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Found 20 results

  1. This just in: Taylor Swift's latest 'Love Story' doesn't involve one of her many, many boyfriends, but this time is a (hopefilly) one-sided romance between her and the online neo-Nazi movement. Just months ago, feminist writer Camille Paglia dubbed the popstar an "obnoxious Nazi Barbie" who claimed to encourage girl power but instead simply used her female friends as "performance props" to promote a “silly, regressive public image”. And it seems that Swift is not yet 'Out of The Woods' just yet, landing in hot water recently after reports that she has become an unofficial mascot for white supremacy amongst far-right blogs. According to supporters, it is Swift's lack of 'Bad Blood' which was the bouncing off point for her status as Hitler's head honcho. "Firstly, Taylor Swift is a pure Aryan goddess, like something out of classical Greek poetry. Athena reborn. That's the most important thing," says white supremacist author Andre Anglin. "We are certain that as soon as Nazis saw her, they were magnetically drawn to her sculpted Aryan form and angelic demeanour." But it's not just her 'Style' which attracts Nazis to Swift. According to Anglin, "It is also an established fact that Taylor Swift is secretly a Nazi and is simply waiting for the time when Donald Trump makes it safe for her to come out and announce her Aryan agenda to the world. Probably, she will be betrothed to Trump's son, and they will be crowned American royalty." 'This Love' allegedly stems from a series of Hitler quotes falsely attributed to Swift and spread virally through image board website Pinterest. Teenager Emily Pattinson started posting memes on her account to spoof Swift years ago, but was soon asked to take her content down by Swift's attorneys, who claimed: But oddly enough, this isn't the first time Swift has been associated with Nazism. Aside from Paglia's very public criticism of the singer, the typically squeaky 'Clean' imaged popstar was also left in a sticky situation way back in 2009 after a photo of her posing with a Swastika-adorned fan leaked online. According to Swift's representative, "Taylor took pictures with about 100 people that night… she doesn’t know who this guy is and she didn’t realize what was on his shirt." But this didn't stop online commentators from criticising Swift's role in the pphotograph, or from suggesting that the 'JH' on her chest stood for 'Jew Hater' (apparently it actually stood for Julianne Hough, whose party she was attending). What do you think? Is Taylor the perfect candidate to bring neo-Nazism to the forefront of pop culture, or will we never see it in our 'Wildest Dreams'? Should we continue making reference to random Swift songs in all of our articles, or are you already removing us from your favourites? Let us know in the comments section below!
  2. The nominations for the 2020 GRAMMY Awards are out! As per usual, the GRAMMYs are so out of touch that they've voted for some super random people, and I can imagine them giving all the awards to Billie Eilish just so they can prove they're still young and hip. But I'm hoping Lana will pull through for Album of the Year! What do you guys think?
  3. So I decided to post some cover art I've made over the years so if something looks shitty i probably made it like two years ago or maybe I just wasn't in the mood idk. Anyway here's the cover arts. Little Mix - Down & Dirty Ariana Grande - Almost Is Never Enough (feat. Nathan Sykes) Carly Rae Jepsen - Tonight I'm Getting Over You Little Mix - F.U. Taylor Swift - reputation Selena Gomez - Revival Paramore - After Laughter Panic! At the Disco - Nicotine That's all for now!!
  4. During 'Look What You made Me Do' on Taylor Swift's new tour she use a big snake that reminds A LOT of the one Shakira use in Ojos Así in the Tour of the Mongoose in 2002. the fãs already spoken in twitter, but what do you think about that?
  5. Katy Perry and Taylor Swift's infamous feud started thanks to the opening of Katy's Teenage Dream Tour back in 2013 - and it ended today with the opening night of Taylor's Reputation Tour. You might recall that the impetus for the entire five year feud was that a select group of backup dancers, who had worked regularly with Katy, decided to leave Taylor's Red Tour to join Katy's Teenage Dream Tour, where their skills were apparently being put to better use. Taylor decided to take this move as a slight against her and held Katy personally responsible, and spent the next few years dropping shade into her interviews about an "unnamed female artist" who sabotaged her tour. Things came to a head with the release of 'Bad Blood' in 2014, which Perry clapped back at with last year's diss track 'Swish Swish'. Katy seemed to extend the hand of forgiveness shortly after that single's release, but it wasn't until today that things really seemed to be coming to a head. Swift recently posted an update on her Snapchat story which showed her receiving a gift on the opening night of her tour. The present contained a literal olive branch (a symbol of letting things go), a handwritten letter, and some very Perry-esque stationary which leaves no doubt in our minds who sent the gift. While we don't know exactly what the letter says, fans have deciphered the phrases, "I've been doing some reflecting on past miscommunications and other feelings between us...", "deeply sorry", and "clear the air". It seems like the feud may finally be over. Knowing how these two interweave their songs with their personal lives, we wouldn't be surprised if a collaboration was in their future. Your thoughts?
