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  1. I know some people used to think Fading or Practical was Civilian, but if you’re willing to share (I’ll pay you like you have no idea how badly I need this song) Unrelated: Leak Bebe Rexha - Crowded Room
  2. Nah, a fake version was posted a bunch years ago but the actual track itself has not. I don’t know a single person who has it 😭
  3. @believe hack Hollywood Records and give the Aly & AJ stans Damaged and Civilian so we can finally rest (I'm just kidding king, you've already given so much)
  4. I watched it, and it was very informative. Obviously I wish it were a bit longer so they could really go into the details of some of the awful things Jamie has done, but I think this was directed toward people who really didn't know much about the situation to begin with. The media was absolutely awful to her and the documentary did a great job of depicting that. Some moments were just heartbreaking.
  5. I don’t think so, maybe somebody here has a zip file but that’s like A LOT of songs
  6. Thank you so much, you’re a saint seriously! I wouldn’t even know where to begin
  7. Thank you so much! Yeah, I don't know anyone who has been compiling their own spreadsheets/materposts of everything, especially now considering how much material of hers has surfaced within the last month alone 💀
  8. Does this have all of her unreleased material? Just wondering if this is like a master post. Trying to make a spread sheet of every unreleased track that has surfaced
  9. Oh wow, I knew the demo leaked but I didn't know the final one did as well! That's great! Thank you so much, I think I'll be able to find them on Dbree so no worries 💙
  10. Technically Taxi hasn't surfaced yet as well right? Or did I miss something
  11. Down for a collab if it gets us the track faster 👀
  12. I've told this to some members but I'd honestly pay for 'Damaged' and 'Civilian' by Aly & AJ. If anyone's got a lead let a thirsty bish know. Other than that, I could always use more The Veronicas leaks as well as Avril 👀
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