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  1. And a lot of coaches/players getting sick/quarantining wonder if that’ll affect the matchups. Btw, only follow in passing- not a big sports fan lol!
  2. Discord? “Discord”? Wtf is this? Have I been missing out on something this whole time? Now I feel like a Luddite lol!
  3. Kylie all the way! It’s amazing! Finally listened to most of Confetti- it’s actually pretty solid though. The title track pleasantly reminded me of Cassie’s “Me & U” and there were just a few tracks I really wasn’t that into. Gonna pick up Shirley Bassey’s prob this next paycheck. Haven’t heard anything new from her in ages! Yes- spread the love! All three deserve spots at the top! ...but Kylie first and best lol!
  4. 365MM

    Spice Girls

    Here’s the Live in Madrid 2001 (audio) to help celebrate the era! ...And yes- they play “If You Wanna Have Some Fun!” https://mega.nz/folder/t5wmjB5Q#gQttKLi1eXJl02d108zOhQ
  5. 365MM

    Spice Girls

    Live version would be great! I hope it’s everyone on tour again next time too!
  6. 365MM

    Spice Girls

    Best song on the album, for me! Underrated, but still not as good as the first two records. Which, come on, those are stuffed with classics!
  7. Haha! Kylie-queer-in-denial. 🤔 Is that a thing? No, never been opposed to men, just never interested enough to give it a try, I guess. Never say never!
  8. No- sounds kinda lame in comparison, but cooking oil that spread to tyres I think. Here’s hoping 2021 is way less crazy!
  9. Ugh, there’s just been another explosion. Much smaller, but it still killed 4 ppl. Beirut just can’t catch a break! 😞
  10. Currently obsessed with this classic!
  11. Just finished. Eye opening about the boarding schools, if not all that surprising. I definitely feel for her. 😔 I think it was illuminating and she’s always been more complex person than presented before.
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