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  1. It's hard to believe, but as of September 30th this year living legend Britney Spears will have been driving us crazy, loving rock and roll and seeking Amy for exactly twenty years - and what a wild ride it's been. Apart from all the personal crises (think that Justin Timberlake break-up, the whole K-Fed saga and the infamous umbrella incident), Britney has also consistently wowed us with hit single after hit single, from 'Me Against the Music' to 'Make Me'. But amidst all the brilliant releases (Britney's last single 'Slumber Party' was her forty-first), there was a multitude of songs th
  2. Selena Gomez may be known best as a pop star, but recently she has opened up about her mental health, and what she does for self care. She revealed on Miley Cyrus' "Bright Minded" talk show that she struggles with mental health issues, also revealing she has gone into DBT therapy. DBT therapy is a form of treatment used by many and is extremely beneficial for people who have borderline personality disorder. In WSJ Magazine, she opened up about how many people needed "realism" to relate to as the times are. “I'm strong in a lot of ways, but I think I just have way too much of a
  3. Over the course of her sixteen year career, Rihanna certainly hasn't had any trouble making hits. Named by Spotify and Apple as the most streamed female artist of all time, Rih's also earned herself 31 top ten singles on the Billboard Hot 100. Furthermore, five of her songs - 'Umbrella', 'We Found Love', 'Stay', 'Work' and Eminem collaboration 'Love The Way You Lie' - rank among the world's best selling songs of all time. Her distinct vocals, trend-setting sounds and high-profile romances also make her a songwriter's dream, with many artists imagining her voice layered over the top of the
  4. Now that 2016 has finally arrived - and any hopes of a surprise release ala Beyoncé have been completely dashed - we thought it was the perfect time to look back at what made last year in music great. Although the bigger names in pop such as Gaga, RiRi and Katy all took unexpected hiatuses for the majority of 2015, these breaks only made room for newcomer artists and previously unpolished gems to dominate the charts. Read on below to find out how! In fifth place... In fourth place... In third place... In second place... And in first place... What do you
  5. Via: Billboard.com Like Lady Gaga and Katy Perry or Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera before them, Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato are two stars who have been compared to each other from day one. Their stars have risen simultaneously, with the two appearing in sister shows on the Disney Channel and starring together in the Disney Channel Original Movie Princess Protection Program; and their respective transitions from child star to mature artist have paralleled each other pretty neatly. And now, the two have another thing in common: their recent successful completion of rehab progra
  6. So, not sure how useful this will be to people but here are the instrumentals to each song off of "Revival" the first album Selena Gomez released under Interscope Records. These are the highest quality I could find, if you do find any higher quality ones, please post them in the replies. Note: I cannot guarantee all of these are official, and I assume most are fan-made, Sorry , but these should be useful nevertheless. Track 1 - Revival. With Vocals: x Without (Instrumentals): x Track 2 - Kill Em With Kindness. With Vocals: x Without (Instrumentals): x T
  7. Very recently Selena has come out with a brand new photoshoot for InStyle magazine, which she covers for the September 2017 Issue! She looks flawless! Take a look:
  8. 2017 has been a great year for pop music. With new releases from Miley Cyrus, Sia and Taylor Swift, and comebacks from the likes of Kelly Clarkson, Kesha and P!nk, there's been plenty of new and interesting music to keep us busy throughout the year, and plenty of new trends to keep the songs fresh. That said, it's human nature to always look for the next thing to get excited about, and the ever-changing world of pop music is absolutely no different. In a world in which new albums are teased on social media from their very inception and right up until their release date, there's little roo
  9. Like almost every aspect of popular culture, pop music is a subject ruled by dichotomies. There's a reason why Lady Gaga, the major proponent of sexual freedom, radicalist fashion and politically forward-thinking views, rose to fame in the same year as Taylor Swift, the chaste virgin queen who practiced all American values and permed hair. In recent years, this dichotomy found itself oppositioning the high-tempo, high-octane dance-pop of American artists like Gaga, Rihanna and Katy Perry with the slow crooning of English soul stars like Adele, Sam Smith and Ed Sheeran. But now, a middle g
  10. It's hard to believe it, but 2017 is already coming to an end - and what a year it's been. Between endless headlines of political incompetencies, tragic natural disasters and groundbreaking exposés of sexual abuse, one thing has, like always, remained our constant comfort and saviour - music. Pop in 2017 has been a pretty varied affair, although the running theme has been the odd fusion we predicted last year of country music, tropical beats and EDM drops. It's those undercurrents that birthed some of the most annoying, repetitious songs of the year - 'Despacito', 'Shape Of You' and 'Mea
  11. I'm pretty sure everyone knows by now that Jelena are back together by now so I'm not gonna give y'all a full on exposé, but what do y'all think about them getting back together? Honestly I hate Bieber and it makes me think less of Selena that she keeps going back to this childish douchebag... I also think it's weird timing so soon after her transplant, hopefully he's not taking advantage of her while she's vulnerable.
  12. So just yesterday, everyones favourite pop queen Selena Gomez was posting snapchats and Instagram stories of her in an unusual setting, getting her hair done and quite obviously filming something. The "something" quite obviously was indeed a music video, which was confirmed by students at the high school Selena was shooting at, who met her and said they heard some of the new song to come.
