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  1. Music Xclusive

    Scrapped: 18 Lost Britney Spears Music Videos

    Most videos I want to see are : I Wanna Go When Your Eyes Say It Radar Hold It Against me Hot As Ice TBA (Chris Applebaum Directed) : I think this might be Alien
  2. Music Xclusive

    Unreleased songs that might leak soon

  3. Music Xclusive

    Unreleased songs that might leak soon

  4. Music Xclusive

    Best leaked songs of 2019

    we might get it in January
  5. Music Xclusive

    Best leaked songs of 2019

    Hello to you all, merry christmas Like last year, I will give you a list of my personal leaks/unreleased/demos this year. Here's my list : 1. Female singers : Avril Lavigne : In Touch/ Warrior (Demo) Madonna : The Rain Tapes (Erotica Demos)/Be Careful/Never Love A Stranger/Frozen (Demo)/Nothing Really Matters (Demo)/Like A Prayer (Demo) Bebe Rexha : My Own Worst Enemy/ Guaranteed For Life Dua Lipa : Telling Like It Is Christina Milian : Cat Fight/ Say That You Want Me Leona Lewis : Love Killer Jessica Sutta : Drown In Me/Don’t Poppy : Heavy Metal/Renegade Selena Gomez : Girl Crush Demi Lovato : The Beauty/Proof/Somebody New Sia : 2 Beautiful Carly Rae Jepsen : Believe In You/ Sun On You/ 10.000 People Meghan Trainor : Curves/Caribbean Love/Hard To Please/Have You Now/Red Flare/Ain’t Your Mama/Cherish You/Claustrophobic Marina : There’s Nothing Wrong With You/Worth It/ Please Don’t Call Me Hilary Duff : If I Fall/ Hurts/ Wherever We Go/ Wild Night Out/Feel Alive Rita Ora : Champagne Lights/Could It Be Fergie : Men All Pause/Dancin Julia Micheals : Too Much Tinashe : Underneath The Lights/The Same/Taboo/Make Me/Fashion Nova/Fearless (Demo #1) Kesha : Birthday Suit (Demos) Nicole Scherzinger : Last Goodbye Lana Del Rey : Wild On You (Color Blue)/ Sad Girl (Demo)/Fuck My Way (Demo) Charli XCX : Blow Your Mind/Champion/Pop The Balloons/ 100/ 1 2 Bamboo/ Rain Over London / Heartbeat/ Beat You At Your Own Game/ Party Party/ NYC (The Way Out)/ GENERATION BRAINDED/Get Dirty (2014 Version) JoJo : Waiting For You/ Painkiller Lady Gaga : I Wanna Be With You (Dope demo) Gwen Stefani : Overdose Sky Ferraria : Guardian Zara Larsson : Confession/Follow You 2. Male Singers: this one is for you @Marin Travis Scott : Rodeo (Demos)/Blame/Left Cheek, Right Cheek/Hot Sauce (Version #2) Kanye West : NewBody/Hurricane/Last Name/Ultimate Lie/Spread Your Wings/ Hurry/On Sight (OG)/Black Skinhead (OG)/Jealous Drake : Boo Hoo Hoo Nick Jonas : Wrong/Pressure/Flawless Shawn Mendes : Love Me Or Leave Me/Satisfied/You Make Me Feel Charlie Puth : Love Game Ed Sheeran : Cold Water/No Love For The Lonely Chris Brown : Technology (Demo)/Daylight Savings Justin Bieber : Double Negative/Trust Me/Supermodel Post Malone : Stoned/Feel [OG] (feat. Rita Ora)/Me Or Us What are your favorite unreleased songs by your artists? comment below
  6. Music Xclusive

    Unreleased songs that might leak soon

    songs that might get leaked (during Christmas or early 2020) are (in my opinion): Bebe Rexha - Nothing At All Bebe Rexha - Fell In Love With A Stranger Charli XCX - Beat You At Your Own Game (HQ) Charli XCX - Heartbeat Nicole Scherzinger - Wonderful Love Charli XCX - Rain Over London Meghan Trainor - Last Laugh Meghan Trainor - Suga Mama
  7. Music Xclusive

    Unreleased songs that might leak soon

    post any information here on any songs you think might leak soon or you have a feeling that they might and why.
  8. Music Xclusive

    Scrapped Tracklists

    I love how ANTI has 2 scrapped tracklists hope unreleased songs from both tracklists leak
  9. Music Xclusive

    Scrapped Tracklists

    Can anyone write the tracklist of the second pic It has just feel it as track 1
  10. Music Xclusive

    (Request) : Christina Milian Unreleased

    did the following tracks ever leaked in full Running On Empty Future Starz Live In The Club Run Amuck Hey Love Tug Of War https://genius.com/albums/Christina-milian/Dream-in-color-shelved if yes, post them in your collection so I can download them
  11. Music Xclusive

    (Request) : Christina Milian Unreleased

    did Christina Milian version of I'm A Cheat ever leaked ?? https://genius.com/Christina-milian-im-a-cheat-lyrics
  12. Music Xclusive

    (Request) : Christina Milian Unreleased

    hello if anyone has a collection of Christina Milian Unreleased, post it here
  13. Music Xclusive

    Tinashe - Studio Snippets (Unreleased Collection)

    Georgia Ku - Gold https://picosong.com/wKTij/ Tinashe - Make Me https://picosong.com/wKTi6/
  14. Music Xclusive

    Tinashe - Studio Snippets (Unreleased Collection)

    Updated list: By Your Side (MM Exclusive) Joyride outtake Reckless In Case We Die/Reverie outtake Fearless (V2) Joyride Outtake Tinashe 1 (PRIVATEFRIEND on Leakth.is) Joyride outtake Tinashe 2 (PRIVATEFRIEND on Leakth.is) Unknown title ( @Nashe has this track) Joyride outtake Unknown Title Joyride outtake
  15. Music Xclusive

    Leona Lewis - Unreleased/leaked songs

    Love Killer leaked

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