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  1. Miley Cyrus - Princess Dress (aka Cinderella or Pie On the Fly), Lost On You, Jaded, Pills, and another song from MC8. Possibly more.
  2. Is there another platform this could be promoted? I feel like this section isn’t taken as seriously.
  3. Because you spread the song! Not my fault because it was perfectly fine before you got your hands on it.
  4. @SlowandDown didn’t hold up his end of the deal. Sent one song where he was supposed to send two. He claimed that the song I sent was passed but he started spreading it as soon as he got it and ghosted me. Please ban him because he clearly can’t be trusted. https://docdro.id/CMTWgKZ
  5. Check your messages. We gotta finish this.

  6. This is my new favorite thread of all time.
  7. So funny that people make fake demos because they crave that much attention.
  8. Haven’t heard from Janet in a while. I hope it’s good.
  9. Apparently the head admin died of an overdose and the other admins are trying to get it back up from what I’ve seen.
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