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  1. Whoknowsmehere

    Cheryl - Love Made Me Do It

    Damn. That's one long name. I will just call her Cheryl Cole. That is what I have always known her by. I am kind of excited to hear her new music. Bring it on Cheryl Cole.
  2. Was not sure what I thought of this one when I first heard it. Probably my least fav of the 3 new songs from them. Here's to hoping it grows on me. Ashlee Simpson - Paris (Ft. Evan) [Single] 7.3MB Loja: https://itunes.apple.com/au/album/paris-single/1435786368 Lançamento: 14 de Setembro de 2018 Qualidade: iTunes Plus AAC M4A Gênero(s): Pop https://cloud.hitsebeats.com/index.php/s/gWaHE6BsgWBKRg9/download (if this download link does not work, go the link below and click on the "Frazer Download" Button. https://hitsebeats.com/ashlee-evan-paris-single-itunes-plus
  3. Another great song by Ashlee Simpson. If I do not say so myself. And I do. Ashlee Simpson - I Do (Ft. Evan) [Single] 7.4MB Loja: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/album/i-do-single/1434568966 Lançamento: 07 de Setembro de 2018 Qualidade: iTunes Plus AAC M4A Gênero(s): Pop https://cloud.hitsebeats.com/index.php/s/nyksJW3QXzB23iJ/download (If this download link does not work, go to the link below and click on the "Frazer Download button". https://hitsebeats.com/ashlee-evan-i-do-single-itunes-plus
  4. I have no idea who this Evan dude is. But I have to admit, that I am Loving this new Ashlee music. IMHO their voices are very compatible with each other. What say all of you? Ashlee Simpson - Safe Zone (Ft. Evan) [Single] 8.7MB Loja: https://itunes.apple.com/br/album/safe-zone-single/1436499411?ign-mpt=uo%3D4 Lançamento: 21 de Setembro de 2018 Qualidade: iTunes Plus AAC M4A Gênero(s): Pop https://cloud.hitsebeats.com/index.php/s/GKC7QAAGy3MeZCD/download (If for some reason this link does not work, then go to the link below and click on the "Frazer Download button) https://hitsebeats.com/ashlee-evan-safe-zone-single-itunes-plus
  5. Whoknowsmehere

    Rita Ora - Phoenix

    I agree. I have only heard the Live version of 'GALC' and a remix version. 05 Get A Little Closer (Live at BBC Radio 1's Big Weekend) Which if I am not mistaken, you shared as part of the Poison album. At least your name (Countess) is the one I have with the link I saved to it. Rita Ora - Get A Little Closer (Imanos & Gramercy Remix)
  6. Whoknowsmehere

    Melanie Martinez - TBA (2019)

    I do not claim to be an expert on Melanie Martinez. So I have a question for all of you. Could someone tell me if this is the album that is being discussed here? And please don't beat the crap out of me for my ignorance on the subject. A very wise man once said: "Ignorance is not a sign of stupidity. It is merely a lack of knowledge." And Knowledge can be obtained. If you are willing to search for it. Melanie Martinez - See In Me What I Can’t [Album] Loja: Indisponivel Lançamento: 22 de Setembro de 2018 Qualidade: iTunes Rip AAC M4A Gênero(s): Pop 1 Haunted Melanie Martinez 2 Unhappy Meal Melanie Martinez 3 Half Hearted Melanie Martinez 4 99 Cent Store Melanie Martinez 5 You Love I Melanie Martinez 6 Strawberry Fields Forever Melanie Martinez 7 Wicked Words (feat. Jared Dylan) Melanie Martinez 8 Band-Aids Melanie Martinez 9 Night Mime Melanie Martinez 10 Drama Club Melanie Martinez 11 Bombs On Monday Melanie Martinez 12 Schizo Melanie Martinez I cannot find any information on an album with this title. The closest thing I could find is here: http://melanie-martinez.wikia.com/wiki/2nd_Studio_Album The reason I ask, is that at hitsebeats.com there is an album posted there with that title. https://hitsebeats.com/melanie-martinez-see-in-me-what-i-cant-album-itunes-rip
  7. Whoknowsmehere

