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  1. Well, that's definitely not Selena Gomez, I can tell you that much.
  2. my big 3 are Libra sun, Gemini moon and Gemini rising!
  3. Yeah, just cringe! The video is her lip syncing to her own pre-recorded vocals while looking up to God... a choice! No need to be confused, the girl's video you linked is the one in that fake leak/cover of Brave Girls! There's just many English-fluent Koreans from all over the world trying to make it who ALSO want to be Ariana
  4. Ahhh, I think you just misread it. If you listen to both, the lyrics aren’t the same! The one @Skinny Legend posted says in the description that they got the idea for their cover from that Danpia channel where Ashley sings the cover you linked.
  5. I think the girl in that video is actually doing the vocals on that version! If you look at her channel, she has other song covers. Lots of Youtube cover artists record a professional cover and just lip sync to it in their videos for better auto quality or whatever 🤷‍♀️
  6. Joan made a side account to try and side-step a ban @Skinny Legend so I'd suggest an IP ban, check the chatbox if you need more details!
  7. Yes, this asshole has been left unchecked for far too long. Maybe getting legitimately shut down will make them realize that they shouldn't be completely abrasive and rude to any given interaction.
  8. Imagine pretending recordings lost in a house fire are in circulation.
  9. The way I was in the Discord, too, and I just now realized that I'm not in it anymore bc I went looking for it and realized. But like... why do you care that much? It's a silly little internet chatroom. You can find a new place to lurk pretty easily? Disboard has loads of servers for you to choose from to join. They did mention on the server that they would be removing people, so why is anyone surprised?
  10. YAAAAAAS! Cody Calafiore is the PERFECT man! Paulie is also cute, but I feel like CBS got it right the first time with male model extraordinaire Cody the second place king! But yeah, Kenny and Evan both were banned from the network after sexual misconduct against Tonya during The Ruins.
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