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Found 10 results

  1. For most people - especially including fans of the late Selena and Hispanic people looking for representation - Jennifer Lopez is seen as some kind of ethereal goddess: a jack of all trades who bounces from dancing to acting to singing as successfully as she bounces up off the floor during an accidental fall in her choreography. But for others - particularly fans of J. Lo's rival Mariah Carey, who's been outspoken in her shade of the Latina diva - Jenny is a fraud who's entire success has come from ripping off other artists and dirty business tactics. Of course, neither of these sides are
  2. It's hard to believe, but as of September 30th this year living legend Britney Spears will have been driving us crazy, loving rock and roll and seeking Amy for exactly twenty years - and what a wild ride it's been. Apart from all the personal crises (think that Justin Timberlake break-up, the whole K-Fed saga and the infamous umbrella incident), Britney has also consistently wowed us with hit single after hit single, from 'Me Against the Music' to 'Make Me'. But amidst all the brilliant releases (Britney's last single 'Slumber Party' was her forty-first), there was a multitude of songs th
  3. Honestly, J. Lo could have pulled this off as a solo act (and Shakira probably could have done the same if she were to release a new hit single before the Superbowl). It's kind of weird they're doing it as a double act but hopefully they'll both get time to shine and it will make the show even better!
  4. Watch the video version of this article here! In theory, Nicole Scherzinger has everything it takes to be the world's biggest popstar. She's undeniably stunning, has a versatile voice that can belt out Whitney just as well as it can lilt over opera or spit out raps, is well known for her provocative dance skills and judging by the sheer volume of reality shows she appears on seems to have a strong work ethic. And yet since her start in the entertainment industry back in 1999, it seems as though Nicole has suffered through setback after setback. From the short-lived girl groups Eden'
  5. “I don’t know her.” It was the throwaway sentence - delivered with seeming sincerity, a simpering smile and an innocent nod of the head that was either sarcastic or supportive depending on interpretation - that went on to become one of the Internet’s first real memes. Mariah Carey’s simple proclamation, in response to an interviewer's question about Jennifer Lopez, is one of the finest textbook definitions of shade that anyone could ever ask for. And yet, behind those four words is a world of pain, heartbreak and jealousy that most people know nothing about. It’s a world that reads l
  6. https://www.sendspace.com/file/xg84qt Okay, this song is classic J-Lo, but with a modern twist. I low-key love the experimentation on this song and it's romantic and sexy. Music Mafia uploaded it earlier and so far, I'd consider it as a grower.
  7. The legendary Mariah Carey and Jennifer Lopez cover Paper Magazine's Special Las Vegas Edition this month. Las Vegas is known for hiring A-list artists to do residencies in particular hotels. If one decides to go to Las Vegas, they can pick from such artists as Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears, Celine Dion and more. Except for Mariah and JLo, there are also covers with Ricky Martin and Backstreet Boys (but who really cares about them ). Read Mariah's article below: And here's J. Lo's article: Check out these amazing photoshoots the divas did f
  8. Did Meghan trick JLo? Meghan went on to say: "But I felt terrible when Jennifer got all the hate for [Ain't Your Mama], and it’s just all ridiculous. It’s such a big song for her." And she didn't miss a chance to shade JLo's last album A.K.A.: I hate to say I called this, but... Not sure how I feel about this honestly. Given the case was dropped a part of me feels he should be able to work with whoever wants him as a producer, but at the same time, even putting the rape aside, he still seems like an asshole so I don't know why anyone would wanna work with hi
  9. International pop star, rom-com queen and now television's it girl: Jennifer Lopez seems to be capable of anything she puts her mind to! Following what will undoubtedly be a successful turn on the hyped-up last ever season of American Idol, and the debut of Shades of Blue, a cop drama in which she stars and executive produces, the 'Jenny From The Block' star is now rumoured to perform at next year's Super Bowl Halftime Show. Jenny's involvement in the show was teased earlier today, when an anonymous Soundcloud account leaked this picture of her in an advertisement for the pro
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