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  1. Celebration09

    Music Trading Thread

    Looking for Eva Simons Make Love To The World Trading Aly and AJ
  2. Celebration09

    RQ Eurovision Album 2018 in I+

    Thank You
  3. Celebration09

    RQ Eurovision Album 2018 in I+

    That would be great yes please. Toy, Lie To Me, Dance You Off, Bones, Outlaw, We Got Love, Storms and Hvala Ne if you have them please.
  4. Celebration09

    RQ Eurovision Album 2018 in I+

    Please does anyone have it? I want particular songs but as usual you can only a couple and those ones aren't my favourites tbh.
  5. Celebration09

    Katy Squashes Beef With Taylor

    I hate the fact that people jumped ship over believing Katy was the wrong person in this fight. Im certain that was one of the reasons why Witness underperformed. Im not being funny but Taylor is hardly an angel tbh.
  6. If anyone knows any Eva collectors could they give me a shout I'll happily pay for the studio version of this.
  7. Celebration09

    Latest leaks

    There's Ke$ha's vocals in Till The World Ends on Britneys Femme Fatale album version one of the Ohh Ohh's is hers I think its the second one after the first. Speaking of Charli XCX her ohhh part is also present in Beg For It that isn't Mo's oh vocal.
  8. Celebration09

    Selena Gomez - Back To You

    I can’t believe Bad Liar and Fetish didnt take off. Those songs were geat she really imo brought her A game with those songs. Im praying she hasn’t let her creativity been tampered by the record label in the sake of chart positions.
  9. Celebration09

    Music Trading Thread

    Looking for Eva Simons Make Love To The World I don’t have anything to trade but will happily pay for it. 🤑
  10. Celebration09

    What Scrapped track Are You Still Dying To Hear?

    This will never leak but if anyone knows of someone who has the studio version. Please holler at them the song sounds incredible.
  11. Celebration09

    Shania Twain Is Cancelled

    I believe her tbh. Shania Twain has never in my knowledge been against groups and minoroties.
  12. Celebration09

    Spice Girls

    Favourite Spice Girl - Mel C / Geri Favourite Song - Say You’ll Be There B-Side I never paid attention to B-Sides only because I was hot on the singles I will have a listen tonight. Fingers crossed they are getting back together love to see them on tour.
  13. Celebration09

    Music Trading Thread

    As long as Music Mafia don't tag it then Im game.
  14. Celebration09

    Currently Listening To..

    Chills a beautiful song.
  15. Celebration09

    Music Trading Thread

    Im umming and arring about getting those tbh as with snippet leaks they usually see light of day tbh.

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