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  1. Mona Lisa

    Nicholas Dante Shows His True Colours With 'Hue'

    Haha Ive seen him on ATRL, this song is actually good honestly
  2. Mona Lisa

    Introducing PHF Apprentice!

    Thanks @Donald Trump Let's get down to business so we can decide the winner! First of all, @trayertrash is a sweetheart and one of my favourite members since I first joined the site. She's been here for ages, knows the most members and seems fair and kind. I won't forget all the kind PMs she's sent me over the years. Although, I do think she's been a bit unreliable in her work in this competition, she got annoyed with her other members for not showing up to a task but then she did the same thing to me this week. She didn't even send me a message for why she couldn't participate so I had to hear it from @Countess and then rush to get my task in on time But other than that I love her Second, @Neon. They seem very nice but really outside of this game I haven't had any interaction with them. I think they joined at the same time as a lot of other new members and just kind of got lost in the crowd because I can't say any specific thing about them or their personality. However, they've done a great job in this game and seem to be a good leader and very reliable. I like what I see so far Lastly, @RadiantEdits. I love this girl and her graphics are great. She's sweet and I think she brings a fun and sassy energy to the site. BUT, I don't know if she has what it takes to be a moderator. In the same way as she's fun and sassy, she can be kind of messy and unprofessional in some ways. I don't know if she has the maturity to be looking after an entire site, even though I love her as a normal member.
  3. Mona Lisa

    PHF Apprentice: Doomsday Squad War Room

    Team Leader: Mona Lisa Sorry this is late but I was waiting on a reply and I didn't get one so I just went with what I thought Release Strategy This single will be hyped up through a fan participation event starting in May where people can post on their Snapchat pics of the words 'Aint Ready' and the emoji in front of a variety of backgrounds including their own face and with a border around it and squared off. These covers will be added into a collage and when the collage is completed it will spell out 16.06.16 which is the release date of the single. Then there will be a traditional release through iTunes spotify and radio all at once. Music Video Pitch The music video will also be snapchat based and will be released over several different Snapchat accounts. There will be three actors each rapping different parts of the song as well as black space and when these are combined you will be able to look at all three and see the full video on three different screens. Were trying to make people get together and discuss Kevin and build community among the fans as well as get people to make their own snapchat videos of them rapping. The video will show different people in three different cities (new york, california, london) all rapping to the song and there will be cameos from kevin in each city.
  4. Mona Lisa

    Introducing PHF Apprentice!

    Heres my cover for the single... trayer isn't replying to my message though so idk what to do for the other parts Mess, we better not lose for this
  5. Mona Lisa

    Introducing PHF Apprentice!

    R.I.P. Doomsday Squad
  6. Mona Lisa

    PHF Apprentice: Teenage Rebellion War Room

    Oh okay You can have it if you want, I'll save up for the unleaked track
  7. Mona Lisa

    PHF Apprentice: Teenage Rebellion War Room

    Sounds good. How many times have you been team leader? Ive done it once
  8. Mona Lisa

    Self References In Songs

    One of my favourite things is when an artist self references in their songs. Example: Britney BOMT: My loneliness is killing me Stronger: My loneliness ain't killing me no more Lets make a list Whats your favourite?
  9. Mona Lisa

    Britney Debuts Five New Songs at Vegas Show

    Repent for your sins peasant
  10. Mona Lisa

    PHF Apprentice: Teenage Rebellion War Room

    That sounds really good! We can even make them answer all the trivia questions on Twitter and then that way we can get some promo on there and get everyone playing the game Good ideas guys, this is sounding good
  11. Mona Lisa

    PHF Apprentice: Teenage Rebellion War Room

    That sounds good actually. Or what about if we called it like a trivia night? We can have it on the radio website, everyone gets in teams, then someone on the radio asks a question. Every team sends a private message to Mo as they're playing a song and then after the song is played the answer is revealed and the tally is added to. Then that way it's a radio show and a game all in one
  12. Mona Lisa

    PHF Apprentice: Teenage Rebellion War Room

    Yeah I don't know, i don't think they've had any competitions but idk how to implement them. How can we do something revolutionary with it?
  13. Mona Lisa

    PHF Apprentice: Teenage Rebellion War Room

    I like your idea but PHF has already done like twenty of those, they used to have a link on the front page and do a radio show every week. i think if we wanna do that we have to make it more interesting somehow. Maybe we can have some game on the radio show or something? Idk
  14. Mona Lisa

    PHF Apprentice: Teenage Rebellion War Room

    Unprofessional tbh :morning: Lets brainstorm ideas and see who comes up with the best one
  15. Mona Lisa

    Introducing PHF Apprentice!

    This is like legit Apprentice, Im excited!

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