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  1. Yess Bonnie Mckee - The Femme Fatale Sessions
  2. Yes someone once said that it sounds like Hitman
  3. Yass me too We need the remaining of that list to leak.
  4. Are we getting some leaks for Easter?
  5. Wasn't this the version that was performed live?
  6. More leaks.. We need Demolition Man and Lie Detector next.
  7. Share a zip all of the rem3 songs from the list.
  8. 8We need these to leak: Blow Ur Mind - sounds like a voice memo, the file is titled "flo rida blow ur mind" Cory pop idea Bonnie 2.0 - kind of a cute song, upbeat Chasing Ghosts - LQ 2010 slower song but not a ballad Daylight - kind of a dance song Deadmau5 song (Bonnie Mix 1) - EDM bop kinda like Afroki Demolition Man! - upbeat kinda good Finish Line - a highly requested song that remains unleaked Go Getter - upbeat kind of a bop? title says "bonnie greg - go getter" Heart Attack - it's kind of giving me a military vibe? like kill this love-ish?
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