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  1. My apologies, I didn’t see your post before my last reply! Will move on 💖
  2. Who said anything was offensive? And when did I say you couldn’t post that? I said it wasn’t needed in this thread. Reading comprehension is key. You’re the one being weird. This is A LOT of energy for “I’m leaving”
  3. Not this? lmaooooo No clue what happened, but I promise you it’s not that deep for you to post this in a Bonnie thread 😭
  4. Congrats @Cypher! I stepped back from the admin job, but if you all ever need another mod, I am here for ya
  5. I am ready and willing to help take PHF into a new era! I've talked to Mo about it a bit and I hope you all can trust me to take the reigns
  6. @Skinny Legend Basically yeah. They kicked out hundreds of people that they deemed "inactive" and just kept it to traders, at least that's my understanding bc I was also kicked from it But honestly, it became a big thing here because downloads/file sharing is allowed. It always happens when you add download links to the mix. Definitely let me know if you wanna move forward with the Discord
  7. This is absolutely heartbreaking, but I completely understand why you've gotta do this @Skinny Legend. All I can say is thank you for the memories and all the great times here. I hope someone else will take the reigns so we can continue this legend, but if this is the last months we've got, then so be it. Love you forever and hope your life treats you well. As far as the discord goes, everyone but active traders were basically kicked from it, so I don't know that that is the move. I can help you set up one for the general public if you'd like
  8. Well, that's definitely not Selena Gomez, I can tell you that much.
  9. my big 3 are Libra sun, Gemini moon and Gemini rising!
  10. Yeah, just cringe! The video is her lip syncing to her own pre-recorded vocals while looking up to God... a choice! No need to be confused, the girl's video you linked is the one in that fake leak/cover of Brave Girls! There's just many English-fluent Koreans from all over the world trying to make it who ALSO want to be Ariana
  11. Ahhh, I think you just misread it. If you listen to both, the lyrics aren’t the same! The one @Skinny Legend posted says in the description that they got the idea for their cover from that Danpia channel where Ashley sings the cover you linked.
  12. I think the girl in that video is actually doing the vocals on that version! If you look at her channel, she has other song covers. Lots of Youtube cover artists record a professional cover and just lip sync to it in their videos for better auto quality or whatever ?‍♀️
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