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In memory of.. those scrapped albums


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Hey PHF family,

I don't know if it is because it is currently 4:45 in the morning or what, but I would like to create this topic in memory of all those scrapped albums that we will never get (officially at least). 

To begin with, I would like to give a tribute to three albums that were never released. Free to add yours to the list :P

Rest in Peace to:


  1. VV Brown - Lollipops & Politics
  2. Taryn Manning - Freedom City
  3. Grimes - (Untitled Third Album)
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The Veronicas:

  1. Skelton
  2. The EP that Cross My Heart wasn't going to be on
  3. Life on Mars (an OFFICIAL RELEASE... I'm still so fucking salty that Dead Cool was so unfinished D:)
  4. The Veronicas (Deluxe Edition)
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Avril Lavigne

- What "Goodbye Lullaby" was supposed to sound like before the label issues (still love the album but am really curious about songs like "Fine")

- "Gone", "Complete Me", and "Candy"

- Runners/Bonnie McKee songs that never saw the light of day, really kills me

- All the David Hodges songs that didn't make the final Self-Titled album

Aly and Aj

- 78violet self-titled album, (praying against all odds that "Civilian" and "Damaged" surface)

- Hothouse not getting an official release (also the couple of songs that were recorded but didn't make the final cut and have yet to surface anywhere)

- The potential EP with a re-worked version of "Boy"

- Any other music they worked on with Toby Gad 

- Suspended! After all this time, that snippet still kills me!

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52 minutes ago, Teddy Sinclair said:

Lola Blancs debut album, Sabis career and her vegetables, American Fool by Kesha, Lipsha, Sweat by Neon

Where Do Babies Come From by Melanie

Cry Baby by Sky Ferreira


At least Wayne's trying his hardest to leak Lipsha without getting in legal trouble! He wants it out just as badly as we do!

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1 hour ago, Countess said:

Of course I'm still holding out hope for ARTPOP: Act II and Cry Baby. :'( But let's not pay dust to Charli's original second album and Gwen's original third album! Two no doubt flawless masterpieces that we never got to hear. :( 

omfg i forgot about charli's punk album :shocked: n e e d that too 

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