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Found 47 results

  1. Music XXclusives

    Jojo- Masterpost

    hello, guys, I'm gonna share with you my unreleased Jojo collection: Jojo- Jojo (2004 Unreleased) https://we.tl/t-anWcfwf9Hf Jojo- The High Road (Unreleased) http://picosong.com/w5RML/ All I Want Is Everything (2009) https://we.tl/t-qnBFowOnOZ Jojo- Jumping Trains (2011) https://we.tl/t-qK0LzsHRqF Jojo- Mad Love (Unreleased) https://we.tl/t-TAv2huOg5b
  2. Cher - The Greatest Thing (feat. Lady Gaga) [CD-Maxi] It includes: 01. The Greatest Thing (feat. Lady Gaga) 02. The Greatest Thing (Solo Version) 03. The Greatest Thing (Acoustic Version) 04. The Greatest Thing (TV Track 1) 05. The Greatest Thing (TV Track 2) 06. The Greatest Thing (Instrumental) DOWNLOAD If u have anther version or remix, share the link, thnx.
  3. DOWNLOAD (MEGA): https://mega.nz/#F!I25TmQja!BX3WsLFBBI6h64BNnTALUw Tracker in this collection isn't mine.
  4. Download So I basically became a huge fan of Lana Del Rey in like few days, and got impressed by how much music she has. Since I noticed there are no masterposts here for her, I decided to upload my bunch of songs for you to download them. I actually suggest you to support her by buying her released albums (with the unreleased albums there is no other way), but anyways I'll post them if you want to get them. For you to know, I don't include the juvenilia album Sirens, and I also kept from posting the previous-to-Born to Die EPs (Kill Kill, No Kung Fu and From the End) since I don't have them. The songs are all in iTunes M4A format. What you will find below is just a list of the folder divided by albums, with a small synopsis and the track listing. For all of the unreleased albums, the artworks were made by me. Party Girl (2010) Collection of early songs, from 2008 to 2011 or so. It contains a title track, "Resistance", "Television Heaven" and the first version of "Every Man Gets His Wish". Girl That Got Away Butterflies, Pt. 2 In the Sun Resistance Television Heaven Boarding School Is It Wrong Every Man Gets His Wish Jealous Girl Strange Love Hawaiian Tropic St. Tropez Come When You Call Me America Queen of the Night Summer of Sam Trash Magic Dangerous Girl Deluxe version bonus track Live Forever Deluxe version bonus track Come When You Call Me America (Demo) Deluxe version bonus track The Man I Love Deluxe version bonus track Dynamite Deluxe version bonus track Stoplight Delight Deluxe version bonus track Nevada (2010) [released as Lana Del Ray] Debut album by Lana Del Rey, released in some territories and only in digital pressings. "Kill Kill", "Queen of the Gas Station", "Pawn Shop Blues", and an earlier version of "Yayo" are included here. The fanmade bonus track version contains the second version of "Every Man Gets His Wish", "Butterflies" and "Children of the Bad Revolution". Kill Kill Queen of the Gas Station Oh Say You Can See Gramma (Blue Ribbon Sparkler Trailer Heaven) For K, Pt. 2 Jump Mermaid Motel Raise Me Up (Mississippi South) Pawn Shop Blues Brite Lites Put Me In a Movie Smarty Yayo Every Man Gets His Wish Bonus track version Butterflies Bonus track version Children of the Bad Revolution Bonus track version Eclipse (2011) Collection of pop-R&B-ish songs like an explicit edit of "Meet Me In the Pale Moonlight", but also "Backfire", an extended edit of "1949", and "Never Let Me Go". The recently leaked "Hey You" is also included here. Break My Fall Meet Me In the Pale Moonlight Afraid Push Me Down 1949 Caught You Boy Lift Your Eyes Backfire Never Let Me Go Motel 6 (Vicarage) Breaking My Heart Be My Daddy Hey You Behind Closed Doors Tired of Singing the Blues Back to the Basics (2011) The composition of these songs seems to oscillate between R&B and some hip-hop inspired vibes in songs such as "Back to the Basics" and "Beautiful Player", but also contains pop-inflicted pieces like "Fake Diamond" and "Making Out". Back to the Basics Fake Diamond BBM Baby Queen of Disaster Beautiful Player (feat. Starz) Hot Hot Hot Hit and Run Playground Making Out Other Woman Playing Dangerous You and Me My Best Days True Love on the Side Big Bad Wolf Deluxe version bonus track Gangsta Boy Deluxe version bonus track Are You Ready (Ooh Baby) Deluxe version bonus track Heavy Hitter Deluxe version bonus track Making Out (Demo) Deluxe version bonus track Born to Die (2012) The major label debut studio album. "Summertime Sadness", "National Anthem", "Blue Jeans", "Video Games" and "Born to Die" are included here. Born to Die Off to the Races Blue Jeans Video Games Diet Mountain Dew National Anthem Dark Paradise Radio Carmen Million Dollar Man Summertime Sadness This Is What Makes Us Girls Without You Deluxe version bonus track Lolita Deluxe version bonus track The Lucky Ones Deluxe version bonus track Video Games (Joy Orbinson Remix) Deluxe version bonus track Paradise (2012) It was released as a reissue to Del Rey's debut album Born to Die, but also as an EP alone. The iTunes version includes a bonus track, making it a 9-track EP. I added the six unreleased songs that were scrapped from this era, making it a full-length album. Ride American Cola Body Electric Blue Velvet Gods & Monsters Yayo Bel Air Burning Desire iTunes version bonus track I Don't Wanna Go Full-length version bonus track Hollywood Full-length version bonus track Because of You Full-length version bonus track Will You Still Love Me Full-length version bonus track JFK Full-length version bonus track Starry Eyed Full-length version bonus track Serial Killer (2012) An album I made including all the scrapped songs from the Born to Die sessions (looks like it was a very proliferous album tho). "Serial Killer", "Last Girl on Earth", "Live or Die" and "On Our Way" are included in this album. Personally, this is my favorite unreleased album by Del Rey. Serial Killer Paradise Damn You Live or Die Hollywood's Dead Velvet Crowbar Last Girl on Earth Marilyn Monroe TV In Black and White Kinda Out of Luck Dum Dum Prom Song (Gone Wrong) Hundred Dollar Bill You Can Be the Boss She's Not Me On Our Way Take Me to Paris Deluxe version bonus track Driving In Cars With Boys Deluxe version bonus track Us Against the World Deluxe version bonus track Roses (feat. Theophilus London)* Deluxe version bonus track Put the Radio On Deluxe version bonus track "Roses" features a yet-unknown rapper. However, Theophilus London was rumoured to be working with Del Rey around 2011, which suggested that it was "Roses" the song they were working on. It has not been confirmed. Ultraviolence (2014) Officially