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  1. Thanks for the info! This makes sense, also I thought Pharrell produced the one on sparks fly? I'm really interested in hearing Disgusting considering it had two (if i read this correctly) different producers. It's also weird they left his signature on the final version even though he's not a credited producer
  2. I love writing! How can you apply? Is it still open?
  3. Considering its from the same website, I wouldn't call it 'tradeworthy'. It sounds like her voice, but I also thought some of the OG VOTD songs did but everyone else says it sounds nothing like her. Once I'm off work ill post a wi.to & let everyone else judge 😄
  4. I have Kiss The Night Goodbye There’s another version of it on dbree already that leaked some time ago but this version sounds different
  5. I figured that song was a joke lol. It probably is, but they do sound different
  6. Knowing what I know about hollywood, she probably had a good cover up (considering the whole "is it fake?" "did she steal someones songs?") But I dont have a screenshot. There's one floating around somewhere along with I think a screen recording. I think the songs leaked, too.
  7. Someone on the discord DMed her on instagram and she responded claiming the vocals are her with "friends" and various special effects. Excluding the obvious ones.
  8. Update: Many fans who heard the original tracks are claiming the vocals are not Miranda, and do not sound similar. Miranda claims via messages to a fan that this is due to “special effects” and having multiple background singers. Her ReverbNation profile & the original post are still archived. Miranda Cosgrove, who is widely known for her appearance on iCarly and Drake & Josh posted and deleted a link to her ReverbNation profile on Sunday. Despite the original instagram post being deleted and seen by few fanpages on Instagram, the profile is still up, featuring "Valley
  9. Cossip


    Im Cossip. I write stuff. I like to write about things.
  10. On 8/23, two days before the anniversary of Aaliyah's tragic passing, it was revealed on the official twitter page of her Estate that the status of her music catalogue. Fans were exited and relieved as this means her most famous tracks will be available to stream & buy digitally. Many fans are also hoping this means a posthumous album or release. Very few of her tracks have leaked online.
  11. Selena Gomez may be known best as a pop star, but recently she has opened up about her mental health, and what she does for self care. She revealed on Miley Cyrus' "Bright Minded" talk show that she struggles with mental health issues, also revealing she has gone into DBT therapy. DBT therapy is a form of treatment used by many and is extremely beneficial for people who have borderline personality disorder. In WSJ Magazine, she opened up about how many people needed "realism" to relate to as the times are. “I'm strong in a lot of ways, but I think I just have way too much of a
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