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  1. Violetbud

    Unreleased songs that we need them to leak (2019)

    Do you know if anything ever came from this? Also, what are Avril's tracks that people have that haven't leaked?
  2. Violetbud

    Paramore's NEW ALBUM 2017

    Thank you so much! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
  3. Violetbud

    Paramore's NEW ALBUM 2017

    So apparently this has leaked, and I've been reading amazing things so far, I hate to ask, but does anyone have it and wouldn't mind sharing? (I pre-ordered the album so they will get my coins, I'm just feeling extra impatient)
  4. Violetbud

    The begging thread (please leak....)

    Just out of curiosity, does anyone have/know about that unreleased Miranda Cosgrove track that one member had months ago? I literally haven't seen it anywhere, and it's got me very curious
  5. Violetbud

    American Horror Story - Season 6 (Sept. 14)

    So far I actually really like it. I get that the format is polarizing, and a lot of people are having a hard time getting into the documentary style, but I think its refreshing and has been used well thus far. I'm kind of dreading the connection to other seasons though, I mean, if its done well then by all means, but I'm kinda worried, especially after Hotel which was aesthetically gorgeous and entertaining at times but also messy and redundant.
  6. Violetbud

    Britney's Next Single is...

    I'm cautiously optimistic about this one. I really like SP but I also really liked MM and it didn't do nearly as well as I thought it could've. I hope her team knows what they are doing and really promotes this song, I want Britney to have a hit this era.
  7. How am I just finding out about this now?! Ugh, I hope something gets released, I'm dying for new Veronicas. I still bop to In My Blood, but I have absolutely no idea why they haven't released the album, a pre order at least, or a second single. IMB went number 1 in Australia, what are they waiting for? I also really need to hear the studio version of Best Friend.
  8. Violetbud

    Demi Lovato does Undercover Lyft

    I screamed, she's absolutely hilarious sometimes. I loved her humor in this!
  9. Violetbud

    Stranger Things

    I'm about to start the final episode, but I don't want it to end because this show is incredible. I've always been a fan on Winona, and she absolutely kills it in this role, she nails every dramatic beat and is such a pleasure to watch. I even love the kids who were excellently cast. Who would've thought that an eighties inspired netflix show would've been the talk of the summer, a really great surprise. I hope an official announcement concerning a second season comes soon, no doubt it'll get renewed, but confirmation always helps.
  10. Violetbud

    Orange Is the New Black

    Season 4 was absolutely incredible. I thoroughly enjoyed all the seasons, despite the third being hard to get through at times, but 4 was something else. The pacing, the plotlines, the writing, the acting, everything about it was just amazing, there's so much to love about it!
  11. Violetbud

    American Horror Story - Season 6 (Sept. 14)

    Really enjoying all of these teasers, and I like not knowing the theme yet, makes it more fun, which is something the show's kind of been missing the last two seasons.
  12. Violetbud

    Currently Listening To..

    Mrs. Robinson - Simon & Garfunkel
  13. Violetbud

    Scream Queens

    I don't know what it is about Colton, but I just really like him. Taylor and John are awesome too though.
  14. Violetbud

    Scream Queens

    It's definitely hit or miss and targeted for a specific demographic, there were parts of the first season that kind of turned me off a little, but the humor is right up my alley.
  15. Violetbud

    Horror Movie Recommendations?

    Ugh, Scream 1 & 2, just absolute perfection, absolutely adore both!

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