released album by Lana Del Rey in 2014. It includes the hits "West Coast", "Shades of Cool", "Ultraviolence", "Black Beauty" and "Pretty When You Cry". The sound includes more guitar, and sounds more raw than her previous material, and several ballads compose this album as well, like "Old Money" and "The Other Woman". Cruel World Ultraviolence Shades of Cool Brooklyn Baby West Coast Sad Girl Pretty When You Cry Money Power Glory Fucked My Way Up to the Top Old Money The Other Woman Black Beauty Deluxe version bonus track Guns and Roses Deluxe version bonus track Florida Kilos Deluxe version bonus track Is This Happiness Deluxe version bonus track Flipside Deluxe version bonus track Melancholia (2014) Fanmade album that includes the unreleased sessions from Ultraviolence, as well as soundtracks Lana Del Rey made from 2013 to 2015, and a drum rendition for the Japanese bonus track for Ultraviolence, "Flipside". Also, the "Beautiful People" demo and a fanmade final version for "Hangin' Around" are included here. Young & Beautiful Flipside (Drum Rendition) Fine China Angels Forever, Forever Angels Big Eyes Yes to Heaven Lost version Your Girl I Can Fly Hangin' Around Beautiful People Wait for Life Emile Haynie & Lana Del Rey West Coast (Radio Mix) Deluxe version bonus track Some Things Last a Long Time Deluxe version bonus track Once Upon a Dream Deluxe version bonus track Young & Beautiful (Orchestral Version) Deluxe version bonus track West Coast (Orchestral Version) Deluxe version bonus track Honeymoon (2015) Officially released (and the most underrated) studio album by Lana Del Rey. It contains "High By the Beach", "Art Deco", "Music to Watch Boys To", "Freak" and "Swan Song". Honeymoon Music to Watch Boys To Terrence Loves You God Knows I Tried High By the Beach Freak Art Deco Burnt Norton (Interlude) Religion Salvatore The Blackest Day 24 Swan Song Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood Lust for Life (2017) It includes the singles "Love", "Lust for Life", "13 Beaches", "Cherry", and "Summer Bummer". The album contains more influences of R&B and pop, and it includes several collaborations with other singers like A$AP Rocky, Sean Ono Lennon and Stevie Nicks. Love Lust for Life (feat. The Weeknd) 13 Beaches Cherry White Mustang Summer Bummer (feat. A$AP Rocky & Playboi Carti) Groupie Love (feat. A$AP Rocky) In My Feelings Coachella - Woodstock In My Mind God Bless America - And All the Beautiful Women In It When the World Was at War We Kept Dancing Beautiful People Beautiful Problems (feat. Stevie Nicks) Tomorrow Never Came (feat. Sean Ono Lennon) Heroin Change Get Free Architecture (2018) This is a 6-track EP that contains the only Lust for Life full leaked outtake so far, "Architecture", plus five demos from the album. Two are fanmade, the "Summer Bummer" solo version and the "Change" drums mix. If "Roses Bloom for You", "Yosemite", "Wild One", and "Something Real" ever leak, I'll modify this EP to put those songs here. Architecture Cherry (Demo) Summer Bummer Solo version edit + verse of the leaked demo Love (Demo) Change (Drums Mix) Tomorrow Never Came (feat. Sean Ono Lennon) [Demo] Norman Fucking Rockwell (2019) To be released This masterpost will be updated as more albums are released / leaked. Enjoy it!
  5. naecos

