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Found 11 results

  1. does anyone have a masterpost of the leaks? i was reading thru the latest leaks thread and most links are taken down but like has anyone done a masterpost with the different leaks/artists?
  2. now that GAGA has made it again, vote for your favorite ''comeback'' single, for me The Cure is a comeback, the one that everybody were waiting for, it will probably be huge, bigger than the Perfect Illusion single. we don't now yet if this will be just a single with a video, or maybe it's part of a new EP like it was rumored. anyway, the JOANNE era is still alive, Million Reasons can't relate. so.. vote now for your favorite single, which one was a better comeback?
  3. I saw some posts on the internet where people made books of albums with photoshoot and all so I made one for Joanne. You can also see this like an alternative booklet lol
  4. I think the deluxe edition deserves a different cover so I made one
  5. Tweener

    Lady Gaga - Joanne

  6. Made a back and a booklet page. I made the booklet pic different from the cover because I've got a feeling the songs will have very different stories from each other Tell me what you guys think!
  7. On July 29 @AHSFX posted this teaser on their twitter feed. A female face can be seen, many fans now think that this is Lady Gaga. A Theory: This is Lady Gaga because there is a caterpillar crawling on her face and Lady Gaga talked about a caterpillar emoji a while ago Even tho it's a centipede fans keep thinking this is Lady Gaga, which has a strong possibility. All we can do now is wait for the new season that will air on September 14th 2016.
  8. Something I did a while ago, but I felt kinda anxious posting it here. Anyways, here you go and I hope you'll like it
  9. I decided to almost completely re-write the unreleased Gaga track Out Of Control. I retitled it Outta Control and change some of the official lyrics plus added my own, take a read and tell me what you think...
  10. Yesterday, during Humane Society Gala, Kesha performed Lady Gaga's song "Til It Happens To You" What do you guys think?
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