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  1. I stored Dressed To Kill, Ferocious, Ressurection and Sleepwalker as an ‘EP’ a while ago. I know Sleepwalker is part of the Epic stuff but I just thought it would fit better amongst those ones. I don’t like Looking 4 Trouble so I’m not even gonna download it 🥴
  2. This. Does anyone know if a full studio demo by Bonnie of Teenage Dream ever existed? I’d love to know 🥲
  3. It sounds the same as the other version to me. I feel like someone is just messing with us 🤨
  4. I’ve always thought that the melody to the chorus of Outlaw sounds to me like a faster tempo chorus of ‘Womanizer’ by Britney, so yeah I get this completely.
  5. Lol I didn’t say that I’d actually be arranging one, just can mentally visualise it 😂
  6. Yeah I get what you mean, it’s just I don’t really want Always On My Mind, Wings and Hallelujah all together on an album ‘cos to me it just sounds a bit… downbeat? So I might just cheat a bit and mix the Epic one slightly, having it as mostly Epic stuff but with a few extras. It’s all Bonnie still so it's always gonna be a winner 😁 I just wanna have a big house party with all of Bonnie’s songs playing tbh! But my friends don’t know/care who she is 😭 guess I need new friends lol.
  7. Yeah… didn’t someone say in a previous post that I Can Totally Do This was originally intended for the Trolls movie soundtrack or something? That would explain the ‘childish’ vibe lol. I don’t know, I’m 34 but I kinda like it 😂
  8. I know. I was only gonna add Always On My Mind as a closing track. And I’ve actually started my tracklist with S.L.A.Y. followed by American Girl, but still titled it American Girl (I’m weird I know).😁
  9. Yeah I do too, but I also get Epic vibes from I Can (Totally) Do This. The ‘Epic’ album could end up epically lengthy if I add all these extra songs onto it though 🥴 but she has so many good songs, it’s so hard to split tracklists up into separate albums!
  10. Speaking of grammar, there* not ‘their’… oops 🤦🏻‍♀️
  11. Unlock Your Love. I’ve tried to listen to it more to see if it’ll grown on me but it hasn’t really. I’m not sure I’ll put Sleepwalker on their either. I’m tempted to put Catching Feelings and Always On My Mind on there, even though they’re not from Epic sessions… is that wrong? 🙈 Also I feel like it’s just me who loves Dressed To Kill (LVCRFT)? I think it’s so much better than Sleepwalker to be honest 🤷🏻‍♀️
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