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  1. The CD itself is a bit bland but I do love this concept
  2. I’m pretty sure Shazam doesn’t have the tracks themselves
  3. Looks like it's hosted on iTunes server, too. Probably was the album cover.
  4. It's been on there multiple times. Someone talked about it once and sadly I stumbled upon it once searching for something else
  5. Someone probably posted kiddie porn again and they had to take it down to remove it.
  6. https://easyupload.io/jugjma Devil in Paradise m4a https://easyupload.io/ymowbf Portrait of a Female m4a
  7. Oh, I didn’t mean that comment at you babes. I meant to Natalia herself lol. Thank you for the music!
  8. I hate it here. Where is the fucking music?
  9. Your account isn't on there anywhere. Can you just make a new account?
  10. Are you leaving on a jet plane? 

  11. Thanks babe! ❤️ I was drunk and listening to Ray of Light last night and this is the only song I thought fit the photo so I decided to work with it! V1 V2 V3
  12. Kesha - High Road (Deluxe) [Scrapped Concept] Cover (click through for the largest size)
  13. Taylor Swift - Fearless (Taylor's Version) Cover (click through for the largest size)
  14. Adele - 30 (Scrapped Concept) 1 Covers (click through for the largest size) Adele - 30 (Scrapped Concept) 2 Cover (click through for the largest size)
  15. Alright ladies, been a while. Got some things I'm just gonna dump that I never finished or things that were quick. First post coming.
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