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  1. @Skinny Legend Yeah, when you put it like that. I think she means for ppl who seriously troll, but I didn’t think about kids really. I’m not old but I do keep getting surprised at how much more involved/younger kids are exposed and involved with social media. (Didn’t have my own cell phone before I was 16 lol) No, I think everyone says stupid things we don’t mean or even understand when we’re kids. That’s not justifiable accountability. I guess I’m more supportive of her standing her ground and wanting something comprehensive or not just a token gesture. Maybe it’s an unrealistic hardlin
  2. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-57808653.amp Nice to see Girls Aloud’s Nicola Roberts still active in legislation against online hate!
  3. Good point! It is a career, and a lot of artists sometimes ‘phone-in’ good stuff anyway.
  4. Agh! A peak for sure, but Femme Fatale has some good/great stuff. To me at least. But after that…
  5. Alternatively lots of people don’t retire forever. With changes hopefully on the horizon with her conservatory, I’m sure she needs time to reorganize her life and appreciate freedom. Then hopefully a huge comeback!
  6. It does sometimes blur, and I can’t place %90 of the names or faces to their season or success anymore! You never know when an amazing look is gonna come up though- kinda rekindles my faith to keep going even through slogs of it lol.
  7. @Volcanion Thanks so much! Both sites you linked look good- gonna see if it’s there in a bit!
  8. So apparently All Stars season 6 is exclusively in Paramount Plus for some reason?! I feel like Ru is getting greedy! Easy enough to buy all the other seasons on Amazon! Then my wife convinced us we also need to subscribe to WOW presents for the international versions. Fine, it’s like $3 a month and they’ve been bizarre enough to go through. But Paramount plus too? No. I can’t. Never watch unofficial video, does anyone have a link/recommendations for the ongoing All-stars 6?
  9. Well, finale aired and it was weird. The finalist chat seemed more like an episode of Oprah than drag. Lots more bitchy-drama. Less footage of the practices. Nice appearance from Olivia Newton-John. Surprised by who won, but Ru’s choices this last year have been a bit of head-scratchers (at least for me and my wife 🤷‍♂️). Bit of a meh season overall.
  10. 365MM

    Spice Girls

    Oh, this looks great! 😬Spent so much on vinyl recently though… think I’m gonna have to bite my nails and hope they don’t sell out before next paycheck lol
  11. I’m not usually one to toot my own horn, but unusually proud of my latest project and figured I’d share with you all! I bike a lot (commute and tours) and when my crank arm broke, I figured I’d give this ride an entire makeover! From red/orange to watermelon stripes! 🍉 😛
  12. Yep- still loving the Disco era! I thought the Sakgra remixes were pretty solid but not amazing. Gonna have to give them another chance. Then again, the PWL sound isn’t my favorite to start with. Some gems for sure though. 💎 You took the words right out of my mouth! 😜
  13. Just discovered my new bop! 😍Here’s the mp3 if anyone else falls in love! https://mega.nz/file/bEQjwIBa#VIGXbyo1SPmQUtWpiEUbk6JtdPn2kuVvMSjo8kYe7-w
  14. Honestly, never heard of Years & Years before, but Kylie is my #1, and today’s her birthday and it’s great to have new music from her! 🥳 Well, her b-day is May 28, but Australia is something like 10 hours ahead, lol!
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