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In memory of.. those scrapped albums

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Lady Gaga - ARTPOP Act II Allie X - The Hard Way, Waiting For The Prize Lana's re-recorded AKA Lizzy Grant  </3&#13

Most of this has been said anyway, but here's my list: Bonnie McKee's Epic album Britney's Original Doll, the darker concept for Femme Fatale and the superior version of Britney Jean. 

Didn't Miley have a 2nd version of Bangerz? Was that just made up or real??

Honestly I think is real guys, the producer said she was praticing the song in this (ignore the title of the vid, not real ver. without auto tune)

and the "not alone not alone not alone" sounds SO different 1:08 it's def Myah Marie

and body ache is 100% myah marie singing, like.. all the song 

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9 hours ago, carlosjsrdgz said:

Jam Sutton spoke about the original artwork

Natalia did too in an interview

the album got scrapped and re worked many times

that is a shame, i really like Heaven demo version, the instrumentals are amazing, hey i have seen your trading list, do you only trade or are you willing to give something free ?

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On 3/10/2016 at 3:47 AM, Countess said:

Gwen's original third album!

Even though I think the product we got is probably much, much better than what would've been released (considering that travesty, "Spark The Fire" :stretcher: ) , it still would've been interesting to have gotten the original third album. Ideally, TIWTTFL would've just been the follow up! :hail:

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    • By Peter Parker
      Hello there everyone, I hope you're fine.
      So, "Clumsy" leaked hours ago, which is a song from her teen pop era, and made me think again, if anyone has made a fan-made album of Madison Beer's original debut album?  
      The one that she recorded with Island Records from 2013 to 2015. I've never seen any fan made version of this, not even a fan title. 
      It only had 4 singles: Melodies, Unbreakable, All For Love (feat. Jack & Jack) and Something Sweet. 
      "Valentine" featuring Cody Simpson was released in early 2013, but not as single, so I don't count it, but anyways, it could've been a track for that album.
      Unreleased tracks made for this era have leaked, as: Hit Me Back, Crimes, Do It Like That (feat. Justin Bieber), Don't You Tell Me (feat. Justin Bieber), Possy, Clumsy and Shooting Star (Just A Plane)
      There's a demo of "Never Your Girl", sang by Julia Michaels.
      And with the little information there's on the internet, unleaked tracks are: Never Your Girl (Madison's version), Magic and Diamonds In The Cut.
      Has anyone made anything with these tracks like a fan-made album? Any title suggestions? Any more info of more unleaked unreleased songs?
      Some of those songs were taken from Genius.
      Thank you!

    • By Ice Prince
      Hey guys! I kinda remember somebody asking for Beyoncé unreleased a while ago, just can't quite remember who. Anyways, I decided to upload what I had in my files. I'm pretty sure I'm lacking some songs (mostly early stuff, but I actually don't care about pre-B'Day material so yeah). In case anybody wants anything from here, here you go!

    • By 365MM
      I was going to add this to the Kylie masterpost for everyone (if they are genuine), but I think they've been deleted!
      Recently got the unofficial release, Unreleased Vol. 4! A good portion of the CD is just collecting her recent collaborations ("Really Don't Like U") through much older ("Sometime Samurai"). A few live, some commonly leaked ("Voodoo").
      After comparing and sorting, I concluded there was 1 song I did not have whatsoever- "I Think I Love You (Demo)". Sounds like it could be from anytime b/w 2005-2014. I really like it! Great electro-pop!
      Another of interest was "Music Will Always Love You (Extended Mix)", of which I only had a Fever-era snippet, from an old fan comp here, I believe. Now, this could be the real entire song. Alternatively, 'extended mix'? My musical editing skills aren't professional, but I feel like this could be a fan edit that only utilizes the minute snippet by repeats/edits/other audio manipulation.
      Thoughts? Someone have the right info?
      Kylie- Unreleased, Vol. 4 (Sorted)

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