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  1. Def miss d the original masterpost so I’m glad for this whatever the lineage lol gonna download and enjoy tonight!
  2. FYI @Cypher Kylie Fever 20th vinyl announced on her website- sold out before I could get one, but unsigned ones (on white, not silver) are up on Amazon and Juno.uk
  3. It would seriously be strange to me! Interesting for sure, but I have conflicting feelings. Especially for dead artists.
  4. Hello and welcome! ?
  5. Only caught Kylie’s 2 songs from YouTube, and it was great to see her performing live again, though just a quick spot. Anyone see the other artists? Surprises? Good performances?
  6. Sad to hear- he was always such a character and always enlivened whatever I saw him in (especially Sex in the City, because I never really got into the show, just caught episodes here and there at other peoples’ houses).
  7. Ugh, I hate all these legal disputes. If a deal was signed on, everyone should stand by it. If it was renegotiated (esp bc covid) then that’s that, but just wanting more isn’t fair for anyone.
  8. ? She’ll always be remembered for being part of one of history’s greatest pop groups! Miss you already! ?
  9. No freaking way! I remember something being talked about either robots or holograms a few years back but nothing seemed to come from it, now this announcement? Crazy! No, I’m not totally sold on the medium(I’d rather see them old as they are), but it’s cool. Really excited to hear the new songs too- they are pop LEGENDS! ?‍♂️
  10. 365MM


    @Aespa Hello and welcome! ?
  11. Well, interesting to get bit more explanation and context. Wish her and LM luck!
  12. Absolutely. She didn’t even mention it in social media, so I bet she’s pretty removed form the details about this one.
  13. I wish I knew- I’d preorder instantly! I’m not sure where it’ll be offered. I think- but not totally sure- that it’s like the uh version of Record store day with in-store only. Which would really suck. If you learn more before I do, please let me know too!
  14. National Album Day is going to be releasing Kylie’s Fever on white vinyl! Definitely gonna try to snag that! ? She is so in need of a comprehensive catalog vinyl reissue!
  15. Fantastic news! Congratulations and thanks to you both!
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