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  1. Avril tracks if they truly are out there would be greatly appreciated
  2. Kylie has pretty much got it since her physical sales are quite a lot better and Little Mix don't have the streaming force to offset the deficit. Great for Kylie but I REALLY wanted Little Mix to get it 😭
  3. Is it true that some Avril tracks are floating around in trader's hands? I'd dye if there were more HAW outtakes 😭
  4. If @Skinny Legendleaked their nudes. That would certainly make my experience a little better 👀
  5. You should see me out of one 😈
  6. JoJo - Elsewhere Aly & AJ - Damaged The Veronicas - Best Friend
  7. OOH, any chance you'd be able to release some titles that are circulating or is it top secret. I get it if that's sensitive information so no worries either way!
  8. Are there any Aly & AJ or Veronicas tracks in circulation or does anyone care about them anymore
  9. Gotcha, thank you again for being so open and sharing this information. I love Miranda and wish her the best, selfishly I hope she releases again but I get why she might not want to
  10. OH MY GOD! Thank you for posting and sharing this information! You are a true saint! I actually went to the same school as Miranda and saw her form time to time on campus, always seemed like a very nice person. Does your friend know if Miranda has ANY interest in releasing new music? I'd assume not if she has all this red tape to cut through, poor girl, she's actually a good guitar player and more than decent singer.
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