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  1. Does anyone actually have Candy by Avril Lavigne because I would do unspeakable things just to listen once lmao
  2. Do you know if Candy by Avril is circulating? Sorry to ask I’m just really curious
  3. Random, but is Lights Out or Candy circulating from Avril?
  4. I know some people used to think Fading or Practical was Civilian, but if you’re willing to share (I’ll pay you like you have no idea how badly I need this song) Unrelated: Leak Bebe Rexha - Crowded Room
  5. Nah, a fake version was posted a bunch years ago but the actual track itself has not. I don’t know a single person who has it 😭
  6. @believe hack Hollywood Records and give the Aly & AJ stans Damaged and Civilian so we can finally rest (I'm just kidding king, you've already given so much)
  7. I watched it, and it was very informative. Obviously I wish it were a bit longer so they could really go into the details of some of the awful things Jamie has done, but I think this was directed toward people who really didn't know much about the situation to begin with. The media was absolutely awful to her and the documentary did a great job of depicting that. Some moments were just heartbreaking.
  8. I don’t think so, maybe somebody here has a zip file but that’s like A LOT of songs
  9. Thank you so much, you’re a saint seriously! I wouldn’t even know where to begin
  10. Thank you so much! Yeah, I don't know anyone who has been compiling their own spreadsheets/materposts of everything, especially now considering how much material of hers has surfaced within the last month alone 💀
  11. Does this have all of her unreleased material? Just wondering if this is like a master post. Trying to make a spread sheet of every unreleased track that has surfaced
  12. Oh wow, I knew the demo leaked but I didn't know the final one did as well! That's great! Thank you so much, I think I'll be able to find them on Dbree so no worries 💙
  13. Technically Taxi hasn't surfaced yet as well right? Or did I miss something
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