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  1. "Joanne (Where Do You Think You're Goin'?)" – Lady Gaga is this for real?
  2. Happy birthday bitch! @Tweener
  3. I have a feeling Lana's album will be so bad. I just know it.
  4. Cannot wait for all of these releases, so excited to see Gaga come back. I'm going to really really appreciate what she has to say about these last few years of her life, it feels like she has a lot going on all the time. I would love to hear some more ballads from her, not even ballads but just...sad songs. Brown Eyes is one of my favorite songs by her ever and made me stan in the last few months of 2018. Also super excited for Miley and Selena!
  5. People should be ashamed of themselves that they've turned this whole thing into a stan war about who has worked with who etc etc. About everybody in the damn industry has worked with him, ridiculous to try and pinpoint different artists and blame them for X&Y. So so pathetic.
  6. Welcome! I also love Mariah and Celine.
  7. That was....a choice. To say the least.
  8. I like how maturely both the girls handled this, nothing but a plain and simple declaration of the both of them not giving a single fuck about the drama people wanted to create.
  9. The start of the song gives me Blackpink vibes.
  10. Omg okay I don't think I've ever seen this thread but this is a sweet idea. @Skinny Legend - is such a welcoming and kind individual and when I first joined this forum, I really found comfort in knowing that the admin was such a lighthearted and kind person, and I truly believe that he puts a lot of effort and work into making this forum a great place for entertainment and gossip. Thank you for being such a lovely person and for letting me write for the site . @Whoknowsmehere - is an amazing person, super intelligent and really knows their way around the internet, i'd say haha. He always goes out of his way for other people and should 100% be more appreciated as he's always fulfilling y'alls requests & giving you extra content from your faves without even being asked. A star user. @liberation - We haven't talked in so long but I remember during the first few months of me joining the site, you trusted me and gave me my start in music trading and that meant so much to me. You're truly kind and I wish you all the best, I hope Christina serves you all the looks, music and performances you could ever wish for. @Tweener - I've always thought that you had a really great sense of humour throughout my time seeing you within posts around here, and I always see you telling things bluntly and how things really are, which is a great attribute to have. Again, another really welcoming member of the site that I was glad to find when first joining, I hope Miley gives you EVERYTHING you want and more! @kallumlavigne - I remember once again during my first few months of joining the site, I was so intrigued about your Camila photos and you entrusted me with those, your talent within graphic design is INSANE and I love all your covers & work. You probably don't even remember this but it really meant a lot and stuck with me. Sorry if I missed anyone who I've talked to before or anything, these are just people who stood out in my brain when thinking haha. No shade intended, and if anyone else wants to talk or become close feel free to message me. I need to get a Twitter or some other form of contact like discord, but I'm not really sure where to begin with websites like discord because it's kinda cliquey
  11. Fetish

    Rating Game

    Sweetener Best song: Get Well Soon Worst Song: Borderline. Overall: 7/10. For the next person: Revival by Selena Gomez.
  12. Could we please do something about the annoying influx of spam accounts who come here only to post in the trading thread / leaks thread? I know there's a 100 post limit thing but it doesn't necessarily restrict anything and just causes people to spam every part of the forum. I also know sometimes it can be fun to watch & entertaining but not on a daily basis
  13. Thanks for these, do we have any others since this was posted?
  14. Mariah honey....say goodbye to your annual number 1 and make way for this!
  15. hope you're doing all right! have fun in Japan boo! 

    1. Skinny Legend

      Skinny Legend

      Thank you so much boo! :fishie: I miss chatting to all you guys as much as I normally do but I am having fun here, there’s so much to see!

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