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Found 24 results

  1. Hey guys! I kinda remember somebody asking for Beyoncé unreleased a while ago, just can't quite remember who. Anyways, I decided to upload what I had in my files. I'm pretty sure I'm lacking some songs (mostly early stuff, but I actually don't care about pre-B'Day material so yeah). In case anybody wants anything from here, here you go!
  2. It's hard to believe, but as of September 30th this year living legend Britney Spears will have been driving us crazy, loving rock and roll and seeking Amy for exactly twenty years - and what a wild ride it's been. Apart from all the personal crises (think that Justin Timberlake break-up, the whole K-Fed saga and the infamous umbrella incident), Britney has also consistently wowed us with hit single after hit single, from 'Me Against the Music' to 'Make Me'. But amidst all the brilliant releases (Britney's last single 'Slumber Party' was her forty-first), there was a multitude of songs th
  3. STANDING ON THE SUN - Other 8 Version Made by Me *Inspired* by a guy who made a SOTS cover long time ago, this guy
  4. I found her last album pretty overrated, so I'm not hugely excited for this. But I'm sure there'll be at least a couple of good songs she stole writing credits for!
  5. Watch the video version of this article here! There are some popstars who seem to simply go from strength to strength, to the point where it seems as though the sky is the limit for the amount of talent and commercial success they can achieve in a lifetime. Some, like Justin Bieber, may have started from a particularly low base in which they repeat the word "baby" two hundred times in succession; while others, like Beyoncé, take the time to break out as solo stars, free from girl group politics or the dark shadows of their husbands empires. But then there are others who, try as they
  6. Over the course of her sixteen year career, Rihanna certainly hasn't had any trouble making hits. Named by Spotify and Apple as the most streamed female artist of all time, Rih's also earned herself 31 top ten singles on the Billboard Hot 100. Furthermore, five of her songs - 'Umbrella', 'We Found Love', 'Stay', 'Work' and Eminem collaboration 'Love The Way You Lie' - rank among the world's best selling songs of all time. Her distinct vocals, trend-setting sounds and high-profile romances also make her a songwriter's dream, with many artists imagining her voice layered over the top of the
  7. When Tidal was first launched back in 2014, it was promised to be a new kind of streaming service: one that promoted artists as major stakeholders and gave them a fair amount when it came to royalties. But Tidal never quite took off in the way it was expected to, and it wasn't long until stories of severely dwindling profits and corruption began to emerge from the Jay-Z fronted service. Back in 2016, fans were left scratching their heads when Tidal claimed that Kanye West's latest album, The Life of Pablo, had been streamed 250 million times on it's platform in just ten days. This was des
  8. Beyoncé I Can't Take No More*** Slow Love I'm Alone Now Roc Mueve el Cuerpo (Get Me Bodied Spanish) / Move Your Body Babe, You're The Only Man Beat My Drum Black Culture Blind Trust Cherry Control Donk Erotic Heartbeat In this World I'm Glad There's You Ice Cream Track Forever to Bleed Kick Him Out My Body New Shoes Owls Go Runaway Scent of You Settle for you (Settle 4 U) Slow Love Stop Sign Waiting What's Good With You
  9. I can't speak for everyone, but for me personally 2007 has always gone down in history as one of my favourite years ever in pop music. It may have something to do with the fact that I was verging on teenagehood at the time and just beginning to understand the significance of music in my life, but I'd argue that the year was also a good one overall, evidenced by the ongoing popularity of artists debuting or reinventing in 2007 like Rihanna, Justin Timberlake and Kanye West. One of the most interesting things about music in 2007 looking back is just how varied it was. On the one hand, there
  10. My name is Dec and I am a Multi Genre DJ based in the UK. I've uploaded a live 30 minute DJ mashup of none stop Pop music that has been released over the last 2 years. Including music from Ed Sheeran, Bruno Mars, Beyonce, The Weeknd, Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Drake, Calvin Harris, Major Lazer, Zayn and more. Would love to know everyones thoughts and comments on what you liked and where I can improve. Click the link below to listen now. Thanks https://soundcloud.com/decoreilly/pop-mix-new-2017
  11. When is she releasing the deluxe version??? Is there any news about this???
  12. Beyoncé has just announced that she and Jay-Z are expecting twins. The singer made it official on Instagram first with a glamorous baby bump pic as only she would! Congratulations to Beyonce, Jay-Z and the entire Carter-Knowles family! In a caption attributed to both Mr. and Mrs. Carter, Bey wrote, "We would like to share our love and happiness. We have been blessed two times over. We are incredibly grateful that our family will be growing by two, and we thank you for your well wishes." When born, the twins, whose genders are still unknown, will become siblings to five year old
  13. After a full year of anticipating, we finally have the list of nominees for the 2017 Grammy Awards! This year, it has been announced that the awards will be hosted by popular TV host James Corden, mostly known for his Carpool Karaoke series. It comes as a surprise to no one that the person with the largest number of nominations is Beyoncé (clocking in with nine nominations) and that following her, Drake and Rihanna have the largest amount each (both with eight nominations). The show is to take place on Sunday, February 12, so be sure to tune in! Check out the ful
  14. Beyonce snatched her fan's weave during her last concert. I can't stop laughing. It's so awkward Watch it below:
  15. Mariah Carey has once again made headlines after she reportedly threw a laptop out of the window after her fiancé, James Packer played a Beyonce song. According to The Fix, an insider has revealed that last month, James had attempted to get Mariah in the love-making mood by turning on Beyonce's smash hit 'Crazy in Love'. 'Oh boy, was that a disaster! Mariah threw the computer that was playing it via speakers out the window!' the insider said. 'Seriously, she just trashed it. She ran out of the room screaming.' The insider continued: 'So the night was obviously finished for James, and t
  16. The nominations for this year's MTV Video Music Awards have finally been announced. There's few surprises in the list, with Beyoncé leading the pack and set to sweep the board with a grand total of five nominations in the main categories. However, we are shocked by the low quality of some of the videos nominated. Justin Bieber's 'Sorry', a green screen dance video which doesn't even feature the singer and plays out like a fan-made compilation, is one of the nominations; while Rihanna's 'Work', the no-choreography, no-creativity, no-looks, no-aesthetic, no-talent video that was so boring t
  17. It's a sad fact that cultural appropriation is everywhere in our society today. From everyday people on the streets copying the clothing of other cultures with no understanding of their true meaning (such as the white male chauvinist racist pigs who wear native American headdresses) to musicians stealing the styles, genres and techniques developed by minority groups (such as Paris Hilton making a mockery of the traditional European genre EDM), this disgusting form of racism has pervaded every aspect of our corrupt western culture so neatly that it's sometimes hard to even realise when it's hap
  18. So...I was messing around and recording some stuff and this happened! Whoo. So here ya go DOWNLOAD: The Devils (Freestyle) And I've had this sitting around, thought I put it out. Lol DOWNLOAD: The Rain
  19. In a recent interview with ES magazine, musician and outspoken proponent of Syrian and refugee rights M.I.A. opened up about her thoughts on the Black Lives Matter movement and it's dissemination through pop culture. When asked if she'd seen Beyoncé's latest performance for 'Formation' at this year's Super Bowl - the former Destiny's Child member's empowerment anthem aimed towards females and people of colour - M.I.A. encouraged a broader view on the subject, taking to task the movements unequal hierarchy on the long list of racial issues facing the world at large. "It’s interesting that
  20. Gore

