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  1. I just saw about her miscarriage! So sad! 😢
  2. Not sure if I missed the discussion of this- are the "Ruff Edits" the same as the "Demo" versions? And if so, any chance of a re-upload pretty please?
  3. Me either! I only follow Nicola on insta (don’t hate! 😂) and didn’t see any with Nadine. Few short clips/pics of getting her hair done and then her guest spot. 🤷‍♂️
  4. Haven’t run across anything. Hopefully Plastic Pop recently selling out on the first pressing of their “Cinderella’s Eyes” reissue will convince of the market for more Nicola. New songs or from the vault, either I’d be happy with!
  5. Thanks anyway, and for the bump keeping the post alive lol! 😂
  6. 365MM


    Welcome! No shortage of Britney fans here. Look forward to seeing you around! 👋
  7. Hey everyone! Anyone have recommendations for house music compilations? Ideally looking for something like a chronological set, or variety of best-of regions. Definitely want something more than a single disc "Greatest Dance Hits" -type release. Thoughts?
  8. Yeah, maybe I said that abt gay relationships a bit flippantly. Those do sound like particularly difficult complications to add in the mix. Hang in there- I’m sure the right guy for you will come along sooner than you know! Is there a big dating pool in your area? Sometimes is too easy to discount seemingly incomparable potentials ‘just because’ of the arbitrary pre-conditions we set. 🤷‍♂️ As far as the conversation about opening my relationship? Not going to lie; it was an unresolved issue that came up several times over the years before an agreement. My wife is a few years older th
  9. Aww! This has been some thread! I look forward to it! 🥂
  10. Your reply really made my day! I don’t usually ever put much of my personal life on social media, and PHF is very much the exception. It’s heartening for you to relate to my mundaneness lol- spiritual level; totally understand! As catty as it can be sometimes on this board, I’m always glad when I make a new friend here! ❤️ I think it’s cool you live in Australia! 🇦🇺 People who “only care about beaches, beer and barbeques” are far too common here too. Though I unabashedly love the beach (living in a desert lol 🌵). I’ve always wanted to visit your country; so much varied natural beauty! Im
  11. Representing my personal life in the USA 🇺🇸 Totally honest (and drunk)- in bit breakdown mode over everything happening right now in the world. Everything has been going to shit over the last few years. Really, we’ve survived the pandemic only to crash into WWIII?! Realistically and in comparison with some, the USA is an open and permissive country but recently with a lot of different pockets of realistically varying ‘freedoms’. As in what is actually going to be socially permissible to publicly embrace/show. Definitely controlled/moderated generally for the majority of the po
  12. Eh… she doesn’t make much of an impression in isolation- solo I’m not that enthused.
  13. Hello and welcome! 👋 Hope you enjoy it here as much as I have! 😀
  14. Hi there! 👋 Welcome, and hope you have as much fun here as I have so far! Definitely a few Bonnie stans and topics around.
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