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  1. Correct I think XoXo isn't the only one with The Boy. It might leak for sure this year or next year (before April for sure) People have also Rita Ora - Backup Plan and Elevator
  2. I think these might be coming in the near future: Miley - LA Money Camila - The Boy Selena - Me & My Love Camila - God Is A Woman some Dua Lana - Crazy For You and The Blackest Day (Demo)
  3. The songs that are circulating and being sold by Miley are : Golden G String (also being sold as I Think I'll Stay), Naked, Just Stop, Coldblooded, Right Handed Man and High (The collab song with Mark Ronson)
  4. Songs that might leak/circulating Miley Cyrus : Naked , Golden G string , Mary Jane
  5. Hello. In this topic, you may share your info about unreleased songs that are in circulation/bout to leak or being sold For example : Camila Cabello - Love Life is a song that is circulating among traders
  6. Hello all, Join Taxi Group buy Please we need the song https://discord.gg/tvQDe7
  7. @camilashealings @camila @Camila Cab @Camila Stan
  8. 1. Bebe Rexha – Nothing At All 2. Camila Cabello – God Is a Woman 3. Rita Ora – Elevator 4. Rita Ora – Is It Love 5. Rita Ora – Backup Plan 6. Fergie – Clones 7. Iggy Azalea – Diablo 8. Camila Cabello – The Boy 9. Camila Cabello – Curious 10. Fifth Harmony – Better With You 11. Dua Lipa – Roses & Fire 12. J. Lo – Letting You Go 13. J. Lo – Violin 14. Julia Micheals – I’m Right Here1 15. Katy Perry - Save Me Some Tonight Need these to leak this year
  9. Nope And it doesn't features Kim Petras. It is a solo demo.
  10. Most videos I want to see are : I Wanna Go When Your Eyes Say It Radar Hold It Against me Hot As Ice TBA (Chris Applebaum Directed) : I think this might be Alien
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