    Kerli - Unreleased

    I just wanted to link my collection of Kerli's unreleased/leaked songs. Please, note that none of these songs come from music trading, it's all stuff that I found online (mainly on this Tumblr blog, on this site and on this VK group). DOWNLOAD (DROPBOX) UPDATED: 11-08-2018
  6. One of the singers who have amazing unreleased gems definitely is Lady Gaga. I've found out there are a bunch of them (mostly from the The Fame sessions), so I decided to arrange them and upload them here for you, trying to collect the best qualities I could find for you all (or at least they are no YouTube rips). Additionally, there was no masterpost for her music (or at least I haven't found it, but I searched for long time), and I could also upload her released albums if you want me to do so. First, we have the The Fame sessions, which yielded to the creation of many files. I called this compilation Filthy Pop, and it contains songs like a title track, "Panty Party", "Glitter and Grease", "Retro Physical", and others. 14 in total. Here you can download it. Track listing: 01. Filthy Pop 02. Panty Party 03. Blueberry Kisses 04. Dirty Ice Cream 05. Oh Well 06. Glitter & Grease 07. Retrosexual 08. Ribbons 09. Fooled Me Again (Honest Eyes) 10. New York 11. Sexy Ugly 12. Retro Physical 13. Kandy Life 14. Again Again [it was released on some editions of The Fame, but most of them don't include it] ~ From The Fame, there were tons of sessions. A proof of this is the next compilation: Rockshow. It is based on the unofficial bootleg Disco Heaven: The Fame B=2.0, which was sold in few countries ahead the release of The Fame. I just removed songs that were included in deluxe editions of The Fame, like "Disco Heaven", "Paper Gangsta", "Big Girl Now" and the remixes for "Poker Face", "Eh, Eh" and "Just Dance". The rest are practically the same. Here you can download it. Track listing: 01. Intro 02. Fashion 03. No Floods 04. Vanity 05. Fancy Pants 06. Wonderful 07. Rockshow 08. Christmas Tree (feat. Space Cowboy) 09. Shake Ur Kitty 10. Fever 11. Let Love Down 12. Wish You Were Here 13. Words ~ Then, we move on to the sessions for The Fame Monster, and personally, the best of unreleased are here. I named this collection Second Time Around and includes the title track, "Reloaded", "Freakshow" (which was from The Fame sessions, but I think it fits more here), "Nothing On", "No Way", and an amazing remastered version of Gaga's only-live song "Future Love". 12 tracks are in here. The download link is over here. Track listing: 01. Reloaded (feat. Rodney Jerkins) 02. Superstar (feat. Rodney Jerkins) 03. No Way 04. Second Time Around 05. Out of Control 06. Nothing On (But the Radio) 07. Animal 08. Changing Skies 09. Freakshow 10. Future Love 11. Greatest 12. Earthquake ~ And the last one I made is the one of the ARTPOP sessions. It is important to note that I took into account songs like "Till It Happens to You" and "Do What U Want (feat. Christina Aguilera)", songs that actually were released, but are non-album tracks. The collection is called (like tons of fanmade collections) ARTPOP: Act II. Definitely, we needed the "Tea" final version leak to have a complete Act II, but it was not possible. Let's hope it someday comes out. I also included a remastered version for "Princess Die" (the one with the vocoder), and a demo for "Mary Jane Holland" (not the 3:10 long; though it says "Original Version", I think it's just a version that was about to be the final, not the earliest one). I excluded the "Ratchet" instrumental because of it; I personally prefer the vocal versions of the tracks, and "Ratchet" didn't receive a companion vocal track, so I kept from putting it in the album. Here is the download link. Track listing: 01. Brooklyn Nights 02. Partynauseous (Kendrick Lamar feat. Lady Gaga) 03. Till It Happens to You 04. Red Flame (feat. DISGASTING Banks) 05. High Princess / Stache (feat. Zedd) 06. Cake (feat. DJ White Shadow) 07. Do What U Want (feat. Christina Aguilera) 08. Mary Jane Holland (Original Version) 09. Princess Die 10. ARTPOP (Remodeled Version) [it actually is the JV Remix of the song. I simply fell in love with it, so I included an edit version of it] 11. Bitch Don't Kill My Vibe (Kendrick Lamar feat. Lady Gaga) 12. I Want Your Love ~ It turns out that I might be missing some files, like "Stuck on Fuckin' You" and other releases / leaks. Since I didn't find them before, I've decided to upload the eventually upcoming leaks as individual tracks below. And a demo collection is in its way! Coming soon. INDIVIDUAL TRACKS Lady Gaga - Stuck On Fuckin' You.mp3 (Born This Way outtake) Lady Gaga - We Are Plastic.mp3 (From the Team Love Child sessions, which are Pre-The Fame era) Enjoy these! And infinite thanks to all of you who helped me organizing this messy log. Note: Born This Way did not actually spawn many unreleased songs. I decided to put them in both Second Time Around and ARTPOP: Act II because they would not end up being a complete album by their own. Note2: I made the artworks for Filthy Pop and Second Time Around. Sorry for the qualities, I just made them for the tag editor, not to be printed. The ARTPOP: Act II was floating over there in the web, so I just took it.
  7. Moonchild

