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Found 4 results

  1. Selena Gomez Masterpost. Please add anything that isn't here. Kiss & Tell: DL AYWR: DL WOTN: DL Stars Dance: DL Revival: DL
  2. So, not sure how useful this will be to people but here are the instrumentals to each song off of "Revival" the first album Selena Gomez released under Interscope Records. These are the highest quality I could find, if you do find any higher quality ones, please post them in the replies. Note: I cannot guarantee all of these are official, and I assume most are fan-made, Sorry , but these should be useful nevertheless. Track 1 - Revival. With Vocals: x Without (Instrumentals): x Track 2 - Kill Em With Kindness. With Vocals: x Without (Instrumentals): x Track 3 - Hands To Myself. With Vocals: x Without (Instrumentals): x Track 4 - Same Old Love. With Vocals: x Without (Instrumentals): x Track 5 - Sober. With Vocals: x Without (Instrumentals): x Track 6 - Good For You. With Vocals (Solo): x With Vocals (Ft ASAP Rocky): x With Vocals (Fanmade Explicit Version): x Without (Instrumentals): x Track 7 - Camouflage. With Vocals: x Without (Instrumentals): x Track 8 - Me & The Rhythm. With Vocals: x Without (Instrumentals): x Track 9 - Survivors. With Vocals: x Without (Instrumentals): x Track 10 - Body Heat. With Vocals: x Without (Instrumentals): x Track 11 - Rise. With Vocals: x Without (Instrumentals): x Track 12 - Me & My Girls. With Vocals: x Without (Instrumentals): x Track 13 - Nobody With Vocals: x Without (Instrumentals): x Track 14 - Perfect With Vocals: x Without (Instrumentals): Couldn't find a decent one, please reply with one Track 15 - Outta My Hands (Loco) With Vocals: x Without (Instrumentals): Track 15 - Cologne. With Vocals: x Without (Instrumentals): x
  3. So here it is!! my cover of 'Bad Liar' With every cover i try to make it my own, by changing some stuff, adding harmonies, adlibs, just adding my touch! So i hope you all love it! + A very special cover coming on Monday!
  4. Selena Gomez's Revival Tour has officially been cancelled due to her daily struggle with Lupus. Selena was supposed to tour in 7 more places such as Germany, UK, Norway, Denmark and France. That would be it when it comes to her revival. Now we need to wait for her new single and album coming SOON

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