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  1. Deactivate

    I don't really know where this is going...

    I don't tend to let my emotions out, I stay strong for my family and the people around me, I'm sat in my bedroom and it's all just burst out of me and I can't hold it back, I'm scared of life and what's coming next
  2. I'm so fucked up emotionally right now that everything is getting on top of me. My Nephew is dying, I feel alone both in my life and on here, I just feel like I'm hated everywhere I go, maybe it's because of who I am, I just feel like my entire life is destined to be negative. Bad things always happen to me and I'm beginning to think it's because I'm a bad person. I try so hard to be happy but lately it's been such a struggle. I feel like I want to escape from myself and everything in my life but I have nowhere to go and nobody to talk to I'm broken
  3. Deactivate


    You could've replied and I would've happily tried to help you with something else!?
  4. Deactivate

    My sisters baby

    I wish I had someone on here to talk to
  5. Deactivate


  6. Deactivate


  7. Deactivate


    To you maybe.
  8. Deactivate


    Deactivate my account please.
  9. Deactivate


  10. Deactivate

    My sisters baby

    We're hoping for the best! I will update here when I know
  11. Deactivate

    My sisters baby

    My sister is around 32 weeks pregnant and has had some complications. The baby has a damaged kidney and she had to go for a consultation today and the doctors basically said to my sister that the baby may pass away before he's even born and then proceeded to ask if my sister would like to terminate the pregnancy. My sister had a baby boy back in 2013 but unfortunately, he was stillborn. I'm so afraid that this may be the same outcome. I honestly don't know what to do
  12. Deactivate


  13. Deactivate

    EXPOSED: Amelia Lily "Fingerprints" Is Fake

    It was KAE because the recordings with the singing (low quality recordings) are from KAE's Snapchat when he was teasing Be A Fighter and the high pitched tracks are the ones in the soundcloud exposé clip

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