    Beyoncé - LEMONADE

  21. In a new interview with the Daily Beast, Amber Rose went on record to say she doesn't understand why she and Kim Kardashian are constantly getting criticised as "former sex workers," while Beyoncé gets a pass. Amber put herself and Kim on the same level as Beyoncé. It seems Amber may not fully understand the amount of decisions Beyoncé must make as a recording artist, label-mate, and business woman. Beyond just recording music and dancing on stage, being an artist entails so much more, and a lot goes on behind the scenes. After pointing out comparisons to Beyoncé, she th
  22. I don't know if you guys already seen/heard this but does anyone know any info about it?? I heard that it's supposedly for Rihanna; that this is a new rap project for Bey; and that this is not even her at all but another artist named Rachell Kerr. Anyone got real/solid deets?
  23. Amidst the spiderweb of immaculately styled extensions, the audience catcalls of "QUEEN BEE" and the hyper-polished, sensationalized life that she portrays to the media, it's often pretty easy to forget that Beyoncé even lives on our planet, let alone that she's even a real human being. So it's occasionally nice to be reminded that Beyoncé, despite what her fans might say, is just like us, with perhaps even more of her fair share of basic than the average person. That's why we've created a countdown of the eight times Beyoncé was the most basic bitch on the block. It's pretty much an anti-depr
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