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  1. I have here 29 tracks thet where remastred by Glamleska: https://we.tl/t-xAiaovcYQL
  2. Thank you for sharing. Very interesting to learn all the process that is behind.
  3. @Marin Louis Walsh just confirmed in an interview that the PCD will be performing THIS SUNDAY! So, the comeback it's REAL! 🤩
  4. All the girls are now in London. Check the instagram of each one I think this time the rumors are true. Let's wait and see
  5. Anyone here can upload all the songs that have been leaking in the past years, please? Thank you
  6. Nice desing and covers! Good job Still waiting for Don't from Jessica
  7. Can someone please share a link with most of the songs? Thank you!
  8. Girls United - Easy Rider How can I get this song in full? The 1st single of this band never get released There is a snippet with music video!!
  9. Anyone here has Keisha Buchanan unreleased solo album? Thank you.
  10. For me, this is the best album from her! Up N' Down is my favourite song ever 😍 I like all the songs except How I Roll. For me is the worst song on the album. And the Femme Fatale Tour?? Also love the performance and I have the DVD (ok, forget about the bad filming and edition of the scenes)
  11. Olá @UnknownBoyPT It's good to see that we are from the same country 😊
  12. She deserves a big hit like Show Me. Sutta Pop was a bop but Hollywood Records didn't gave her support. I didn't liked so much Feline Resurrection but I Say Yes was a good album. Let’s see what she is working on
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