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  1. Very thoughtful response! I’ve not been personally involved in the drama, but I have come across it in several topics. It’s not productive or representative of everyone else. Makes those threads hard to engage with pleasantly. 😕
  2. Sry, I didn’t have a chance to save- watched on my brother-in-law’s Hulu.
  3. Just finished watching- good overview, seemed like it had a good balance of interviews/footage. The paparazzi scenes were worse than I remembered. Oh, Britney! I hope things finally come around for her. It’s not humane to live without self-determination. It’s time.
  4. or that the Janet Jackson super bowl boob incident wasn't planned?! Really?
  5. Now there’s talk he should also apologize to Kylie for the performance when he touched her butt after she said not to. Forget what awards show that was from (but it had a great Blondie cover lol).
  6. 365MM

    Spice Girls

    Thx! And no rush at all- I prob won’t even have time myself to download for a day or two anyway lol 😝
  7. 365MM

    Spice Girls

    Really? Not the remix on disc 2? I’d love it if you could post please?
  8. 365MM

    Spice Girls

    Just got the 2 CD Melanie C- glad I convinced myself after accidentally getting the regular version. The new songs and remixes are great! Better than a few of the standard album tracks! Anyway, is there a regular version of “High Heels” somewhere? Or is this the only mix?
  9. Yeah. I mean she looks great for pushing on 40, but teen?
  10. I agree completely! Especially bizarre since with the pandemic, I would think that the presentation would be even more of a consideration! Still not a fan. I figured I’d give it a chance, but no.
  11. True. Acknowledge/write out the character and bring in a new one, I prefer. Is she playing a teen?!
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