  6. Over the last month, Taylor Swift has sparked quite the controversy with the lead single,' Look What You Made Me Do', from her upcoming album Reputation. The young singer has debuted an entirely new sound, and the old Taylor is certainly not coming back. Why, you may ask? Well, as Taylor herself said, "because she's dead!". It goes without saying that Swift has received more than enough criticism and hate from around the globe, more recently being branded with the moniker of "snake" which was derived from the Kim Kardashian Twitter drama of 2016 surrounding lyrics from Kanye West's song, 'Famous'. Taylor had no problem reclaiming this name when she introduced her new era with three short videos of a snake slithering on Twitter and Instagram. Singer-songwriter Swift has a brand new "no fucks given attitude", firing multiple shots at numerous people she's allegedly had beef with in the lyrics of the song including Katy Perry, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. "The world moves on, another day another drama but not for me, all I think about is karma," she muses. The lyrics of the song are for sure a new direction for Taylor, and its accompanying music video leaves anyone who watches it in shock as she completely turns every hint of criticism on its head. One things for sure: whether or not you personally like Miss Swift, the styling in the vcideo is a genius move and definitely a money maker. It features many of her personas, aka the old versions of Taylor, including one Taylor from 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together', one from the 2009 VMAs and a lot of other iconic looks and identities she's had in the past. "I don't trust nobody, and nobody trusts me," she cooes. Then, just when we thought Taylor was done, she debuted another song from her album entitled '...Ready For It?' which once again features a new edgy, experimental and badass Taylor. "In the middle of the night in my dreams, you should see the things we do baby," she sings over a pulsing baseline. What is your take on Taylor 2.0? Is it all a facade, or is she finally showing her true colours? Let us know in the comments down below!
  7. Pink has been a busy bee lately promoting her upcoming album Beautiful Trauma and its lead single 'What About Us?'. During an interview with KISS FM UK, she was asked to pick a side in Taylor Swift and Katy Perry‘s ongoing feud. The biggest feud since Hilary and Lindsay, Taylor vs. Katy apparently began when Taylor accused Katy of stealing dancers from her tour, and has escalated ever since. Wonder which side P!nk took? Wonder no more! She said: Seems like P!nk is more of a Swiftie than a Katycat. All we can say is "Swift Swift Bitch" or however it goes. Katy has recently said that she is ready to let the feud go and that she's sorry for anything she ever did. After all, it feels like the media are more bothered with the feud than the people involved at this point. Did P!nk make the right decision?
  8. Taylor Swift's ass cheeks are at the centre of a recent lawsuit, but her claims are quickly becoming the butt of every joke. The lawsuit was initiated in November of last year, when former Denver radio show host David Mueller claimed that he was falsely terminated from his job after Swift's security claimed that he had grabbed Taylor's cheeks at a backstage meet and greet. According to Mueller, he attended a show that was a part of Swift's Red Tour in Denver back in 2013, and, as a radio DJ, was invited backstage. Mueller said that he and his girlfriend took a photo with Swift without issue before leaving to enjoy the show. Mueller claims that he ran into a coworker during the show who bragged to him about putting his arms around Taylor and grabbing her ass during a photo op with her. Later, he says that he was approached by one of Swift's security guards who accused him of sexually assaulting Taylor and kicked him out of the arena. Mueller says that he was fired a few days later from his country music radio station because of the incident. The case resurfaced last month when a judge passed a motion from Swift's lawyers requesting that the photo of the alleged assault be kept from the public eye until the case goes to trial. Taylor's lawyers claimed that the photo was inappropriate for public consumption because it would encourage "scandalous" behaviour and "prurient" thoughts (the definition of which is: "having or encouraging an excessive interest in sexual matters, especially the sexual activity of others"). The judge agreed that given Swift's status as a public figure, "the widespread dissemination of this image might significantly complicate jury selection". Unluckily for Swift's team, the wily folks at TMZ have managed to get their hands on the photo and have posted it online for all to see. On the one hand, judging by the big smiles on everyone's faces in the photo and the fact that his girlfriend was less than a metre away from him, it doesn't seem likely that there was any particular groping going on. Given how tall Mueller is, it's not impossible that he simply misjudged and went in for an accidental ass pat - and he wouldn't be the first to do it. On the other hand, it's a strange story for Swift to make up and go after with such force - lawyers aren't cheap, and we can't imagine her putting down so much money for a claim she knew was unfounded. What do you think of the "scandalous" photo? Does it prove anything for either party, or is the case still completely ambiguous? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!
