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  1. Cherish

    Some Of My Covers

    I love this. I'd love to see you make this into a pdf
  2. Cherish

    Some Of My Covers

    Absolutely perfect. Using this for my iTunes. 1000x better than the official cover.
  3. Cherish


    Not with that kind of reputation bb
  4. Cherish

    Moonchild's Artworks

    Wait. This is actually a serve.
  5. Cherish

    Subspace88 Artworks

    The Kesha - Rainbow one looks officially, I love it. There's a few others I really enjoy too.
  6. Cherish

    Cherish's Artwork

    omg thank you guys so much, your comments really warm my heart This one is partially inspired by Goo Goo Dolls' cover for their album, Magnetic. I've never heard the album but it's defintely eye-catching to me! Let me know which one you like best please I didn't plan on making this, I just made it for a friend who needed artwork for his iTunes.
  7. Cherish

    Moonchild's Artworks

    That's odd.... that's never happened to me. I'm really sorry to hear about that. https://imgbb.com/ is good too!
  8. Cherish

    Moonchild's Artworks

    You can use imgur sis. It's free I wouldn't want you to have to put out LQ photos especially if you make such high quality artwork (which I can see your artwork is defintely HQ and looks so much better HQ).
  9. Cherish

    Moonchild's Artworks

    Oh I forgot you can do that too. Much easier.
  10. Cherish

    Moonchild's Artworks

    I second that! Also, if you can use the magic eraser background on the PA sticker, you should keep the orange text but remove the white background. It would slay! And maybe upload a PA-less version too along with the original? Most covers look best without them.
  11. Cherish

    Cherish's Artwork

    Thank you. It was a long time coming.
  12. Cherish

    Cherish's Artwork

    Hello ladies. Here's my latest creation I'd recommend opening it in a new tab.
  13. Cherish

    Sky Ferreira

    Anyone got As If in FLAC please? Every single link on the internet is dead.
  14. Cherish

    Cherish's Artwork

    I updated it. I think you're right, it doesn't look off anymore.

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