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  1. I love this 10000x more than the official cover.
  2. Decided to make something with this pic. Wanted a late night pool vibe, but it didn't work out. Here's what I got. Love this song btw.
  3. Nah, I’m totally fucking with you. You do you, love! make sure to wash yo ass though
  4. Wait, he likes Kylie. He must be a queer in denial
  5. Straight people are rotted, why would you wanna be straight? I’m totally kidding, I’m just surprised.
  6. Odd question, but can you do a version with the green filter coloring and the border but keep it otherwise the same? This looks amazing as it is but I’d love to see it like the album cover filter.
  7. So I've been re-listening to Rare for the past 4-ish hours to convince myself to buy the Japan deluxe (which is super pretty). Anyway, I decided to create a cover for A Sweeter Place and I took it a bit further. These are some of my favorite tracks (Crowded Room is meh though, but I couldn't find better pics). Yes, I am aware they don't fit the aesthetic of the album, but I wanted to try something new. Hope y'all enjoy!
  8. thanks! I'm a huge fan of Hayley and from time to time I revisit this EP (#RELEASEHK2) Anyway, I found this pretty font I wanted to use too, so I thought I'd whip something up. If you haven't heard I'm Too Sensitive... EP PLEASE GO LISTEN. IT IS FANTASTIC.
  9. Hey guys! I'm a huge fan of Poppy's I Disagree album and was so sad there's no Japanese edition. So I made my own! Hope y'all like. Full mockup:
  10. Was revisiting Lana's discography and decided to whip up something with one of my favorite tracks in the past years (I used to hate this song a lot).
  11. Yeah, I'm not too proud of the edit anymore lol. I'm actually using that colorful edit in my iTunes that's going around now. It was made by someone on Twitter.
  12. Cherish


    I do not have the remixes for Rich physically, I have them in apple lossless though along with Sexy People! Does clear scanner cost?
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