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In memory of.. those scrapped albums


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Honestly I think is real guys, the producer said she was praticing the song in this (ignore the title of the vid, not real ver. without auto tune)

and the "not alone not alone not alone" sounds SO different 1:08 it's def Myah Marie

and body ache is 100% myah marie singing, like.. all the song 

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9 hours ago, carlosjsrdgz said:

Jam Sutton spoke about the original artwork

Natalia did too in an interview

the album got scrapped and re worked many times

that is a shame, i really like Heaven demo version, the instrumentals are amazing, hey i have seen your trading list, do you only trade or are you willing to give something free ?

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On 3/10/2016 at 3:47 AM, Countess said:

Gwen's original third album!

Even though I think the product we got is probably much, much better than what would've been released (considering that travesty, "Spark The Fire" :stretcher: ) , it still would've been interesting to have gotten the original third album. Ideally, TIWTTFL would've just been the follow up! :hail:

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