  13. Selena Gomez invites fans behind the scenes of the music video for her brand new single 'Fetish'! The song was released on July 13th, with the music video uploaded on July 26th. Sadly, Selena hasn't given the song too much promo causing it to flop on the charts. The single deserves much more in my personal opinion. The 24 year old starlet shared a behind the scenes video on her VEVO from the set of the 'Fetish' music video, giving us a look at how much of a blast she had while filming it. She is so cute and sweet! The song is the third single from Selena's highly anticipa
  14. You may think you know all about the scandalous and corrupt behind the scenes goings-on in Hollywood, but you'll be surprised that the public don't know the half of it. One of the oldest tricks in the books in Hollywood is the game of Public Relations (otherwise known as PR). Public Relations is a topic that is widely and vastly talked about amongst media outlets, Hollywood gossip websites and celebrity aficionados, but how much do we as the general public know or understand about what goes on in board room meetings? And just how is the topic kept so under wraps? (I am in no way an e
  15. So here it is!! my cover of 'Bad Liar' With every cover i try to make it my own, by changing some stuff, adding harmonies, adlibs, just adding my touch! So i hope you all love it! + A very special cover coming on Monday!
  16. Miss Selena Gomez is COMING for blood this era with her new single Bad Liar. Bad Liar (According to SelenaHQ it is written by herself, Julia Michaels, Ian Kirkpatrick and Justin Tranter) Along with this, a countdown appeared on her website not long ago Save your coins
  17. So im not sure if anyone cares but, for a while now theres been an explicit version of Selena's "Good For You" circulating (not sure who has it, but i know people do). The full version hasn't actually leaked but someone with a lot of information about Selena on Twitter called "The Story Rares" leaked this snippet: x And then yesterday I found this: Good For You which are the original and explicit lyrics from the scrapped version, on her website? Idk, thought this was interesting and also puts my mind to rest as I kept wondering what else was different about this version compared to
  18. So according to the sun, Charli XCX & Selena Gomez have gotten together and written a new song called "Bad Girlfriend" which supposedly talks about Justin Bieber! The Sun Article Are you excited? i'm ready for a Same Old Love Part 2
  19. I'm not a Weeknd stan but they seem to have the kinds of personalities that would mesh really well together tbh, and if nothing else I think we should be getting a sexy R&B slow jam out of this! Plus, anything is a step up from Bieber.
  20. Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez may not have dated for years, but that won't stop the two from getting into a jealous lover's tiff. Following major fan backlash against Justin's apparent confirmation that he was dating Sofia Richie - Nicole Richie's younger sister who also happens to be just seventeen years old - Bieber took to his Instagram page to defend his new beau's honour and to threaten to shut out the public from his account for good. Calling out the fans who were so "mean to the people that I like", Justin shared a snap of him and Sofia on their well-publicised holiday in Japan to
  21. I'm here for this. If Miley gets her 'SMS (#Bangerz) (Feat. Britney Spears)' then Selena should get her 'OMG (Oh My Godney) (Feat. Britney Spears)'. Ready for that Justin Tranter penned hit!
  22. Selena Gomez’s new single ‘Same Old Love’ has premiered online - and it may not be what you’d expect from the 23 year old ex-Disney starlet. Taking another high-heeled step away from her Wizards of Waverley Place past with the sultry, steamy ‘Good For You’, Selena initially primed us for a minimalist, down-tempo record full of R&B jams - a far cry from what we’re hearing with sophomore single ‘Same Old Love’. Backed by a total bop of a piano riff and some jazzy finger snapping, Selena chants an anthemic chorus of, “I’m so sick of that same old love/My body’s had enough/Oooh/That
  23. We're dangerously close to the end of the year, and as most normal people start to consider Christmas presents and family vacations, pop music lovers are getting ready for another big event in their calendars: mash-up season. First triggered by DJ Earworm way back in 2009 with his hit-filled track 'United States of Pop', epic end of year mash-ups have basically become a tradition in the pop world and are now something fans can look forward to every year, with the biggest recieving millions of views and extensive radio play. First started in 2010 by Daniel Kim, 'Pop Danthology' is one
  24. In anticipation of his upcoming release for new album Purpose in just three days, Justin Bieber appeared on Ellen today - and dropped a few bombshells regarding the inspiration behind his new album: Selena Gomez! Admitting that he isn't entirely over the popstar, Bieber admitted that he was open to reuniting with Selena, saying that they could "possibly" get back together in the future to be the "awesome duo" they used to be. “I think we are both on our own journeys of figuring ourselves out,” Justin said. “I think maybe once we figure ourselves out we can come together and m
  25. Just days ahead of the release of her new album Revival, Selena Gomez has revealed that she underwent chemotherapy for lupus. Speaking to Billboard for her upcoming cover story, Selena confirmed her illness for the first time after years of speculation from fans, discussing how the disease temporarily forced her to put her career on hold. “I was diagnosed with lupus, and I’ve been through chemotherapy. That’s what my break was really about,” she told the magazine, confessing “I could’ve had a stroke.” Discussing rumours of depression after her breakup with Justin Bieber that spread during her
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