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  1. These last weeks have been really fucked up 2 me, and music always have been my Peace, soI decited to put my peace out, I hope u guys like it, Tell me what i can get better
  2. Yesterday 2 upcoming tracks just got leaked on their demo versions https://soundcloud.com/popbrazil/anitta-get-to-know-me-demo Onda Diferente was leaked 5 months ago but no one noticed it
  3. All-American Rejects: 2012: Original concept of Kids In The Street 2015: Indie/Folk Album 2016: Pop Album Don't forget the 2015 Album of Britney Spears, Pretty World Noah Cyrus debut album, NC-17
  4. Miley Cyrus: 2006: No Stopping Me 2009: Album (Just released some tracks on a EP) 2011: Album on Hollywood Records 2012: Female Rebel 2014: Bangerz Reloaded 2015: R&B/Pop Album 2016: Pop Album Poppy: 2012 EP 2016 Album under Island Records 2016 EP (Adored, Everything I Know Is Wrong) 2018 Album (Recorded b4 Am I A Girl) Mars Argo: 2012: Album schedule to be released on 22/11/2012 2013 Album 2014 Album 2015: Guppy
  5. But Mars Argo released an album and an ep, the only scrapped project was the second album
  6. http://www.tmz.com/2018/04/17/youtube-legal-feud-titanic-sinclair-mars-argo-thatpoppy/ You guys should read everything!!!!!!!!!! I don't support Poppy anymore!
  7. Smilers are not helping lol they just want things without hard work
  8. 2006 the debut year of one of the best disney's works, Hannah Montana, btw it's the debut year of the new Princess of Pop, in 2006 was made her first album but disney wanted to not release the material bc was too mature for the young Miley, one years later the original project was re-worked and came her first album called Meet Miley Cyrus. But in 2006 miley posted in her website 2 previews of her first songs, then both songs never make the cut in any Miley's album, originally Miley recorded more than 30 songs for the project, songs like: • No Stopping Me • See You Again • I Owe it All
  9. Originally For Molly, recorded by Ida Maria when Miley scrapped the song
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