    Paloma Faith Masterpost

    So I found out we didn't have a masterpost for British singer Paloma Faith, and I decided to post my collection. DOWNLOAD The material I included in this masterpost is the following: Do You Want the Truth or Something Beautiful? (2009) Official cover: My cover: I have first her debut album, Do You Want the Truth or Something Beautiful?, released back in 2009. It is an R&B and pop oriented album, which contains the hits "Stone Cold Sober", "New York", and "Upside Down". The original version contains 10 tracks, but I added the unreleased songs that belonged to this project as well, like "Trampoline", "Whose Army" and "Snakes Eyes", and also the B-sides for her singles, including "I Just Wait", "Technicolour" and "Luv Ya". Track listing: Stone Cold Sober Smoke & Mirrors Broken Doll Do You Want the Truth or Something Beautiful? Upside Down Romance Is Dead New York Stargazer My Legs Are Weak Play On Press Lightly iTunes bonus track I Just Wait "Stone Cold Sober" single B-side Luv Ya "New York" single B-side Technicolour "Upside Down" single B-side Trampoline Unreleased bonus track Whose Army Unreleased bonus track Snakes Eyes Unreleased bonus track You Wish You Was a Girl Unreleased bonus track Stone Cold Sober (Live at the ICA) iTunes bonus track Fall to Grace (2012) Official cover: My cover: This album has a more melancholic lyrical content. It contains the hits "Picking Up the Pieces", "30 Minute Love Affair" and "Never Tear Us Apart". I also included three unreleased songs that were scrapped from Fall to Grace. Track listing: Picking Up the Pieces 30 Minute Love Affair Black & Blue Just Be Let Me Down Easy Blood, Sweat & Tears Beauty of the End When You're Gone Agony Let Your Love Walk In Freedom Streets of Glory Strange Creatures Unreleased bonus track Cellulite Unreleased bonus track Bluebirds Unreleased bonus track Never Tear Us Apart iTunes bonus track A Perfect Contradiction (2014) This album has a more upbeat sound, and it contains the hits "Can't Rely on You" and "Only Love Can Hurt Like This", the latter being penned solely by Diane Warren. This album also contains a rearranged version of previously released song "Changing", a duet with Sigma. There were four official versions of this album: the standard (11 tracks), a deluxe version including four songs that were live or stripped, the Outsiders' Edition (this one) and the Deluxe Outisders' Edition, that includes these 15 tracks plus a nine-track live EP with Paloma performing a number of A Perfect Contradiction's tracks. However, I didn't include these live tracks since I lost them. If I find them, I'll include them later. Track listing: Can't Rely on You Mouth to Mouth Take Me Only Love Can Hurt Like This Other Woman Taste My Own Tears Trouble With My Baby The Bigger You Love (The Harder You Fall) Impossible Heart Love Only Leaves You Lonely It's the Not Knowing Beauty Remains Outsiders' Edition bonus track Ready for the Good Life Outsiders' Edition bonus track Leave While I'm Not Looking Outsiders' Edition bonus track Changing Outsiders' Edition bonus track The Architect (2017 / 2018) Standard cover: Deluxe cover: The cover I am using (I didn't make this one): First Paloma album in four years. It saw two official releases, one with its deluxe version, and a re-release in April 2018, which included her newest single "Make Your Own Kind of Music". This album features the hits "Crybaby" and "Til' I'm Done", as well as the Sia-penned track, "Warrior". The composition for The Architect feature strong usage of orchestral arrangements. However, I scrapped the three interludes and the track "Power to the Peaceful", which is, for me, the weakest song in the album. I replaced it with the Sigala duet, "Lullaby", and added "Make Your Own Kind of Music" as well. The original deluxe version was lost in my files and I couldn't upload it. Track listings: Evolution (feat. Samuel L. Jackson) Interlude The Architect Guilty Crybaby I'll Be Gentle (feat. John Legend) Politics of Hope (feat. Owen Jones) Interlude Kings and Queens Surrender Warrior Til I'm Done Lost and Lonely Still Around Pawns (feat. Baby N'Sola, Janelle Martin & Naomi Miller) Interlude WW3 Love Me as I Am Power to the Peaceful Deluxe version bonus track Tonight's Not the Only Night Deluxe version bonus track My Body Deluxe version bonus track Price of Fame Deluxe version bonus track Make Your Own Kind of Music Re-released deluxe version bonus track My track listing: The Architect Guilty Crybaby I'll Be Gentle (feat. John Legend) Kings and Queens Surrender Warrior Til I'm Done Lost and Lonely Still Around WW3 Love Me as I Am Lullaby (with Sigala) Tonight's Not the Only Night My Body Price of Fame Make Your Own Kind of Music This masterpost will be updated as more albums be released. Enjoy it!
  8. Fetish

    Taylor Swift Unreleased

    I know that some of these tracks can actually be quite hard to find because they're often taken down from websites, so here is a collection of all the unreleased tracks I have from her. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/nkpk8k3e06w01h7/AAArYHBIFYHwEqOBEEvJlHASa?dl=0 Feel free to reply with links to ones you have so people can gather them all in this one topic.
  9. https://we.tl/fTxCp4oWsw here, you will unreleased snippets songs by bebe rexha, some songs have non-confirmed names, and if i'm missing anything, just DM me and if anyone has a full song off this list, also DM me
  10. Hey guys, I don't know if it is because it is currently 4:45am in the morning or what but I would like to create this topic in memory of all those scrapped albums that we will never officially get (at least). To begin with, I would like to give a tribute to 3 albums that were never released. Free to add yours at my list RIP VV Brown - Lollipops & Politics Taryn Manning - Freedom City Grimes - Untitled
  11. Music XXclusives

