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  1. Finally a bit of happiness for Britney. I truest believe Sam only has the best intentions for her. I wish them all the best.
  2. @Heartbreak Anthem you an take over this thread if you want I’m on my iPhone and tweets wont embed like you do etc unless you can only do it on a computer.
  3. Day 5 for the first time ever One For Sorrow from Tears on the dancefloor tour is on YouTube. https://youtu.be/jPcbJCtLSmw
  4. Personally I wouldn’t but holograms are becoming seriously impressive. When I went to see Steps TODF tour watching the interludes between songs when they talked to the audience was lovely, thanking fans etc for support over the years, it made you feel part of the show but never say never everyone stans someone no matter what. I’m guilty of that 😂 I am very happy for ABBA fans imagine being an OG and waiting 40 years for new music. I saw people crying I felt there happiness so much.
  5. Day 4 win a video chat with Claire https://www.instagram.com/p/CTZjDA_KCv0/
  6. Day 3 announcement is the same as Day 2. They had the album covers and exclusive remixes leaked early.
  7. Day 2 continued, Album signing in store HMV for UK fans.
  8. Day 2 exclusive remixes on special editions of What The Future Holds Part 2. 5 different editions, 1 new remix on each edition. https://steps.tmstor.es/product/85690?fbclid=IwAR2CzhWvmIcPvnx4wJuIK_WERqC3nJVb_4unuJrBt0_K_NNgbSkLmXP_guY
  9. Steps (@OfficialSteps) Tweeted: The tour is nearly here!! https://t.co/8t3kWbYI9O And to celebrate the first day of #Steptember, we're giving 3 of our lucky fans 4 x tickets & meet-and-greets to the show of their choice! Just tag the 3 friends you'd take, and we'll pick 3 winners at random! 🎫 https://t.co/F4HDmERRPO Day 1 is a competition I can’t get the tweet to load properly unless you can on only do it in the beginning of a post?
  10. Happy Steptember 🥳 let’s see what day 1 brings.
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    Welcome I hope you find whatever your looking for on here.
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