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Found 18 results

  1. Hey guys! I decided to share with you some of my covers, and I hope you like them. I'll be posting them in here, and if you have a request, I may try my best to do something with the little I know. I hope you like my artworks! (I've shared some before in other threads, but I may place them here too!) The first I'm sharing with you is for the unreleased debut album by British singer Florrie, presumably entitled Trouble In the Making: I can give you a link for it in HQ, as the forum won't let me upload +1MB files for some reason. This is the version I use for the files tags,
  2. Over the course of her sixteen year career, Rihanna certainly hasn't had any trouble making hits. Named by Spotify and Apple as the most streamed female artist of all time, Rih's also earned herself 31 top ten singles on the Billboard Hot 100. Furthermore, five of her songs - 'Umbrella', 'We Found Love', 'Stay', 'Work' and Eminem collaboration 'Love The Way You Lie' - rank among the world's best selling songs of all time. Her distinct vocals, trend-setting sounds and high-profile romances also make her a songwriter's dream, with many artists imagining her voice layered over the top of the
  3. Sia's been pretty quiet on the music front lately (at least by her standards), having only released a few collaborations since her Christmas album last year. But things are set to change soon with the announcement of a new super group in which she has one third ownership. According to social media posts, Sia is set to team up with frequent collaborators Diplo (who she worked with on 'Elastic Heart') and Labrinth (who she duetted with on 'To Be Human') for a new project entitled LSD. Do you see what they did there? Following Sia's first post about the group releasing a song this Thurs
  4. When it comes to pop music, most of us have set ideas of what we want to hear. Pop music in 2017 is constantly changing, and that necessitates a song which will either hit right in the middle of whatever trend is whirlwinding through the genre at any given moment, or one that will set the zeitgeist for what we can expect for the next few months in terms of production. Pop music is designed to give the illusion of edginess and freshness, even while it not-so-secretly borrows all of it's creativity from genres long-established. When it comes to Christmas songs, however, the rules are differ
  5. Sia has clapped back at an unnamed photographer who is threatening to sell her nude pictures to fans. Allegedly, the photographer made contact with several members of Sia's fanbase they found online recently, offering fifteen pictures of the popstar naked in exchange for money. After fans made contact with Sia about the proposition with screenshots of the photograph, she took to Twitter to post the nude picture herself, preventing the photographer from making money off the shot. Sadly, the story isn't yet over. The photo Sia got her hands on is just one of fifteen, and it i
  6. Ladies and gentlemen...Sia is back! Back in August 2016, Sia teased a project called We Are Your Children, which many people assumed would be a new album. According to rumours, Sia's smash hit 'The Greatest' was supposed to be the first single from the album. However, the song ended up on the deluxe version of Sia's 2016 album This Is Acting instead. A billion soundtrack songs later, it seems like Sia is cooking up a treat for her fans. The singer posted a photo of Kate Hudson on Twitter with the caption, "My girl @katehudson being a delight on set." Kate went to
  7. Hello everyone: I am a singer/songwriter. Here is my soundcloud: I uploaded a new cover 'Sweet Creature' by Harry Styles!! Please share and like! A LOT more coming soon....
  8. 2016 has been a great year for pop music, featuring defining releases from several bonafide legends (think Britney Spears, Beyoncé and Lady Gaga), a couple of albums from our more stable hitmakers (such as Tove Lo, Sia and Ariana Grande) and some groundbreaking debuts from total newcomers to the game (like Zayn, Aurora and Petite Meller). The sheer volume of impressive albums from our faves and flops this year has made deciding how to rank each one a difficult task; but after several weeks of consideration we've managed to whittle down our list from several dozen amazing LPs to just the absolu
  9. This was posted on Azealia Banks' Snapchat story earlier today, and was described by her as a video of her sacrificing chickens. "The amount of cunt that is about to come off my floor right now guys, oh my God," she says in a prelude to the main video, which has since been deleted. "Three years worth of brujeria [witchcraft]. Yes, you know I got to scrape all this shit up. I got my sandblaster and my goggles." In response, Queen of Animal Rights Sia tweeted: If there are no objections, PHF will now be an Azealia Banks free zone. I'm sick of her disgusting comment
  10. After a full year of anticipating, we finally have the list of nominees for the 2017 Grammy Awards! This year, it has been announced that the awards will be hosted by popular TV host James Corden, mostly known for his Carpool Karaoke series. It comes as a surprise to no one that the person with the largest number of nominations is Beyoncé (clocking in with nine nominations) and that following her, Drake and Rihanna have the largest amount each (both with eight nominations). The show is to take place on Sunday, February 12, so be sure to tune in! Check out the ful
  11. I was asked to do this, so here's my best shot, it won't be like the NK Masterpost because obviously a lot of Sia's leaked unreleased is for other people (+ I don't know who they were all intended for) so i'll add in brackets next to them if i have any idea who they were for! Written For Others: - My Arena (2 Versions) - Light Headed - Flowers - Born Yesterday - Blinded By Love - Joy I Call Life - Beautiful People Say - Hologram - Life Jacket - The Corner - We Can Hurt Together
  12. The nominations for this year's MTV Video Music Awards have finally been announced. There's few surprises in the list, with Beyoncé leading the pack and set to sweep the board with a grand total of five nominations in the main categories. However, we are shocked by the low quality of some of the videos nominated. Justin Bieber's 'Sorry', a green screen dance video which doesn't even feature the singer and plays out like a fan-made compilation, is one of the nominations; while Rihanna's 'Work', the no-choreography, no-creativity, no-looks, no-aesthetic, no-talent video that was so boring t
  13. So, recently (i can't believe i'm saying this either) Elmo tweeted a picture of him and another dumb puppet pal in sia wigs... Turn's out, Sia is starring in an an episode of popular Muppet style kids tv show "Sesame Street", but plot twist, cast and crew, as well as Sia herself have been tweeting picture's on set, all of them SHOWING SIA'S FACE!! Could it be that Sia's plan to reveal her face... is on Sesame Street?
  14. Due to high request by fans, and James Corden himself, Sia will appear on "The Late Late Show with James Corden" on the Carpool Karaoke segment of the show! Airs via CBS on Monday 15th February (Will be uploaded on Youtube soon after)
  15. With 2016 upon us, it's time to finally start thinking about the new year in music. There's bound to be a lot of great albums coming in the New Year, so lets take a look at some of the ones I'm most excited for! Allie X - CollXtion II Just a little over a year after CollXtion I was released, Allie has plans to release another EP. Except, she doesn't really call them EPs, she calls them CollXtions, duh. She recently revealed the theme for the upcoming record is "longing and being lost". Some titles confirmed by her are 'Alexandra' and 'Weak Jaw'. In November, she dropp
  16. Just to inform people, these are the Sia song's presently circulating/being hoarded: ------------ Purple means "Circulating" Red Means "Being Hoarded" ------------ - Space Between (Demo) - Little Black Sandals (Demo) - Blame It On The Radio (Demo) - We Can Hurt Together (Unreleased) - Passenger (Demo) - Fuck, Marry, Kill (Demo) - Hologram (Unreleased) - Academia (Demo) - I Go To Sleep (Demo) - My Arena (Second Version) - Lentil (Demo) - You Will Be Lov
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