  9. In the ongoing feud between Taylor Swift and Katy Perry, it's becoming increasingly clear that there's no real winner. While Taylor has shaded Katy in interview after interview, her diss track 'Bad Blood' was miles more successful than Katy's recent attempt 'Swish Swish'; even though Katy is coming out on top just by discussing the feud and her limited part in it so openly. And in her latest move, Taylor's continuing to cut off her nose to spite her face, assuring mutually assured destruction for both parties with no one a winner. You'll remember that Taylor has been notoriously anti-Spotify and anti-streaming for a while, ever since she penned an open letter to the company back in November of 2014 on the eve of her 1989 album release. Back then, she told Yahoo: Since then, she's held firm against Spotify and even attacked Apple Music on its launch for not reimbursing artists who had their music listened to during a free trial period (Swift has since appeared in ads for Apple, suggesting the two are back on good terms). Despite the begging of her fans and a "love letter" Spotify wrote to her to win her back, Swift had apparently decided that she was better than streaming services; and judging by her net revenue last year, she wasn't wrong. But all that changed on Thursday night when TaylorNation, the Instagram page representing Swift's management team, made the following post: The significance of this won't be lost on Katy Perry fans, who'll know that for the past few months the newly cropped popstar has been teasing the release of her album Witness. Witness was released on exactly the same day, at exactly the same time as Taylor decided to revive her music on streaming services. And to rub salt in the wound even more, Swift later announced that all of her albums would be available for a reduced rate on iTunes, clearly in the hopes that a discount would help her albums outnumber Katy's new one in the pop charts. On the one hand, it's true that the RIAA did announce Swift's milestone just twelve hours before the post was made. On the other hand, it's an extremely unlikely coincidence that Swift's team just happened to organise for every single streaming platform to re-add Perry's music in just twelve hours. And its even more unlikely that none of Swift's handlers would have known about Katy's album release, especially given how much Katy's been talking about Taylor this album cycle. What are your thoughts on Swift's latest move? Is it an savvy power play, an obvious and petty trick or nothing but sheer coincidence? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!
  10. This is the e-mail that I received two days ago, on the tenth of December, in relation to a t-shirt design I had uploaded to the Redbubble online store. The design in question, uploaded under the title ‘Taylor Swift's 'no its becky' T-Shirt’, is one that had been present on the website for several years, and which had been a moderate source of finances for me as a designer; the company making the complaint was one ‘T[aylor] A[llison] S[swift] Rights Management’, a newly formidable presence in the online design world. Yet at first glance, for those as yet uninitiated into the 'Swiftie' fandom, the design may seem more related to Beyonce than it is Taylor. The “no its becky” meme began way back in April 2012, when a Tumblr user known as 'Yallarebrutalizingme' made a satirical post about the dangers of “snorting marijuana” with Swift as the poster child for drug addiction. “Please don't wind up like Becky”, the post read, along with a photograph of a high school aged Swift smiling benignly for the camera. User 'bitch-pudding' pointed out the mistaken identity in a reblog before 'dundermilfllin' sarcastically responded with "no its becky". But in possibly the only truly brilliant move she’s ever made, Swift took the meme to legendary status herself in 2014, about a week after she first created her Tumblr account. In promotion of her new album 1989, the popstar posted a selfie featuring a mustard-colored t-shirt which mimicked the text in dundermilfllin's post - font and