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  1. It’ll be the end of August and she'll still be saying new music is coming in the summer.
  2. Only the rumors on Twitter but since her team didn’t take any leaks down it really seeem she scrapped everything and focus on her makeup line and acting.
  3. Yea now we wait the leaks
  4. I don’t have it but I remember seeing on a fan account of hers too! I’ll look into it.
  5. I remember seeing a similar post of her like in 2016(?) right before she unvaulted the Stars In Your Heart video she posted a behind the scenes picture of her walking in the streets and caps saying it was an unreleased video from 2014.
  6. Die Happy deserves the hype SLAY had before it leaked.
  7. I think she’s slowly confirming the project has been scrapped
  8. I’ve dmemed Kojak and he confirmed that she did
  9. How does Shazam recognize the tracks? Can somebody hack what’s on the server and get the songs?
  10. bonnie bless our ears with SLAY final version
  11. I would be happy even if she releases a EP with 3 epic tracks tbh just hope she’s not lying this time
  12. NEW SNIPPETS ARRIVED! U Had It Coming [new] Chords That Cry Love Hate Miss
  13. They actually only gave her a notice I believe because Icona Pop was trying to sell that song to other artist at that point. But Bella has all the files to this day!
  14. I’ve DMed almost everyone who produced this album and never got it anywhere lol
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