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Found 23 results

  1. Hey guys! I decided to share with you some of my covers, and I hope you like them. I'll be posting them in here, and if you have a request, I may try my best to do something with the little I know. I hope you like my artworks! (I've shared some before in other threads, but I may place them here too!) The first I'm sharing with you is for the unreleased debut album by British singer Florrie, presumably entitled Trouble In the Making: I can give you a link for it in HQ, as the forum won't let me upload +1MB files for some reason. This is the version I use for the files tags,
  2. With more music at our fingertips than ever before, one of the biggest challenges an artist can have is to truly build intrigue around their new project. It's a challenge that's made even more difficult the longer this hype has to be sustained for - which, depending on record label scheming or personal dramas, can range anywhere from weeks to years. And the consequences that can occur for an album when that hype isn't sustained can be severe. Take Rita Ora's second album Phoenix, which landed at #2 on our Best Albums of 2018 list, but stalled at a measly #11 on the UK charts and only #79
  3. I've been working on this a little bit over the past few days and I wanted to see what you guys thought! It's a mashup of 'White Dress' and a song by S N U G called 'Blankets'. I've only got the first verse and chorus done for now but if you guys wanna hear more I'll get to work on it Lana Del Rey - White Dress (Lofi Remix)
  4. Lana has made quite the stir with her latest Instagram post! While the comments vary from supportive to upset, she has gained over a million new followers since making it which I guess means she's saying something right. In the post, Lana criticises the media for attacking her for "glorifying abusive relationships" while simultaneously upholding girls like Ariana, Beyoncé and Cardi for making songs about having sex and cheating. She also subtly dropped the news that her next album will be released on September 5th, and that she has two new poetry books on the way! While I fully
  5. The nominations for the 2020 GRAMMY Awards are out! As per usual, the GRAMMYs are so out of touch that they've voted for some super random people, and I can imagine them giving all the awards to Billie Eilish just so they can prove they're still young and hip. But I'm hoping Lana will pull through for Album of the Year! What do you guys think?
  6. We all know that Lana Del Rey's 'Brooklyn Baby' references Lou Reed, and more diehard fans will know that Reed was meant to feature on the song before his untimely death in 2014. But what fans have only realised four year after the song was released is that the song is actually a cover of 'The Queen of Brooklyn', a rare song recorded by Reed's band The Velvet Underground. Weirdly, no members of the band have writing credits on the song. Are you surprised to hear about the song being a cover? Or do you think the whole thing's a scam and Lana really did write the song hersel
  7. Wiz Khalifa has confirmed he's working on a song with Queen Lana Del Rey! Let's hope it's more 'Ridin' and less 'Summer Bummer'.
  8. Every year, PHF publishes it's annual list of the best albums of the year; and every year, it becomes a little harder to scrape together enough albums to fill out the list. Over the past decade, the music industry has undergone a period of intense change, thanks in large to the trend of illegal downloads blowing up more than anyone could ever have imagined. Thanks to illegal downloads, as well as streaming services like Spotify, music lovers can now pick and choose the songs they want to listen to without committing to a full album. And with an entire world of music at their fingertips that th
  9. It's hard to believe it, but 2017 is already coming to an end - and what a year it's been. Between endless headlines of political incompetencies, tragic natural disasters and groundbreaking exposés of sexual abuse, one thing has, like always, remained our constant comfort and saviour - music. Pop in 2017 has been a pretty varied affair, although the running theme has been the odd fusion we predicted last year of country music, tropical beats and EDM drops. It's those undercurrents that birthed some of the most annoying, repetitious songs of the year - 'Despacito', 'Shape Of You' and 'Mea
  10. A video of Lana del rey recording for her next album has been leaked! any guesses on what the song could be called?
  11. Singer Lana Del Rey has alluded to conducting a witchcraft practise on Twitter in an effort to "bind" US President Donald Trump. Fans noticed the Tweet as soon as it was posted, but many assumed that the dates included, which read "Feb 24, March 26, April 24, May 23" were in someway related to her album campaign and not the current state of world politics. However, after the day of the 24th came and went without any career announcement from Del Rey, people started searching for alternate explanations. It seems that the four dates she posted are in fact days of the waning crescent moo
  12. Just when I thought it was tragic how many songs Bebe Rexha has featuring G-Eazy, now Lana has one-upped her and decided to date this hot mess. I knew she had bad taste in men but I never knew that she liked them untalented as well. #LeaveHerAloneG #BringBackK
  13. Children Of The Bad Revolution (Demo). Posting it because it got around to that glam.delrey account and they posted a snippet. This is the full thing. Enjoy. Download: http://picosong.com/B4dj/ Lyrics:
  14. For some reason it's still really hard to find covers for the Lizzy Grant era, so I decided to whip this together earlier today! It's nothing special but I think it fits the sound of the album okay. Let me know what you guys think and if there's any improvements you'd make!
  15. I love that she seems to be so happy and has so many friends lately! This guest list is flawless tbh, imagine having a conversation with Lisa, Kylie and Kathy. And slay at her and Lana ovcercoming their stupid beef! I'm sad my invitation got lost in the mail.
  16. Here's my fan made video for "Art Deco", i thought the boring music-less footage from the freak video would fit for art deco, i'm very happy with it, hope you like it too + this is the only place you can watch this! (Turn up to 1080p!)
  17. So here's a cover that I made last night for May Jailer's Young Like Me EP! I noticed there weren't any good covers of this flying around online, and with good reason - finding photos of Lana around that time is kinda hard and even now I'm pretty sure I've actually chosen a Lizzy Grant photo rather than a May Jailer one. I wanted to go with a kind of Lolita-esque vibe, so I added the lollipop to her hand and adjusted her facial expression and makeup a little bit to fit. I also had to reconstruct her right arm which was cut off in the photo I was using. Tell me what you guys think!
  18. What kind of mess is this? :stretcher: A part of me wants to buy this just for Lana, but no part of me wants to support this pretentious hipster James Franco. One of y'all bitches better upload this online for me.
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