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Moonchild's Reworked Songs

Ice Prince

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Lana Del Rey - Nectar of the Goods (Moonchild Version)

Lana is including this one in the album, which leaked in 2019 as "Wild on You / Colour Blue". Apparently, the leaked version, which is a beautiful guitar song that sounds very demoish, is going to be the album version, and I feel it needed something else, so here's my take on it! I hope you like it ;) 

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1 hour ago, Ice Prince said:

Let me bring this thing back from the dead lmao

I did a mashup of In the Dark by Ava Max, with an Ava type beat I found, produced by BigBadBeats, the producers of my latest album. I think something like this would've suited the album better than the released song.

Ava Max - In the Dark (BigBadBeats Remix)

OMG! It sounds sooo good! It had such a nice flow to it! Loved it! Also the cover artwork was really pretty! 

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