    Charli XCX unreleased

    hello, anyone has the full charli xcx leaks of unreleased if so put a link of the collection here. and guys anyone have the following track (attached ones) even in low quality, post em here or send me privately Charli XCX Un.docx
  12. So, here it is! I bring for you all to (safely) download the fanmade album "Weapons Of Mass Creation", by Kerli. That's how "Utopia" was about to be titled, but the name was scrapped and so. Here you have the download link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0BxM3a8TSVme9YndWTWFMQ1MzMTQ?usp=sharing Enjoy it! I'll post another album called "Beautiful Inside" soon. Track listing: 01. Blow The Speakers Up 02. Bullet* 03. Heart Line 04. Dirt In The Glitter 05. Music Is Dead* 06. Love Bomb* 07. Dollface* 08. Just Like That* 09. Blue Skies Ahead* 10. Worlds Apart 11. Angel* 12. Sex Tape (Push Rewind) 13. XO The ones with a mark (*) are the songs that I've known are outtakes from "Utopia", but I ain't really sure of the others. Anyways, enjoy it!
  13. A preview for a never released song from estonian singer Kerli is roundind the web, called 'Love Ain't Clean', fãs expect to be just another old unreleased song.
  14. Leaks, Demos, unreleased... of the queen Del Rey... or if you have of the others artist...
  15. Goddess