all. Fans immediately lost it at the fact that their idol was noticing something they had previously thought of as an inside joke, and the post became a social media hit, gaining over 18 000 notes and being covered by sites such as MTV News and PopCrush. The memes well documented past makes it all the more strange that Swift and/or her legal team would later try and claim credit for it when it comes to Redbubble designs inspired by it, some of which are still uploaded today. Copyrights and ownerships are notoriously difficult concepts to comprehend on the Internet, especially when the recontextualisations and edits of Tumblr are taken into account, where copyright is generally ignored in favour of a free-for-all melee of appropriation. But if ownership had to be assigned for the "no its becky" quote, if anything it should clearly go to the elusive dundermilfllin, the user who coined the caption in the first place. Of course, this isn’t the first time Swift has tried to make a dime out of her fans art. In 2014, she used her record label Sony to demand that a ‘Bad Blood’ parody video made by YouTuber Shane Dawson be taken down off the video-sharing website. In February of last year, the popstar controversially sent cease and desist letters to her fans on Etsy who took to the handmade arts website to post work in dedication to the singer. Later that year, in September, she used the aforementioned TAS Rights Management to shut down Periscope streams of her 1989 Tour that were circulating around Twitter. And on a broader scale, she’s famously copyrighted 1989-related phrases such as "This Sick Beat", "'Cause We Never Go Out of Style," "Could Show You Incredible Things" and "Nice to Meet You, Where You Been?". Everyone knows about the time she tried to threaten Kanye West and Kim Kardashian into submission. And the singer is currently in the midst of a lawsuit with a radio DJ who she says touched her inappropriately during a backstage meet and greet. What are your thoughts on the case? Does Swift deserve the rights, and all associated profits, to the Internet-created “no its becky” meme? Or has she taken her legal rights a step too far? Sound off in the comments down below!
  11. Idk how to feel about this...Britney has a much larger variety of songs to choose from and would definitely put on a good show if she could pull it off, like she did at the Billboard Music Awards. But Taylor would probably put on a better performance overall and she's definitely more current, even if I think her songs are boring as fuck.
  12. #SwiftSquad Taylor Swift - Queen of being a wolf in designer sheeps clothing. Was once friends with Katy Perry before Katy "stole" several of Taylor's back up dancers for her tour, a situation which inspired the song 'Bad Blood'. Dated Calvin Harris before breaking up with him over a song she wrote for him and Rihanna. Has an on again/off again beef with Kanye West. Once dated Joe Jonas and alleged that he broke up with her over the phone; and is best friends with Selena Gomez. Selena Gomez - The vice-president of the #SwiftSquad. Consistently stands by Taylor's actions and appeared as the villain in the 'Bad Blood' music video, even though she thinks the beef is petty. Dated Zedd for a time. Joseph Kahn - Directed Taylor's video for 'Bad Blood' starring Swift and Selena Gomez. Has taken to Twitter to compare Kim Kardashian's murdering of Taylor Swift's career to OJ Simpson's murdering of Nicole Brown Simpson, a crime that was defended by Kim's father Robert Kardashian. #KlubKaty Katy Perry - America's other sweetheart. Allegedly "stole" backup dancers from Taylor. Once worked with Calvin Harris on a remix for 'Waking Up In Vegas' and with Kanye West on a remix for 'E.T.'