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  1. I see this year is an XCXMass + Selena mass
  2. good list add Miley : Win Some Lose Some
  3. hahaha, sadly. There are demos and more unreleased in the hand of hackers. These files were hacked from Watt (Miley's producer).
  4. The follwing are circulating/being sold on Leakthis : Miley - Cold Blooded (work tape) Miley - Cattitude (Demo) Summer Walker - Complicated (Ft. Selena Gomez) Selena Gomez - Goals Selena Gomez - Great Escape Julia Michaels - Spotlight
  5. Idk. It was at one point leaking. Could leak next year.
  6. I said bout the Miley ones cause there are 2 versions of Cold Blooded that will leak (we have 1,12 min of the piano version leaked) and If I Fall and Mary Jane are being sold and traded alot. I hope we have Bebe - The Little Things and Camila - The Boy and God Is A Woman.
  7. The second was MQ. Hope these leak too : Mona Lisa Next Life Don't Call Me The Party's Never Over My Heart Rare Someone New (Astrid S demo) Toys
  8. Miley Cyrus - If I Fall and Mary Jane leaking soon
  9. Miley Cyrus - If I Fall and Mary Jane since they are heavily traded and bought.
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