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  1. This looks like just the ones you get from her web store. Love it.
  2. This is one of the other few websites I visit, so I'm devastated. I will miss this site dearly.
  3. Recently got into Doja Cat and couldn't stand the official cover(s) for Amala so I made my own. Fantastic album and miles better than Hot Pink (if you ignore Roll With Us). This is only in 1000x because the image is not available in HQ and I had to run it through Gigapixel before it looked good. Non-colored version Colored version
  4. I love these but I never noticed how many pictures she has with her hands at her hips
  5. the first one....a CONCEPT.
  6. Does anyone have the moon from Future Nostalgia? Even the pink version is fine. I need it as big as possible, PLEASE.
  7. Thank you sis! I appreciate it. Yes, big time bops. They’d have to be remastered/reworked for the album of course but I still love them! I tried to keep it true to the original track listing the best I could tbh. Honestly, it was originally only gonna be the front and I’d just write the track list out but I decided to have more fun making the back.
  8. #JusticeforCherry #JusticeforLoveisReligion So, what do we think ladies?
  9. 100%. They are an absolute jerk and completely ungrateful.
  10. I love this 10000x more than the official cover.
  11. Decided to make something with this pic. Wanted a late night pool vibe, but it didn't work out. Here's what I got. Love this song btw.
  12. Nah, I’m totally fucking with you. You do you, love! make sure to wash yo ass though
  13. Wait, he likes Kylie. He must be a queer in denial
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