    Tove Lo - Masterpost

  16. Music XXclusives

    List of unleaked lady gaga songs

    List of unleaked lady gaga songs 1. Alone Now (2006-2007) 2. Cut The Cake (2006-2007) 3. Fabulesque (2006-2007) 4. Funky Beat (2006) 5. Musicland (2006) (snippets) (Full??) 6. Heiress (2007) 7. Royal Treatment (2008) 8. Miss It B4 You Kiss It (2008) (Snippets) (full??) 9. Quicksand (2008) (Solo) (Snippet) (full??) 10. Text You Pictures (2008) (Snippets) (full??) 11. Behind The Music (The Fame Outtake) (Rumor) 12. All I Need Is Oh (The Fame Outtake) (Rumor) 13. Everyone (The Fame Outtake) (Rumor) 14. I Miss You Babe (The Fame Outtake) (Rumor) 15. Me & You (Me & U) (The Fame Outtake) (Rumor) 16. Out of Control (2008) (Snippets) (Full ??) 17. Weatherboy (2008) 18. Fetish (2009) 19. Blush And Tiara (2008) 20. Weather Man (2008) 21. Charlotte Nights (2011) (Rumored) 22. Hooker On A Church Corner (Government Hooker Demo) (2011) 23. Far From Me (2011) (Rumored) 24. Gas Station Disco (2011) (Rumored) 25. Black Disco (2011) (Rumored) 26. Louder Than Bombs (2011) (Rumored) 27. Laughing Budda (2011) (Rumored) 28. Raining Dead Barbies (2011) (Rumored) 29. Gaze (Artpop) (2012-2013) 30. In Like With You (Artpop) (2012) 31. Maren (Artpop) (2012) 32. Ratchet (Artpop) (Instrumental) 33. Onion Girl (Artpop) (2012) 34. Sire (Artpop) (2012) (snippet) 35. The Stage (Artpop) 36. TEA (Artpop) (2012) (Intro) 37. Temple (Artpop) (2012) 38. Tinnitus (2012) (Artpop) (Instrumental) 39. Medusa (Artpop) 40. Private In Public (Artpop) 41. Princess Die (Artpop) (Live) 42. Never Again (Artpop) 43. Paradise (Cheek to Cheek) 44. Blood [Rumored] (LG5 Original Concept) 45. Funk The Punk [Rumored] (LG5 Original concept) 46. Vampire (A.K.A. Chaos Angel) [Rumored] (LG5 Original Concept) 47. Believe (Rumored) (LG5 Original Concept) 48. Frankensteined (LG5 Original Concept) 49. Deep Blue (Joanne) 50. Room In My Heart (Joanne) so up to 50 demos/unrelaseds needed to be leaked?? Does anybody (in this forum) has out of control, miss it b4 you kiss it, TEA, Text you pictures. Guys also can you confirm me if there are false tracks (Made- up titles) in this list And xoxoxoxo
  17. Hello Lovers! I have an exciting announcement to make . Today, we found 6 more unreleased songs by Sia & Larry Goldings. Larry was supposed to release a nursery rhymes album featuring Sia in 2010 / 2011. The album is probably recorded in ca 2004 - 2006. The album is called "Ice Cream". We don't know if there are more songs on the album, but we'll do our best to find more if possible! The songs on the album are: - I'm In Trouble - Riding On My Bike - Daisies - Ask My Mom - Tulip (From Sia's 2007 Xmas Video) - Rose Sia talked about the nursery rhymes album in an interview at SXSW 2008, alongside the other projects she was working on (H Crusader & Sister). She also mentioned the project in, for example, these worded interviews: - Gigwise.com - Newcity Music You can find this album here!
  18. I finally could get to collect a few Lykke Li songs that were unreleased, included in soundtracks, as a pre-order bonus track or something else. Let me introduce you to Burning Bridges, my own collection of Lykke Li's non-album songs. Enjoy it! I think her voice is amazing, and that "Felt the Bleed", "Burning Bridges" and "Heavenly Lies" deserved to be included in her last album I Never Learn. Download the collection here. Track listing: 01. End of the Night (Served Like a Girl soundtrack) 02. Felt the Bleed (I Never Learn outtake) 03. Paris Blue (B-Side to "Get Some" single) 04. Burning Bridges (I Never Learn outtake) 05. Possibility (The Twilight Saga: New Moon soundtrack) 06. No One Ever Loved (The Fault In Our Stars soundtrack) 07. Silver Springs (Fleetwood Mac cover) 08. Until We Bleed (Released in 2008 with Kleerup) 09. Come Near (Released in 2012 for a compilation album) 10. The Only (pre-order bonus track for Wounded Rhymes) 11. Velvet (The Big Pink cover) 12. Heavenly Lies (I Never Learn outtake)
  19. I got completely wicked by Amy Winehouse's music earlier past year, and when it happens to me with any singer / band, I decide to search for unreleased stuff. So I did it with Amy Winehouse, and I decided to compile her unreleased stuff I found into two different albums, one with unreleased songs and few b-sides from her debut album Frank, and a second one with mostly demos. Here you have the links, I hope you enjoy them! Amy's really worth it. Music industry would be a completely different thing if she was still alive. Procrastination: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1SOTrJU-rlNJL9BGplKESsTY4lwep1p-U?usp=sharing Close to the Front: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1aZc0bHJYdxQp8wW2377Ud6_w2QrrX7OQ?usp=sharing If you ask to me, I also can upload her two official albums, Frank and Back to Black. Just comment below! [But you better buy them, they totally worth it]
  20. Dasher