. Was friends with Kesha pre-fame. Calvin Harris - Dated Taylor Swift for a time. The two split over a disagreement over a song she wrote for him and Rihanna, although there's speculation that Swift was cheating on him with Tom Hiddleston at the time. Kanye West - Famously interrupted Swift's VMA's acceptance speech when he jumped on stage and declared Beyonce the rightful winner. The two publicly made up at another VMA's ceremony after West publicly and privately apologized to her. Later, he wrote a lyric about her in his song 'Famous'. Although he says she okayed the lyric, Swift has denied ever giving him permission to use it, even with the presence of a voice recording of her saying so. Later, West released a video for the track which featured wax dummies of Taylor Swift, Kim Kardashian and Rihanna, among others. Kim Kardashian - Kanye West's wife and public enemy of Swift. She has proven the existence of a phone call between West and Swift where she gives him permission to use a specific lyric, although the content of that lyric is unknown. Khloe Kardashian - Kim Kardashian's sister. Supported Kim on Twitter when Chloe Moretz described the beef as petty. Zedd - Once dated Selena Gomez. The two appear to still be on good terms, recently reuniting to perform their duet 'I Want You To Know'. Followed Calvin Harris on Twitter hours after his rant on Swift. Has worked with Kesha on a remix of his song 'True Colors'. Demi Lovato - Has previously bashed Swift for "throwing money" at Kesha in an attempt to prove her support for Kesha's ordeal with rape. Followed Calvin Harris on Twitter hours after his rant on Swift, and unfollowed Selena Gomez (again) after her comments on the situation. Also dated Joe Jonas along with Swift, although the two are still friends and recently performed together. Pharrell - Has worked with Kanye West multiple times. Publicly supported shady comments about Taylor Swift on Twitter through a video of Tiffany "New York" Pollard. Camilla Belle - Once dated Joe Jonas and was thus targeted by Taylor Swift in her song 'Better Than Revenge'. Recently posted shady Tweets about "revenge" during the #KimExposedTaylorParty. Skai Jackson - Compared Taylor Swift to Donald Trump on Twitter. Neutral Chloe Moretz - Has said she was invited to join the #SwiftSquad, but turned it down. Has recently taken to Twitter to beef with Khloe Kardashian over the banality of the situation. Zendaya - Did the only important thing of her entire career when she cameod in 'Bad Blood', but has since distanced herself from Swift with shady Tweets. Ruby Rose - Bashed Khloe Kardashian on Twitter for her dragging of Chloe Moretz. Is friends with Taylor Swift and was honoured by her during a speech at the GLAAD Awards. Unsure Rihanna - Is famously best friends with Katy Perry, although their friendship may have been tarnished when Rih agreed to lay down vocals for a Calvin Harris song written by Taylor Swift. Beyonce - Has continued to work with West since his outburst, probably due to the fact that he is best friends with her husband Jay-Z. Tom Hiddleston - Has confirmed he is dating Swift, but has not commented on rumours that she cheated on Calvin Harris with him or on any of her beefs. Joe Jonas - Dated Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato and Camilla Belle; he is friends with the two latter girls but not the former after she said on Ellen that he broke up with her over the phone. Has not spoken publicly about Swift's beefs. Kesha - Was dragged into the situation after Taylor Swift's donation to her legal fees came under fire from people like Demi Lovato. Has not responded to Taylor's donation or any of her beefs. Has worked with Calvin Harris and with Zedd on a remix of his song 'True Colors'. Lady Gaga - Is known to be friends with Taylor Swift and Kesha. Has worked with Beyonce and Zedd and had a planned tour with Kanye West. Has publicly supported Kim Kardashian and Rihanna. Came under fire from Demi Lovato for a performance in which she was vomited on. Has beefed with Calvin Harris after he said that she had asked him to work with her on her debut album, a claim she denies. Miley Cyrus - Has worked with both Kanye West and Pharrell and made headlines for kissing Katy Perry. Used to be close with Demi Lovato but they are no longer friends. Has not commented on any of Taylor's beefs. Who am I missing y'all? Fill me in with any more info you have or names that I've left out and let's keep this updated!
