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How I'm Feeling Today: Day 1


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I'm going to spam the forums with my feelings everyday (or whenever I want, I don't set boundaries for myself, I'm a free spirit, don't judge me) to bump up my credits make this forum a more lively place & to spread my flawlessness around because lbr, y'all have nothing better to do anyway besides read my feelings.  :morning:

Anyway, after 2 days of eating nothing but junk food (fried chicken, Cheez-It's, lindt white chocolate truffles,  spice sweet chili doritos & a 12 pack variety tacos from Taco Bell) this is how I feel today.


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I'm gonna post about my day on here as well because #yolo. :morning:

Mine was super boring, I've been looking after my mum for like the past four weeks since she's out of hospital. So I've been cleaning, cooking, and running errands for her basically all day, and then when I get a chance to relax I'm sitting and watching tv with her to keep her company. So if I haven't been posting so much lately, that's probably why. ;)

Anyway, after I'd cooked her lunch and dinner, cleaned the house and spent my entire day looking after her my cunt of a father gets home and starts making a mess in the kitchen. Then he starts complaining because I didn't wash the pan after I made her lunch. Like, really cunt? I've been looking after your wife all fucking day while you act like a lazy pig and do no work around the house whatsoever. Go kill yourself. :morning:

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