    Cassadee Pope Unreleased

    Looking for all these songs by Cassadee they're regiestered and recorded on her ASCAP so I am thinking some of them could be floating out there. Please PM me for my list. I have multiple artists. Updated 1/3/2018 18 forever As Hard As It Gets Ashes Best Part Of You Call Waiting California Dreamin' Counting On The Weather Damn Good Don't Ask Me Forever Beautiful Go To Girl Goodbye Song Guy I Knew Hoodie Huff and Puff I Ain’t That Girl I Can’t Look Away I'm Not You I'm Thinking No In Love With You King Laugh It Off Leftover Honey Leash Letting Go Is Hard Like There’s No Tomorrow Look Good On You Look the Part Make Me Better Make Up Me, Myself and Wine My Lips Are Sealed More Never Be Us Pin Drop Pretty Lies Remember Us This Way Ruins Shadow Something Beautiful Soon As We Break Up Standing Still Stupid Ten Cities Terminal That's Everyday With You Thinking Like A Man Time Want You to Want to War Paint Wash Away What A Girl Remembers What I Have What You See Where Are You Whiplash White You Out Who Are You Without A trace You Say That Now
  21. Beyoncé I Can't Take No More*** Slow Love I'm Alone Now Roc Mueve el Cuerpo (Get Me Bodied Spanish) / Move Your Body Babe, You're The Only Man Beat My Drum Black Culture Blind Trust Cherry Control Donk Erotic Heartbeat In this World I'm Glad There's You Ice Cream Track Forever to Bleed Kick Him Out My Body New Shoes Owls Go Runaway Scent of You Settle for you (Settle 4 U) Slow Love Stop Sign Waiting What's Good With You What Kind of World Wrapped around me Vunerable He's My Man Standing In the Sun Sexuality RED are leaked tracks EDIT: ***This track was pre-order bonus track of Dangerously In Love from Sony Music Store. Was released in 2003...and it's on iTunes in 2017 Nov.
  22. Hello. Recently, I've been listening to Amy Winehouse's three official releases like many (several) times. I've got really interested in her unreleased music, but I wish to find HQ files (instead of YouTube rips), so does someone have a log of Amy's unreleased songs in HQ who can share it with me, please? I'd be very pleased on it. In addition, what do you think about Lioness? I like it, but I'd have preferred not to have the demos included in there, and maybe two of the unreleased tracks in there. And Back to Black is like the best thing I've ever heard before. I really wish she was alive.
  23. Kirbysponge1th

    Tinashe - Unreleased (Fan Made Album)

    https://mega.nz/#!qc0lRLTB!L8PdO6ov76s3yQMLMTzyzYMPHLHODg0WXeEhyh-ct3U I made this 'album' with unreleased songs and i thought 'why not share this with y'all'? This also includes 3 cover songs! Idk if there are a lot of Tinashe fans on this site but enjoy! Tracklist: 1. April Moon 2. Just a Taste 3. Not To Me 4. Pour Your Love On Me 5. Same Old Me 6. Secret 7. Little Things 8. Fuckin' Wit Me 9. Up We Go 10. 5 AM 11. Xylophone 12. City Of Angels 13. We Found Love (Rihanna Cover) 14. In The Meantime 15. I'm Coming 4 U 16. Days In The West (Drake Cover) 17. Sweet Satisfaction 18. Solo 19. Mine 20. One Step Over 21. Creation 22. How To Love (Lil Wayne Cover) (I'm not leaking anything here, all of this stuff is available online) I may update the tracklist sometimes!
  24. DL: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0BxM3a8TSVme9dC1TWlRFNENtXzQ?usp=sharing Okay, so I've been messing around with all the +100 unreleased songs by Kerli that have been leaked since years ago. I'm creating fanmade albums to join them together, and this is one of the albums I've created. It's titled "Army of Angels", and its sound resembles the one of "Love is Dead" with songs like "Army of Angels", "Red Flags", "Stranger", "Moonflower" and many others. It sums up 18 songs. And yes, I used the artwork of Kerli's self-titled EP because I thought it fitted with the title. So, there it is. Soon I'll upload the fanmade albums "Weapons of Mass Creation" (with Utopia outtakes: "Love Bomb", "Bullet", "Blue Skies Ahead", and more) and "Beautiful Inside" (similar to this one: "Beautiful Inside", "Black & Yellow", "Leave it to the Rain", "Mama You're a Liar", and others). Enjoy! NOTE: I'm NOT leaking new songs, I'm just rearranging the leaked ones in albums. And, I'm just using the songs that might have the quality of an album (not all of them, but many have good qualities); the others are being discarded, like "Pretty Red Apple" and "Bubblegum", both of which have a poor quality. Track list: 01. Army of Angels 02. To Love Means to Let Go 03. Nature Boy 04. Red Flags 05. Moonflower 06. Not a Barbie Doll 07. Stranger 08. Let Me Say I'm Sorry 09. Mission 10. Hopeless Dreamer 11. Let Me Stay 12. Now or Never 13. What You See Ain't What You Get 14. Miracle 15. I'm Alone (When You Are Here) 16. Mantra 17. Too Long 18. Maybe It's Me

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