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  1. She's a judge on the Voice UK. That could be why we have not seen nor heard much from our Queen lately. I don't really follow the show as I am not in the UK, so I have no idea if the show has completed it's 2020 run as of yet? https://talentrecap.com/meghan-trainor-will-coach-on-the-voice-uk-2020-who-did-she-replace/
  2. Thank you. And yes, somtimes we cannot worry about the qualitiy. We just have to be greatful that others are willing to share.
  3. Very nice selection of Leona's music in that link. Here is some artword for Mountains. Not of my making.
  4. I can only speak for myself. And the answer to that question, is.....YES. LOL. Oooops. And @Kara I humbly apologize to you. I stand before you with shame and embarrassment for my oversight. Thank you for sharing.
  5. Thank you for the list. However, if you are not sharing the the music at the time of the post, you should have the decency to put that in the title. Your title give the impression that you are sharing and not just informing. On the other hand. If you are planning on sharing all this at some point, than I look forward to it.
  6. Wrong section. This is the begging for leaks. Not the trading section. if you ask for a trade or a sell in every post you make, you are not going to make many friends here. Just a little friendly advise. Take it anyway you want.
  7. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I have been meaning to revise that. No. She was not on any soundtrack for the TV show. The music I found had her picture on the Cover Art for it, and I just assumed she was on it. My mistake. Carry on. :)
  8. Please do. Zippyshare links only last 30 days if there is no activity.
  9. @Landy @ifuseekme @24SOTF @MPermission Here you kids go. Enjoy. Rita Ora - Girls (Solo Version) [Demo] m4a 3 MB https://www90.zippyshare.com/v/cofnQX37/file.html I figured that I might as well throw this one in as well. Rita Ora - Girls (feat. Cardi B, Bebe Rexha & Charli XCX) flac 26.4 MB https://www90.zippyshare.com/v/vguitY9z/file.html
  10. Very nice. I Would love to know how to make cover art. Teach me.
  11. Very nice. I Would love to know how to make cover art. Teach me.
  12. I will upload it later today, or this evening. I am not home at the moment.
  13. This is what I have - Rita Ora - Girls (Solo Version) [Demo] (Without Tags) - If this is what you are tallking about? Let me know, and I will upload it. It's only 3MB. But it sounds just fine to me. Although, I am not sure, but it might be a fan edit. Either way, like I said, it sounds ok to me. P.S. I tried to PM you , but is says that you cannot recieve messages.
  14. Sure. That would be great. Thank you. Did you want or need anything off the list I posted above? I am sure you probably already have most, if not all of what is on that list?
  15. @Iheart98 & @ifuseekme I have this as well. If you need it, let me know. Bella Thorne - Famous In Love (Original Series Soundtrack) 48MB Bella Thorne – GOAT (Single) 5.5MB [iTunes] M4A Genres: Pop, Music Released: 18 May 2018 Bella Thorne – BITCH I’M BELLA THORNE (Single) 6.6MB [iTunes] M4A Genres: Pop, Music Released: 18 May 2018 Bella Thorne – Burn So Bright (Single from the Midnight Sun Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) 7.2MB [iTunes] M4a Prince Fox Ft. Bella Thorne - Just Call 6.7MB Bella Thorne - Diamond (Snow Queen OST) 7.7MB Bella Thorne - Shake It Up - Album I Love Dance 101MB 1. “Contagious Love” — Zendaya y Bella Thorne 2. “This Is My Dance Floor” — Bella Thorne and Zendaya 3. “Beat of My Drum” — Zendaya 4. “Blow the System” — Bella Thorne 5. “Afterparty” — Roshon Fegan y Caroline Sunshine 6. “Holla at the DJ” (The DJ Mike D Remix) — Coco Jones 7. “These Boots Are Made for Walkin’” — Olivia Holt 8. “Sharp as a Razor” — McClain Sisters 9. “Future Sounds Like Us” — Dove Cameron 10. “I Can Do Better” — Young LA 11. “Shake It Up Theme Song” (Cole Plante Reboot Remix) — Selena Gomez 12. “We’re Dancing” (Alex Ghenea 3.0 Remix) — Bridgit Mendler 13. "zendaya-im_back 14. "coco_jones-freaky_freakend 15. "tko_and_nevermind-law_of_averages Shake It Up - Album I Love Dance (Found on deviantart some time ago. not great quality) 36.8MB This Is My Dance Floor (Zendaya and Bella Thorne) ? Beat of my Drum (Zendaya) ? Blow the System (Bella Thorne) ? Afterparty (Caroline Sunshine and Roshon Fegan) ? Holla At The DJ (The DJ Mike D Remix) (Coco Jones) ? These Boots Are Made for Walkin’ (Olivia Holt) ? Sharp As A Razor (McClain Sisters) ? Future Sounds Like Us (Dove Cameron) ? I Can Do Better (Young LA) ? Shake It Up (Cole Plante Reboot Remix) (Selena Gomez) ? We're Dancing (Alex Chenea 3.0 Remix) (Bridgit Mendler)

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