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  1. So as you know, Ella Henderson is working on her second album which is due for release this year!! Followed by a Tour in November with James Arthur. So many songs have gotten registered that are associated with the album, and also so many lyrics! So as HUGE fan i have compiled them all... and here it is... PREVIEWS: All Previews here: https://instaud.io/XuG Now You Say You Love Me Again: http://www.mediafire.com/file/6kusz6dgedk0wmg/Ella_Henderson_-_Now_You_Say_You_Love_Me_Again.m4a Ella Henderson - '#EllaAlbum2' All of You or Nothing
  2. Post what you're listening to.. I'm currently listening to my friends band Alien/Alien Uncovered - Alien
  3. Drop your Grammy's 2020 predictions here! Nominations and winnings
  4. just want to know what type of music you guys are into!
  5. I released my new album "Salvation" This includes 11 standard tracks, and a few more deluxe tracks coming. It's a mixture of dark dance, club/house, pure pop, a splash of urban all with catchy melodies and lyrics. I would love if you guys gave it a listen and let me know what you think. Fave songs, fave lyrics, fave parts of the songs, anything! My personal favs/standouts are "Sleeping Beauty", "Black Rose", "Vertigo", "My Bitches", & "Chained" but I am proud of them all! Stream on SoundCloud Stream on YouTube
  6. does anyone have a masterpost of the leaks? i was reading thru the latest leaks thread and most links are taken down but like has anyone done a masterpost with the different leaks/artists?
  7. Hi , I 've started making my own music , and want to ask which DAW program and sources u are using for production. I am currently use Fruity Loops ver 12 I take sample packs , drum kits and other stuff from theese websites: 1.https://www.looperman.com/forum 2.https://www.lucidsamples.com 3.http://soundbible.com
  8. Hey guys, I recently got to interview an up and coming artist called Harper! Check it out https://www.poptimism.org/blog/harper-spotlight
  9. Two is better than one We can all work together If you're producer, singer, rapper, songwriter, mixing engineer, anything, you're welcome
  10. Am I the only one here that loves LP and her latest album Lost On You? Lost On You I absolutely love how unique her voice is. She's a true talent. She's also written songs for Rihanna, Cher Lloyd, Rita Ora, and many more. Her song "Muddy Waters" was also played in the last scenes of OITNB season 4 episode 13.
  11. Hello, I had my try in arranging and recording my favorite Sheeran song, if you like it please do comment or if you don't like it feel free to critique! I hope you'll enjoy listening, I really do. You can have a listen to it here:
  12. Gavin Turek I Am TIRED of this beautiful and talented girl receiving no love and attention, so I'm forcing her down y'alls throats because she is EXCELLENCE. Listen to her latest EP HERE
  13. Okay, so i'm not sure if this has already been done but I'm bored so: What are your favourite Live (Yes thats right Britney stans ) performances from your faves? Here are some of mine:
  14. Iggy just confirmed on her snapchat yesterday, that an iggy x DISGASTING collab is coming and after some confusion and backlash, she tweeted this; This album is pathetic but....queen of forgiveness Edit: I CANNOT at the "DISGASTING" auto correction
  15. Stole this topic idea and not sure if its already been done, but since so many of us on here stan flops and girls that will in reality, never have the success we've all deluded ourselves to think they will achieve... which artists do you personally think deserve the attention and success, or WILL in the future achieve it?
  16. 1. You Got Wings 2. Love Somebody 3. Can't Steal The Music 4. Indian Giver 5. Gay Boy 6. Talk Of Nothing 7. King Of Pain 8. Elephant In The Room 9. Cherry Tree 10. Put Your Hands Up 11. Unloved
  17. Hi guys! I stumbled upon this idea on another forum and thought it would be a great idea to start playing it with y'all. The rules are simple. Underneath you have a list and you have to post a song according to the description next to the number of the particular day. 1. a song from the year you were born in 2. a song with a reference to drugs or alcohol 3. a song that reminds you of school 4. a song you are truly fed up with 5. a song with a color in the title 6. a song tied to a specific moment in your life 7. a
  18. Here we can post our experiments, something we did for fun, doesen't have to be ultra creative or anything like that ------------------------------------------------ I did an experiment to see how will my music sound after listening to some other artists music for over an hour and then start creating right after (Basicly how others music influence your music). This is just a raw material, no EQ, no mixing, no mastering, very minimal It might be clipping, so don't put the volume all the way up BANKS Dua Lipa
  19. This is a thread devoted to anything Zayn related. The photoshoots , music and anything else that turns you on! Here's his latest photoshoot for GQ! Feel free to lick the screen! @Jump Rope
  20. You may have already heard about the legal battle going on between Dr. Luke and Kesha. Kesha accused Dr. Luke for 10 years of sexual assault, mental and physical abuse. It seems like the case from a few weeks ago also didn't work out well for her, since she didn't say a thing about it. Kesha has posted this on Instagram: The pop singer has contributed 28 songs to Sony for a new album, she will get it out as soon as possible. She only needs 2 or 3 albums to get out of her contract without a lawsuit.
  21. Feel like an era flopped? Remake it the way you like! Here's one to start: ARTPOP 1. Aura . Burqa (Different lyrics) 2. Venus 3. Temple 4. G.U.Y 5. Onion Girl 6. Tea 7. MANiCURE 8. ARTPOP 9. Swine 10. Brooklyn Nights 11. Mary Jane Holland 12. PARTYNAUSEOUS (EDM Version) 13. I Wanna Be With You 14. Gypsy 15. Applause 16. Tinnitus ------ Deluxe ------ 17. Red Flame (Solo) 18. Do What U Want 19. Sexxx Dreams 20. Ratchet (ft. Beyonce and Rihanna) Videos: 1. Telephone Continuat
  22. The actress sold over a million copies of her 2004 debut Speak back in 2004, which was headed up with her severely underrated pop anthem 'Rumors'. But after 2005 follow-up A Little More Personal (Raw) failed to match the same kind of success, Lindsay's music career took a back seat. Fans have waited over a decade for a potential third collection, so much so that when Alex Simpson was taken backstage at a Mean Girls screening at Pride Toronto for a surprise video chat with Lindsay, it was one of his burning questions. "OK, so I have to record another album for Universal and Motow
  23. as you all know Tough guys by NK is an acapella demo so whats a good program for me to make it into a full song?
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