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  1. http://www.tmz.com/2018/04/17/youtube-legal-feud-titanic-sinclair-mars-argo-thatpoppy/ You guys should read everything!!!!!!!!!! I don't support Poppy anymore!
  2. Real AARmy


    Smilers are not helping lol they just want things without hard work
  3. Real AARmy


    2006 the debut year of one of the best disney's works, Hannah Montana, btw it's the debut year of the new Princess of Pop, in 2006 was made her first album but disney wanted to not release the material bc was too mature for the young Miley, one years later the original project was re-worked and came her first album called Meet Miley Cyrus. But in 2006 miley posted in her website 2 previews of her first songs, then both songs never make the cut in any Miley's album, originally Miley recorded more than 30 songs for the project, songs like: • No Stopping Me • See You Again • I Owe it All To You • Good Friend Or Girlfriend • Let's Dance • He Needs Me • Always • Right Here • Gotta Let You Know • Off Your Mind • Good And Broken • Love Comes First • See You (Another Life) • Broken Glass • I Miss You • Dream Ft. Brandi Cyrus • I Can't Breathe • I Learned From You • Spotlight On You • Southener Girl • Stand • SuperStar • Unfinished Song • Not This Girl • Goodbye Most songs never surface on the web ULTIL NOW, maybe we can change it. HOW???? With a little search we got facebooks, websites, twitters, instagram of some professionals who has worked with Miley on her first album! What about ask them to drop/release the songs? CAUTION: Please be polite with no jokes with em, say that y'all loved they work with Miley, and the most important DON'T ASK THEM TO LEAK THE SONGS ASK TO RELEASE OR DROP Wendi Foy Green (SHE WROTE NO STOPPING ME AND NOT THIS GIRL): www.facebook.com/wendifoygreen Brian Lane Green (HE WROTE NO STOPPING ME): www.facebook.com/brian.l.green.10 Matthew Wilder: www.matthewwildermusic.com/contact Shelly Peiken: twitter.com/Shelly_Peiken www.instagram.com/shellypeiken/ www.facebook.com/shelly.peiken Adam Watts: twitter.com/adamwattsmusic Wayne Tester: www.facebook.com/wayneandesther.tester Anne Preven: twitter.com/annepreven Devin Karaoglu: twitter.com/dkevrim LET'S GO TO THE FIGHT GUYSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Ps.: Don't say that you won't make the difference cause you will make it, if you think this way, lots os ppl can think like this and nothing will happen! EVERYTHING MAKE DIFFERENCE!!!!!
  4. Real AARmy

    Miley Cyrus - Karma Is A Bitch

    Originally For Molly, recorded by Ida Maria when Miley scrapped the song
  5. Real AARmy

    LEAK: Miley Cyrus - Doctor (FULL UNRELEASED TRACK)

    I don't have it
  6. Real AARmy

    Hey Ma - Britney Spears, J. Balvin & Camila Cabello

    this one is fanmade
  7. Real AARmy


    queen of the covers
  8. Real AARmy


  9. Real AARmy

    MileyCyrus - Like Madonna (Demo)

    It is lol
  10. Real AARmy

    MileyCyrus - Like Madonna (Demo)

    Cause this was recorded in 2014 Rebel Heart Unreleased
  11. Real AARmy

    MileyCyrus - Like Madonna (Demo)

    Ester Dean lol

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