    Best Selling Female Albums of All Time (United States)

    Thanks for the clarification. I sometimes take what other say a little bit too literal. But that is how my mind works. I do tend to over analyze things. It can be a fault at times. But we all have our faults.
  8. Whoknowsmehere

    Best Selling Female Albums of All Time (United States)

    That's your opinion. And I totally respect it. Nobody is ever going to agree completely on every type of music we here. But you said..."Remember to burn all copies of your Heidi CD's". Was that as sarcasm and you don't really think we should burn her CD's? Or did she do something to make you seriously say "We should burn her CD's? Just curious my friend. Not trying to cause any "Drama". Thanks.
  9. Whoknowsmehere

    Charli XCX - Taxi

    According to the information I found here: https://genius.com/Charli-xcx-taxi-lyrics “Taxi” is a song recorded by Charli XCX in 2015. It was first performed with the track’s producer, SOPHIE, in Los Angeles on November 10th 2016. The track is one the XCX’s most coveted unreleased songs, and one of her several collaborations with SOPHIE that have yet to leak to the internet. In June 2018, XCX played the track for the first time in almost two years, at her POP 2 LONDON show. 5.8MB Release Date September 23, 2018 http://cloudyfiles.com/e9fdo25nsz2z
  10. Whoknowsmehere

    Noah Cyrus & Lil Xan - Live or Die

    Thank you for that little tid bit of information. I did not know that. I was not mocking Noah. I hope it did not come across like that. I am a fan of her music. I just do not like the music video.
  11. Whoknowsmehere

    Best Selling Female Albums of All Time (United States)

    I must be out of the loop. But why are we supposed to be burning Heidi CD's? I would really like to know what she did to deserve such harsh treatment?
  12. Whoknowsmehere

    Noah Cyrus & Lil Xan - Live or Die

    I do like me some Noah, but I am not liking this music video all that much to be honest. That dude in the video is kind of creepy to be honest. I think she can definately do better at choosing her musical partners. Noah Cyrus & Lil Xan - Live or Die - HD 1080p 99MB MP4 http://s6.faz-dl.top/user1/music-video/september2018/week2/Noah Cyrus & Lil Xan - Live or Die - HD 1080p.mp4 http://s6.faz-dl.top/user1/music-video/september2018/week2/
  13. Whoknowsmehere

    Rita Oa - Let You Love Me

    @Skinny Legend You made a topic for this in the singles section earlier. So I thought I would tag you here. I love this song. But to be honest, IMHO, the Music Video is a bit on the boring side visually speaking. This is a pretty small file to be HD 1080p. I am just posting it how I found it. I am no expert on file sizes. Rita Ora - Let You Love Me - HD 1080p 91MB http://s6.faz-dl.top/user1/music-video/september2018/week4/Rita Ora - Let You Love Me - HD 1080p.mp4 http://s6.faz-dl.top/user1/music-video/september2018/week4/
  14. Whoknowsmehere

    Instrumental Megapost

    Could some kind soul d/l these and re-post them for me on a more friendly server. I can never get dbr.ee to work for me. I would so much appreciate it if someone could help out a fellow PHFer. Sorry if these have already been posted here. But I did not have the time to go through all 18 pages. And I found nothing using the search box. P.S. I already have No Tears Left Behind instrumentals. I just need the other two. Ariana Grande - Sweetener (Singles Instrumental) 03 the light is coming (feat. Nicki Minaj) 05 God is a woman 10 no tears left to cry https://dbr.ee/A9Sh
  15. Whoknowsmehere

    Cher - One of Us

    I don't know about that? Have you been to a Walmart Lately? Oh and believe me sister, I recognize your Truly Wonderous Skinny Goddess Self Always and Forever.

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