enjoyed pretty much all the unreleased from this era!
  14. Capsule

    The Real Reason Why Keri Hilson Disappeared

    I don't give a damn about Beyonce tbQh, but Keri Hilson is NO Bey.
  15. Capsule

    The Real Reason Why Keri Hilson Disappeared

    this was a nice read but describing keri hilson as an "it girl" is a LAUGH

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