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  1. Absolutely! When they dropped a VI teaser at E3 2018 I gasped, sad to see we got no info on it this year, might not be even coming in 2020 then...
  2. The things I would do for original explicit solo demo of I Can Only and full version of Cold thx for these tho
  3. There is also this unreleased collab between Bebe and Ian Spurrier
  4. The rest is fine, you can add that Monster Under My Bed is a demo for Eminem and Starlight is a demo of this There are also snippets of Bebe's studio cover of One Way Or Another from 2015
  5. But the final version has a bridge what are you talking about Only the leaked demo didn't have a bridge https://genius.com/Dua-lipa-want-to-lyrics Gimme release Keep the drugs Gimme relief Keep the love, just gimme a piece of that One piece of that Give it to me Don’t judge, just give it to me No heart, no second degree tonight Run free tonight And the bridge from the live version was written by Andrew Jackson before Dua even recorded the track and it was so horrible she scrapped it from the very beginning and never recorded it (rightfully), the final one is so
  6. Ive been waiting for this edit my whole life, cannot stand the original, Thank You
  7. Oh wow GRIMES? THAT GRIMES? I guess I will use LOONA that one time ever
  8. That's some damn good research! Good luck with the project, you should share it on some other forums maybe
  9. Yasss! Have a great time and come back soon!
  10. She clearly says "right now", I can't even imagine hearing n-word
  11. SHE FUCKING DID THAT I CAN'T Also created untagged cover
  12. He can't, you need at least 50 posts to access the trading thread
  13. Sweetie you are a bit late! It was already proven to be true!
  14. @Countess rocking these dupes Now for real thank you, this forum is a great place thx to you @Countess
  15. Same here, nobody in Poland really knows about her now, but I remember back in the day Man! I Feel Like A Woman was a hit Slay BOMT tho, a true calssic
  16. Whole album is absolutely stunning so I keep it on loop, I can't believe I've been sleeping on her for so long
  17. Yes! Get into her, she serves bops This was her entry for 2016 We need more fans, these bops can't go unnoticed
  18. It's a Bit Error Remix released last year https://hearthis.at/bit-error/julia-michaels-slumber-party-bit-error-remix-radio-edit/
  19. Britney Spears - Breathe On Me and a lot of In The Zone Mabel - Passionfruit Beyonce - like half of self titled
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