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  1. ‘Daisy Dove Bloom’. I actually like that name! Congrats to them!
  2. Sorry, no answer for you, just an anecdote. Years ago I switched from windows media player to iTunes and I was in the same boat with some stuff protected. Spent too long trying to figure it out. Eventually, I gave up and thankfully it was official music I could buy again. 🤷‍♂️
  3. Annie- “Dark Hearts” Oct 16
  4. 365MM

    Spice Girls

    Glasto/full tour with everyone would be sweet! Yeah, the hope of, well, really anything fun after 2020 is comforting.
  5. Yeah, it would be cool, but I’m not totally convinced either.
  6. It was good! There was something really brutal and dramatic towards the end- not gonna spoil it for you if you do finish it. But yeah, I’m a few seasons behind too. Oh, I haven’t yet seen the all-star seasons either.
  7. Not gonna lie- I had to watch with subtitles! 😳 (I’m an American) Fun season though!
  8. Hello! 👋 Yeah this is a pop forum, but since you mentioned rock/metal, don’t be surprised if I jump on any conversation that veers there. Huge fan too!
  9. 365MM


    Hey all! Just thought I’d see if anyone here also has a Peloton! Wanna follow each other? 🥵 Or, if anyone is thinking about getting one, I’m happy to share my code with you for a promo discount! 🚲
  10. Thought you might enjoy one of my wife’s old paintings!
  11. Truth be told, I do have a few seasons to catch up on, but this is definitely fun news!
  12. ---Disclaimer--- ---From a completely amateur perspective--- Also, if there isn't an instrumental version of the song you have in mind, you can also use the high pass filter. The more selective you are in your values though, the vocals too will be less defined. It's a much more imperfect method, but another option.
  13. Yeah, I figure even if only one person here stumbles onto this and it’s actually up their alley, that’s good enough for me. Thanks for your similar vote of confidence! Oh, that hook-up story! “Played non-stop”? Well no doubt, but it also could have been just one long song Lol.
  14. Hadn't heard of them, to be honest. YouTubed a few videos- In This Moment is alright and has style, though a bit more industrial than I prefer. Within Temptation is a little too prog/orchestral for me. Regardless, thanks for the suggestion and hearing something new!

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