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  1. Delta Goodrem - Think About You

  2. Delta Goodrem - Think About You

    Excited for this!
  3. The Powder Room - My Way

    Definitely not her best.
  4. The Powder Room - My Way

    The Powder Room released a new song Friday. Seems like she's using that name for the more electro/popish music. My Way
  5. Ever been apart of the GP?

    I was never really into what was on mainstream radio. I never really followed any certain artists until 2007. When Britney's dark period started, I was glued to a site called britneyspearsblackout or something like that. I found it right before the VMA performance of "Gimme More". I still haven't followed the what the GP enjoys.
  6. Jessica Simpson is coming

    I always had a soft spot for "I Belong to Me"
  7. Jennifer Lopez - Us

    It's not bad, but not my fave.
  8. Jessica Simpson is coming

    I wonder if it will be a pop album or a country/pop album?
  9. The begging thread (please leak....)

    I didn't see these Bebe leaks in this thread. Here you go! Bebe Rexha - Dont Need Anything (Me, Myself and I Original).mp3 Bebe Rexha - Bad Bitches Dont Cry (CDQ).mp3 Bebe Rexha - Die Tonight (demo).mp3
  10. LP - Lost On You

    Am I the only one here that loves LP and her latest album Lost On You? Lost On You I absolutely love how unique her voice is. She's a true talent. She's also written songs for Rihanna, Cher Lloyd, Rita Ora, and many more. Her song "Muddy Waters" was also played in the last scenes of OITNB season 4 episode 13.
  11. Albums Released in 2018

    Apparently Porcelain Black is releasing her album, but I'm not holding my breath.
  12. What are your favorite albums of 2017 so far?

    Bebe Rexha - All Your Fault pt 1&2
  13. Is her music any good? I really like "New Rules".

    That's awesome!
  15. Hello

    I've been lurking for a couple months and had my first successful trade a while back. Thought I should probably make things a little more official by saying Hi!

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