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  1. Jessica Sutta Returns With "Again"

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    • Bebe Rexha : King, Aliens, Hell With You Dua Lipa : What i like Kesha Camila Julia Sia Meghan Trainor : Do it all again, Darling i'm a mess
    • Leak God is a Woman if you have it my friend
    • 001/004 002/004   After releasing the new clip with 002/004 in its description, they changed last years teasers to 001/004 so unless we are way off, I think its safe to say well get 2 more teasers/trailers with the last, perhaps, revealing the dates. I know COVID slowed down a lot but I hope we get it soon. (And give me the Witcher S2 already, fuck. Its done been wrapped in Jan or Feb, edit that shit and give me Henry Cavil Geralt hotness.)
    • I'm lowkey annoyed at UO. They keep pumping out these discographies of our favourite flops and I keep spending money.  If they had decent stock, I wouldn't be as inclined to rush into picking these up, but they keep selling out with super rare restocks. I was going through my collection of UO albums and this is what I'm working with: I'm on a quest to find a reasonably priced Demi Lovato - Demi and Britney Spears - Circus. The resell market of some vinyl records is ridiculous.
    • It's sad Hollywood scrapped this! I really wish they'd make her music available worldwide (the fact it's 2021 & her songs still aren't available in the UK). Doubt we'll ever get this, but hopefully she finally drops her debut this year!
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    • Savages

      So after randomly checking ascap, I saw some songs either I missed in tye past or are newer registered tracks from Kerli. I know shes got 'so many new goodies', according to her, coming as well so thats exciting. But yeah, tracks like We're the Misfits, Last Days Of Freedom, In The Ocean Of Time, etc. Has any of my fellow Kerli fans seen these long ago and im just showing how long ive neglected checking sites for publishing and etc or are the newer titles?
      Anywho. Excited. But still cannot find any evidence of Bubblegum in the world. I know it was Kerli and Brian (Vespertine) that wrote it, but ive never seen it registered even back when. And the only rumor I heard from a big trader in like 2012 was theres a really rough studio demo but never heard of it again. Inb4 I just go to her LA place and take all her harddrives. 😂😭
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    • Savages

      Side note: SO happy someone uploaded the demos of Boom Boom/Karamel with Cassie. I had them years ago before they were leaked but lost them and thousands of song on my pc when it flew the coop. I love Toy and Thing of the Night (Creature) 😭👌
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    • Savages

      I moved last month and finally have internet again. I hate hectic times 😭
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    • RedBloodedWoman

      "Creepin" -BS (2010)  
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    • inyourhands  »  addictedsober

      Tried to message you but couldn't– would you dm me? Interested in some stuff you might have
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  • 78 Which album should grab the #1 UK spot?

    1. 1. Which album should grab the #1 UK spot?

      • Kylie Minogue - Disco
      • Little Mix - Confetti

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