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Kerli - Unreleased


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10 minutes ago, eyb0ss said:

The only ones we know for 100% are Angel, BTSU, and songs from the leaked Utopia. [Speed Limit, Kaleidoscope, etc] 

Bubblegum and Dollface and WYC are possible, but it wasn't confirmed for Utopia.

Blue Skies Ahead is AFSheens song, so it was going to be on her album.

Killerwave is old af. Just Like That/Now Or Never are from a writing camp. Running is what became Confetti by Hilary Duff. Sex Tape was just a song she demoed, same with Neon Hitch. Waking Up The Sun is Basto's song. Whispers was on Phuture's album/ep, but they cut it when it was released (I snagged it off of Soundcloud and posted it online). Insomnia is def LID era. Nature Boy was for a Smallville promo, still around the LID/2nd album transition. There was almost a full album or two between LID and Utopia we never got that included Red Flags, I'll Find You and etc. And she wrote a lot around that time too.

Yes I know that a lot of them were for other artists or collaborations, but I include them in the Utopia because of the sound and the date [I know, probably it's my frame of mind (is it right, in English?)] 

6 minutes ago, eyb0ss said:

And its 160, I never got the source of it sadly.

29 XO.mp3


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33 minutes ago, Capsule said:

i legitimately believe it's her best song ever, it's just so infectious

it was the first song she wrote for her second album too like queen got it spot on first try.

still mess at her changing "the radios not playing Kerli" to "the radios playing Kerli" when she hasn't had a hit :/ 


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