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  1. Dude mind your own business, and who said anything about begging. I’m willing to pay big, don’t like my post? Keep scrolling, mind your own business and keep your motor mouth shut.
  2. I will pay some big for unreleased Steps song and instrumentals.
  3. Looking for anything Steps, demo, instrumentals or unreleased, willing to pay. Please PM me thank me guys.
  4. God love her fuck cancer (sorry for swearing) I don’t know what to say. I hope for a miracle for her
  5. Hi Zack, your stuff is very impressive
  6. Welcome RomanG are you a fan of steps also?
  7. @superglue tricked me into sending my steps what the future holds instrumentals to trade for his steps tears on the dance floor instrumentals and the minute I sent my link he went silent on me and for 24 hours I messaged him / her / them to ask for my link and him / her / they ignored me. 24 hours later I got a message to say I don’t trust you even thought I sent my music on him / her / then first! sadly after I sent I was warmed about him / her / them. I can be backed up @012001 also I made it clear I was uploading and he said ok and knew we were trading. h
  8. Could you link me to who these steps fan are. Please and thank you for the warm welcome everyone
  9. I’ve grown to like this place I’m hoping to find people on here that will trade steps stuff with me or sell to me and thank you, it’s nice to meet you also
  10. Hello everyone, I am a new member here, thanks for having me. I joined last year and always been a lurker but I am hoping to find steps fans like myself to chat, trade and many more.
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