  13. In yet another saga into one of the most majestically messy celebrity breakups of the past few years, Calvin Harris has taken to Twitter to slam onetime girlfriend Taylor Swift for what he calls a "hurtful" bout of bad press organised by her management team. Taking to the social media platform less than an hour ago, Harris's tirade began as a response to a People magazine article in which it was revealed that Swift had actually written the DJ's latest hit with Rihanna, 'This Is What You Came For', under the pseudonym Nils Sjöberg. In the article, Swift's rep confirmed that she "wrote 'This Is What You Came For' under the pseudonym Nils Sjoberg". But the news didn't stop there, with People allegedly getting an exclusive scoop on how the duo broke up. As reported by TMZ on Wednesday, Swift "wrote the song, sat down at a piano and did a demo into her iPhone", which she then sent to Harris for consideration. After recording a fully produced demo, they agreed to keep the collaboration under wraps and instead send the track to Rihanna to record. Apparently, though, Swift was hurt when Harris did an interview after the song's release where he claimed that he couldn't foresee a collaboration with Swift. "You know, we haven't even spoken about it. I can't see it happening," Harris said to Ryan Seacrest. The rift over the song supposedly lead to the breakup of the power couple. While there was no official source for this information on the relationship's disintegration, it's fascinating that it's included in the same article as a quote from Swift's rep. It's hardly unlikely that Swift's rep had something to do with leaking the story of her and Harris' break up to People; a coincidence that hasn't gone unnoticed by Harris himself. Harris' first Tweet was relatively tame, complimenting Swift's songwriting on the track and saying that she had "smashed it as usual". But what started as a friendly comment to an ex soon disintegrated into an all out slam-fest, which even brought Swift's infamous rival Katy Perry into the fray. In typically classy fashion, Harris signed off with a friendly farewell of "God bless everyone have a beautiful day". The move comes almost a week to the day after Harris released his co-write with John Newman, the breakup anthem 'Olé'. "Low key, you won't tell none of your friends about me/You won't tell them I occupy your dreams and your thoughts," the song sings; with the phrase "low key" allegedly intended to be a reference to Swift's new beau's role of Loki in the Thor franchise. The song has long been thought to be directed towards Swift, even as rumours swirl that it was in fact written months ago. Playing the victim? Check. Taking to social media to air your grievances? Check. Writing passive-aggressive breakup songs exposing your ex's dirty secrets? Check. Calvin is literally turning the tables and Taylor Swifting the original queen of breakups, Taylor Swift. Your move, Taylor.
  14. Taylor Swift made headlines last year when she pulled her entire back catalogue from music streaming service Spotify just months before holding back her latest album 1989 from Apple Music until she was promised the royalties owed to artists during a three month streaming period the company was offering customers. This year, she officially reconciled with the company when she appeared in advertisements for Apple Music's Beats 1 Radio. Now, she's aiming for another week in the news by setting her sights on another music streaming service: YouTube. Along with over 180 other artists - including Christina Aguilera, The Band Perry, Jennifer Hudson, Elton John, Yoko Ono Lennon, Paul McCartney and U2 - Swift has signed a letter which will appear this week in publications such as The Hill and Politico urging lawmakers to change the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) to reflect changes in the media landscape. The DMCA, initially passed in 1998 with the rise of the Internet, was created to protect works from infrigement, but has a "safe harbour" provision that protects ISP's and websites from copyright violations so long as such services take down content when they are notified of the existence of copyrighted works. This was put in place to protect social media websites like YouTube, which cannot reasonably be expected to trawl through the thousands of videos uploaded in search of copyrighted material. However, according to Swift and others, the safe harbour provision has become unfeasible now that YouTube has become a go-to source for illegal music uploads. According to the letter: Music Mogul Irving Azoff, who manages artists like Aguilera, The Eagles and Steely Dan, also signed the letter. In an article last month for Recode, Azoff said, "You have built a business that works really well for you and for Google, but it doesn't work well for artists. If you think it is just the labels and publishers who are complaining, you are wrong. The music community is traditionally a very fractured one, but on this we are united." The musicians are hoping to catch the attention of the US Copyright Office, which is currently reviewing the DMCA. Earlier this year, music trade groups such as the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) and American Federation of Musicians (AFM) told the Office that the RIAA has noticed more than 175 million illegal music uploads online since 2012, and sent over 280 million infringement notices to Google. Christophe Muller, head of YouTube's international music partnerships, referenced the movement in April when he posted an article on The Guardian. "Music matters. Musicians and songwriters matter. They deserve to be compensated fairly," he said at the time. "We believe this deeply and have partnered with the music industry for years to ensure it happens on our platform." In a time of unprecedented gun violence, racist and prejudiced rhetoric against Hispanic and Muslim people, and the incredibly upsetting cancellation of CBS's The Good Wife, we find it surprising that Swift is choosing to focus her celebrity on such a minuscule issue. Artists have long known how to use YouTube to their advantage - take Justin and Selena's lip sync video to 'Call Me Maybe' which sent the song up the charts, or Cody Simpson's YouTube discovery - and we'd be shocked to hear that Swift and the other celebrities listed have never searched YouTube in order to hear their favourite pop song. Regardless of the outcome of the petition, one things for sure - the Internet has a way of getting what it wants. Whether it's Napster, Limewire, or YouTube, we have the feeling there will always be an easy and accessible way of hearing music for free online. Thoughts?
