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  1. naecos

    Kerli - Unreleased

    I use a Chrome extension but often it doesn't work (probably because the VK staff change the code). Anyway, I have uploaded the folder with also Stardust. Thanks!
  2. naecos

    Kerli - Unreleased

    Hey! Unfortunately, I'm not really active on this site anymore, but I still receive e-mail updates so here I am. I found the song on VK, like most of the unreleased material I have. This link should work (it's titled as Stardust (Demo)), but you'll probably need to sign up (it's free) . I will try to stay more active here and also upload the Dropbox folder
  3. naecos

    Kerli - Unreleased

    I added it yesterday because I found it on her BMI page (here). There are no credits for writers or publishing companies
  4. naecos

    Tomb Raider Appreciation

    WHATTTTTTTT?!?!?!?!?!??! I totally didn't expect a movie poster to drop! Thank you! Why didn't they use the original logo? This one is HORRIBLE! But Alicia looks STUNNING and I really hope they didn't mess up with the storyline and kept it similar to the original 2013 one. Found this:

    1. Skinny Legend

      Skinny Legend

      You're a day too late, peasant! :hottie:

      Just kidding, thanks so much for the birthday wishes booboo! <3 Love you!

  6. naecos


    Yes I do! I use A LOT r/SongStems/ and sometimes r/megalinks/ , and, if you take a look at the right side of these two sub-reddits, there are a lot of links to other ones
  7. naecos

    Help Choose PHF Banners

    Or also this:
  8. naecos

    Help Choose PHF Banners

    At first I thought about a collage, and I had an idea of something like this (it's just a demo): But than I realized that there were too many stars to include, so I started to think of something more general and simple but, at the same time, meaningful, so this is the result. The quote is amazing and I think that I'll need to change the font (I think it's for personal use only) (no blur) (blur)
  9. naecos

    PHF Song of the Week: P!nk - What About Us

    I actually didn't know anything about Charlottesville too, (I knew that something was going on with the Nazi but it was too chaotic) and, shit, really had no idea that there are victims. This is so unfair. And P!nk's song it's amazing in it's simplicity. The music video it's not exactly what I expected but the message it's the same, so, good job P!nk and you, Tweener for this article!
  10. naecos

    Post Your Cover Art's!

    Thank you! Yeah it was kinda my obsession ahaha
  11. naecos

    Post Your Cover Art's!

    I don't know how many of you guys used to watch this cartoon but I found out that there are two soundtracks albums (the songs are the same, in one album they're in French and, in the other, in English). So I remade the two covers (also the logo), and, actually, I am pretty satisfied. The original ones: My remake:
  12. naecos

    What's Been Happening With Me Lately

    You know, you're a human too, so you have nothing to apologize. I'm really sorry for all the bad stuff in your life and I hope that everything will settle down. If you need help, the community of PHF is ready to help you. And, btw, #PHFisalreadygreat
  13. naecos

    Kerli - Utopia (naecos' booklet)

    Thank you so much!
  14. naecos

    Kerli - Utopia (naecos' booklet)

    Thank you Yeah it was kinda my goal, like white EVERYWHERE Thanks!
  15. I have just finished this, and I wanted to share the result with all the community of PHF. The album is Utopia (with also Army of Love) by Kerli, let me know what you think. DOWNLOAD: Digital Booklet.pdf

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