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  1. That tracklist is definitely fake, because the titles "New New New", "Mono" and "In Progress" were just temporary names attached to snippets Sky herself posted. They're not actually titled that way.
  2. Beauty King


    FOTP doesn't want this pedophile back either. He's had at least two accounts banned from there. Also, you should probably be aware that the admin of COP is actually a pedophile as well. He's solicited nudes from minors before, knowing they were underage.
  3. First is probably "Weapons of Mass Creation" and the second is definitely the registered song "Something Beautiful".
  4. That's because there weren't as many recorded for Warrior. It was probably on the order of about 25-30 songs recorded for Warrior, as compared to 150+ for Animal/Cannibal.
  5. The registration ID number associated with the song confirms that it was first given an ID in 2014. I sort of doubt it's for her album.
  6. The FBI has released a statement saying that they have found no connection to ISIL in their investigation.
  7. Dude, ISIL claims responsibility for every attack on US soil, whether they were involved or not. Like 90% of the time, they're just making shit up to try to score points. This guy probably wasn't an Islamic terrorist. He definitely is a terrorist, though.
  8. Someone hack Noonie Bao's iCloud/Dropbox/Google Drive and leak her album that'll probably never be released.
  9. And he wonders why people aren't willing to trade with him.
  10. A pretty large number of people have "Star Dust" (that's what people have been calling it to distinguish it from the tyDi collab "Stardust"), so it could get out eventually.
  11. Definitely not real, because Kill My Boyfriend was recorded after the European version had been turned in already.
  12. It was a play on the Westboro Baptist Church's website, which is GodHatesFags.com
  13. If you want a slightly longer snippet, I have one: http://www32.zippyshare.com/v/bOazqSdc/file.html
  14. Footage of Selena Gomez recording a new song has also been leaked!

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