  15. I love that she seems to be so happy and has so many friends lately! This guest list is flawless tbh, imagine having a conversation with Lisa, Kylie and Kathy. And slay at her and Lana ovcercoming their stupid beef! I'm sad my invitation got lost in the mail.
  16. We're dangerously close to the end of the year, and as most normal people start to consider Christmas presents and family vacations, pop music lovers are getting ready for another big event in their calendars: mash-up season. First triggered by DJ Earworm way back in 2009 with his hit-filled track 'United States of Pop', epic end of year mash-ups have basically become a tradition in the pop world and are now something fans can look forward to every year, with the biggest recieving millions of views and extensive radio play. First started in 2010 by Daniel Kim, 'Pop Danthology' is one such mashup which often jams in dozens of your favourite pop songs to make a cohesive, danceable track. For the first time, 2015's 'Pop Danthology' is split into two parts a decision Kim says was dictated by the fact that "it has become increasingly more challenging to satisfy my fans and fit in all of their many favourite songs in my year-end mashup". Part one is just over four minutes long and features an impressive 45 songs, ranging from tracks by pop starlets such as Demi Lovato's 'Cool For The Summer', Hilary Duff's 'Sparks', Kelly Clarkson's 'Heartbeat Song' to sleeper hits like 'Fetty Wap's 'Trap Queen', Skrillex, Diplo and Justin Bieber's 'Where Are U Now', Maroon 5's 'Sugar', and Zedd and Selena Gomez's 'I Want You To Know'. Meanwhile, part two clocks in at just over five minutes, featuring a grand total of 37 songs including Adele's 'Hello', Ariana Grande's 'Focus', Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea's 'Pretty Girls', Ellie Goulding's 'Love Me Like You Do', Major Lazer, DJ Snake, and MO's 'Lean On', Rihanna's 'Bitch Better Have My Money', Selena Gomez and A$AP Rocky's 'Good For You', Silento's 'Watch Me', Taylor Swift and Kendrick Lamar's 'Bad Blood' and The Weeknd's 'Can’t Feel My Face'. What do you guys think? Will you be playing this track at your Thanksgiving dinners, or are the originals always the best? Let us know in the comments down below!
  17. Taylor Swift has debuted the second offering, and first promo single, from upcoming album 1989. And it definitely doesn't disappoint! Much has been made of 'Out of the Woods' since a reference to it in this month's copy of Rolling Stone, where Taylor mentioned that the track was inspired by a snowmobile accident which left her and ex-boyfriend Harry Styles in the emergency room. Speaking of how she managed to avoid press commentary on her brief visit to hospital, Swift said: "You know what I've found works even better than an NDA? Looking someone in the eye and saying, 'Please don't tell anyone about this.'" Impressively, the story about the tracks inspiration turns out to be the least amazing thing about this song. Harshly autobiographical lyrics like "Your necklace hanging from my neck/The night we couldn’t quite forget/When we decided/To move the furniture so we could dance/Baby, like we stood a chance" in the verses contrast stunningly with the prayer-like incantation of "Are we out of the woods yet?/Are we in the clear yet?" recited by Taylor during choruses. The build-up in the verses is actually a little lacklustre, despite the amazing lyrics - but that just makes the ultimate breakthrough of the chorus shine a million times brighter. Produced by Jack Antonoff, the song continues the vintage theme of the 1989 album with some hazy, dream-like background vocals and strong percussion which is the trademark of Antonoff's band fun. The song marks not only a huge departure from Swift's past work in country (it's apparent with this release that the girl who sang 'Love Story' and 'Mine' is pretty much gone for good), but also a move away from the super fun, poppy vibe of 'Shake It Off'. While this leaves the sonic and thematic themes of Swift's upcoming album in crisis, one thing's for sure: it's with this upcoming album that Swift will make or break her transition to pop and prove just what she's capable of artistically. And we can't wait. Listen to 'Out of the Woods' below and let us know what you think in the comments section below! Pros: This song is amazing.The background vocals during the bridge sound like 'Hakuna Matata'. THAT'S AWESOME.Cons: It's a bit of a shame that Taylor's relied so much on a certain ex-boyfriend to publicize this song rather than letting the amazing product do the talking itself.
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