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  1. Vacation time.

    Well kiddies. I will be away for a couple of weeks. Don't cry. I will be back. I will probably take a peek every couple of days from my phone to see wutz up. So, hold any requests until I get back, as I will not be in a position to fill them. Try to stay kind to each other. And keep the drama and fighting to a minimum. Peace out.
  2. Currently Listening To..

    Thank you for the info.
  3. Currently Listening To..

    I do not have "Three More Days". Would you be willing to share that with me?
  4. Hey!

    Welcome to the board. Have fun. Enjoy the conversation. Share what you can. Be thankful for what others share. A Thank you goes a long ways. And most important of all.....Be yourself.
  5. The begging thread (please leak....)

    I will be here for that. Just give me a heads up on the Leona Lewis leak party.
  6. Currently Listening To..

    Maggie Lindemann - Obsessed Years & Years - Sanctify Various Lindsay Lohan music. (Yes......I Love the Lohan) and I don't care who knows....or what they think. So don't mock me. Or I will cut you with my knife. .
  7. TV Series Recommendations

    The Flash Supergirl Arrow D.C. Legends of Tomorrow Stuck In The Middle (Funny as He!!): P.S. Don't tell any of my friends I watch this show. They may laugh at me for watching a Disney show. But Damn it....Funny is funny no matter where you find it. American Pickers Pawn Stars Shark Tank Beyond Jessica Jones (Netflix Original) Counting Cars Bitten (American Version): There is also a British Version. Which I have not seen. British version came first. (You may need Netflix, Hulu or perhaps Amazon prime to view it as it is no longer on standard TV). At least not in my area of the world. I have more favorites. That is a but small taste of my recommendations.
  8. Dynasty

    I probably would never have given this topic one thought to be honest. As I was never a fan of the series. But as I was doing my normal web surfing the other night, I came across this weird and somewhat interesting site complete with a butt load of TV theme songs. And lo and behold what do I find? Yup. You guessed it. The theme song to the original series. For you listening pleasure. - If you can call it that - I present to you......the 1980's original Dynasty Theme song. ..... 04 Theme from Dynasty.mp3
  9. Currently Listening To..

    Sugababes - Overloaded Singles Collection
  10. masterposts

    Just a heads up. Not trying to cause any drama. But to those that are wanting to get to 100 posts in order to see the special section/s. Don't go to fast or you might be accused of attempting to pad your posts just to get to 100. It happened to me when I first got here. (Speaking of - my 1 year anniversary is coming up in 2 weeks). Damn, I can't believe it has been a year already. In fact there were a few people that called for me to be banned because in their opinion I was posting too much. The funny thing is I did not even know there was a special section until it was mentioned when I was called out for my postings. LOL. After getting a bit pissed off at first, I did understand their concerns. They did not know who I was, and were just trying to protect the forum. I say just enjoy your time here and all will be revealed in good time. I have met some very good people here.
  11. Conspiracy theory thread

    I have been following the two of you fight for a while now, and it has been quite entertaining to say the least. But to be honest, I would hate to see what would happen if the two of you ever ended up in the same room in real life. I am afraid that one of you would not make it out of that room. We need a no fighting section on the forum, as it seems we cannot take the two of you anywhere without a fight breaking out. I honestly have no issue with either of you personally, or with anyone on this forum for that matter. As I have said before this is one of best music forums I have probably ever been involved in. But enough is enough. @Countess. Is there not a blocking feature on here? If there is, maybe the two of you should block each other from commenting or down voting each others posts. I am sure neither of you probably care about my opinion, but I am just trying to give a little friendly advise. Remember that old saying......."Love Trumps Hate".......LOL. I could not resist. A little 'levity' (for those that do not know, that means humor) goes a long way.
  12. Currently Listening To..

    Leona Lewis - Spirt. My favorite song on this album is "RUN".
  13. Spice Girls

    Last I heard (on a radio show) is that the reunion is a done deal. I have no way of really verifying if it is true though. With each girl making at least $15,000,000. With Victoria making even more than that. Apparently at this point from what I heard is that it is only scheduled to be a tour. My favorite is Geri. But I do think that Mel B has put out the best solo music.
  14. Countess appreciation thread

    I went there a few days ago after just for the heck of it, and my acct is still active. I just figured that after a certain amt. of non activity they would automatically delete my acct. I tried to delete my acct. over a year ago, but I cannot find the delete my acct option. I even sent a message to the administrator (3 times) asking to have my acct deleted. But to no avail.
  15. Countess appreciation thread

    "FOTP was a bit negative". Now that is the understatement of the decade. LOL. That place was full of nothing but negativeness. I have not been back there since I found this wonderful place. Now on to the topic at hand: I too would like to add my heart felt appreciation for Miss @Countess. She be doing a great job keeping this place running.

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