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  1. A lot of x-factor stars die out no matter how many certifications their song gets. They do not have sustainability in the slightest and over time it gets hard for them to find producers/writers etc who are interested in working with them, because they wont get anything out of it. They don't exactly have the money or funds to give to these people either.
  2. + False accusations can ruin peoples lives and careers
  3. The Contradictions of Sex Positivity

    This is an interesting point but I don't think these are mutually exclusive and I don't think they correlate either. Whether or not a body part is a sexual object/organ makes no difference to the fact that you shouldn't be touching people without consent, so whether it's an arm, foot or leg makes 0 difference. Touching someone without consent in itself is a breach of privacy regardless of where they touch you. (Ignoring accidents and simple acts such as tapping someones shoulder to get their attention or w/e) Another point to make is that although SOME women believe that breasts aren't sexual organs/objects, this doesn't mean that society as a whole hasn't attached a sexual stigma to breasts, which is still within and prominent within our culture. So although there is a rising amount of women saying that breasts aren't sexual objects...a lot (in my opinion, the majority) would say and believe that they are sexual. Touching them without consent would feel as much of a breach of privacy as someone touching their vagina.
  4. Anxiety

    Not sure if anyone has said this because I only read OP but, I went to an anxiety course during school time last year. It was a group session therapy thing and it really didn't help too much but one of the things they recommended was to drink lots of water when you have that feeling in your stomach when anxious? I don't know if you feel the same but when I get anxious or panic, I get a pit in my stomach that feels like a hunger kind of. If you get that, drink something. Also when you have anxiety its important to know the science behind it, because it can help. It's because of The Fight Or Flight Theory. I also read somewhere that, if you're having sudden anxiety when laying in bed, sitting down etc you should get up and maybe run around or something. Due to the same theory, your body will recognise you running/walking etc as you removing yourself from the threat.
  5. Hello

    welcome boo
  6. Thats true tbh, she does deserve credit for how much she changed up her thing from her mainstream debut up until the pinkprint. But it still goes tbh, she has nothing to fall back on like you said and the only thing keeping her somewhat relevant is her features on peoples songs, and silly rap beef
  7. Everything is the same with her, like...this is not shocking in the least. She's so mediocre it actually hurts sometimes like literally does she have any artistic direction or any change in her visions from 2012? She's gonna be in her 50's wearing some pink dominatrix-esque apparel
  8. LP - Lost On You

    I found her from Orange Is The New Black, Muddy Waters is very good although I haven't listened to anything else.
  9. Came out as gay to try and get support from the LGBT community to try and hide the fact that hes a gross pedophile. Disgusting.
  10. Ten Songs You Need On Your Halloween Playlist

    I forgot how good Bad Romance issss!!! Been loving Miss Gaga lately.
  11. Lauren Jargoogi Appreciation Thread

    Theres good reasoning for this thread having 0 posts
  12. Over the last month, Taylor Swift has sparked quite the controversy with the lead single,' Look What You Made Me Do', from her upcoming album Reputation. The young singer has debuted an entirely new sound, and the old Taylor is certainly not coming back. Why, you may ask? Well, as Taylor herself said, "because she's dead!". It goes without saying that Swift has received more than enough criticism and hate from around the globe, more recently being branded with the moniker of "snake" which was derived from the Kim Kardashian Twitter drama of 2016 surrounding lyrics from Kanye West's song, 'Famous'. Taylor had no problem reclaiming this name when she introduced her new era with three short videos of a snake slithering on Twitter and Instagram. Singer-songwriter Swift has a brand new "no fucks given attitude", firing multiple shots at numerous people she's allegedly had beef with in the lyrics of the song including Katy Perry, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. "The world moves on, another day another drama but not for me, all I think about is karma," she muses. The lyrics of the song are for sure a new direction for Taylor, and its accompanying music video leaves anyone who watches it in shock as she completely turns every hint of criticism on its head. One things for sure: whether or not you personally like Miss Swift, the styling in the vcideo is a genius move and definitely a money maker. It features many of her personas, aka the old versions of Taylor, including one Taylor from 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together', one from the 2009 VMAs and a lot of other iconic looks and identities she's had in the past. "I don't trust nobody, and nobody trusts me," she cooes. Then, just when we thought Taylor was done, she debuted another song from her album entitled '...Ready For It?' which once again features a new edgy, experimental and badass Taylor. "In the middle of the night in my dreams, you should see the things we do baby," she sings over a pulsing baseline. What is your take on Taylor 2.0? Is it all a facade, or is she finally showing her true colours? Let us know in the comments down below!
  13. How Im Feeling

    Thank you very much for this, love you lots and your presence on this forum is really refreshing. Such a nice person all around and so willing to help We do always get through the crap thankfully, something I need to remember more. Thank youuu ily lots. Im hoping so too! My friends are great and so helpful and can always cheer me up, youre right. Definitely looking forward to it more after that thought haha. Thank you for this lovely forum, so glad I found it.
  14. How Im Feeling

    So recently ive been kind of inactive on here and just online in general and its honestly because its not a priority for me anymore, and a lot of things that were a priority are no longer one. I feel as if I'm letting go of a lot of things in my life maybe for the better and maybe for the worse I'm not sure. Im currently in a state where I am not happy, or depressed and am just merely going day from day. Not feeling a lot of emotion and lacking a lot of feelings about certain things. Music is no longer super interesting to me, and even some of my absolute favourite artists are just 'meh' to me as of late. I have no real opinions or even enthusiasm about them releasing or doing whatever they do. I usually feel like this though, especially during the summer. I go back to school in 3 days and summer is always a huge fucking bummer for me because I have no desire or want to hang out with friends or do anything so I just waste away in my bedroom a lot of the time lol. My school life is so fucking up and down, depression kicks in super hard during school terms and I slack on school work a lot due to it. But yeah, thats how ive been feeling lately, not that anyone asked lmaoo. I may not be as active on here soon due to school and personal issues I need to take care of

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