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  1. Whoknowsmehere

    Met Gala 2019 Red Carpet

    Could someone please explain to me what is the purpose of the Met Gala? And why do they wear these hideous costumes? The dude holding the head, makes absolutely no sense to me. If it was for humor, wouldn't it have been funnier if he would have brought Kathy Griffin along, and had her carrying it? Seriously. I don't get it.
  2. Whoknowsmehere

    The begging thread (please leak....)

    Sure thing my friend. I do believe it is actually 320kbps and not up scaled. I ran it through spek and it looked good. But what do I know. Check it out and decide for yourself. Let me know if you have a different opinion. 9.7MB 320kbps 3:47 https://www89.zippyshare.com/v/jDmYdNtE/file.html
  3. Whoknowsmehere

    List of everything The Veronicas

    Welcome to the board. I hope you enjoy yourself. Why not just make a thread. Or just share what you feel comfortable sharing here in this post with your new found family here at PHF. ๐Ÿ˜€ Be rest assured, that if I had any, that is exactly what I would do.
  4. Whoknowsmehere

    The begging thread (please leak....)

    For Sean Mendez? HMMMMM. Let me think.... Roof over my head (400 bucks my share of the rent)? Food in my belly (appx. 125 bucks for two weeks)? And gas in my car so that I can to get to work (appx. 75 bucks for a month)? Laughing so hard over $600.00 for one Sean Mendez song, that snot comes out my nose......Priceless Me does think me will pass.
  5. Whoknowsmehere

    The begging thread (please leak....)

    I just checked my Demi folder. And sadly, I must report, that I do not have it in HQ. The version I have is only 320kbps. ๐Ÿ™ If I do find it though, I will report back. ๐Ÿ™‚
  6. Whoknowsmehere

    Currently Listening To..

    MY EYES.....MY EYES... Next time give a description first. That was something I would never want to see on purpose. Excuse me while I go and get the bleach.
  7. Whoknowsmehere

    The begging thread (please leak....)

    What the H. I only hit the send button once. How did that comment get posted so many times? The page did get stuck in the loading mode, and I had to 'X' out of the board. I come back and it appears the comment got posted more than once. LOL. Weird.
  8. Whoknowsmehere

    The begging thread (please leak....)

    Low quality or not, thank you. I have a version I d/l as a demo @320kpbs, but it does not have the alternate intro. I think my version is not actually a true demo then. Damn it. I got conned. LOL.
  9. Whoknowsmehere

    The begging thread (please leak....)

    Low quality or not, thank you. I have a version I d/l as a demo @320kpbs, but it does not have the alternate intro. I think my version is not actually a true demo then. Damn it. I got conned. LOL.
  10. Whoknowsmehere

    Charli XCX Unreleased Masterpost

    Here are some XCX unreleased for you. Charli XCX - Ultimate Unreleased Collection 3 ALBUMS WITH INDIVIDUAL COVERS + PROJECT COVER LIVE & UNRELEASED [Only Unreleased Live's] - 24 Tracks UNRELEASED COLLECTION [Only Studio Leaks] - 152 Tracks SNIPPET COLLECTION [Only Snippets] - 108 Tracks Total - 284 Tracks https://yadi.sk/d/ajUtdndk3Zx3gq
  11. @Skinny Legend I just saw the options in your poll. Even though I still do not think we need a down vote button, I do think the third option (Stop the downvote button from affecting reputation) is the next best way to address this issue. I never thought of that. But I like it. I also like the 4th option as well. Maybe we could do that one as well. At least until they get to a certain number of posts.
  12. So true. LOL. I have been pretty adamant about that. Haven't I? And after reading your comments, I feel somewhat better. I now know that it is most likely not going happen, as you have stated that you like having it around. My feelings are still the same, in that I continue to believe we do not need a down vote button. But you are the boss, so I will defer to your decision on the subject of the down vote button. I wish I was good at writing code. But I can barely write the name @jlnsgr without looking at it twice to make sure I spell it correctly. (A little inside joke from earlier in the chat box). When you banned these certain members, did you ban them by IP or just by name? Another question that comes to mind, is, does the site allow people to register using a VPN? If so, then banning is not going to stop them from just re-registering. A VPN would have the potential to mask their true IP address. Just curious. I do want to thank you for addressing what has become, IMHO, a serious issue that has arisen here at PHF.
  13. Whoknowsmehere

    I'm famous! (Jk, but please read)

    I am her for you my friend. We go way back. Even before PHF. You have always been kind to me. And I have truly enjoyed our little interactions very much. Besides: "The King of Flac". And the "Princess of PHF" have to stick together. People are always going to be Jealous of Royalty. LOL.
  14. All I know is, that the sooner @Skinny Legend does something about this problem, the sooner we can get back to doing what it is that keeps us coming back. And that is, talking about, and enjoying our favorite music.
  15. I just noticed that this Julien person only registered 4 hours ago. And I venture to guess this is just another alter ego of Mashed Potato Head, Major Lazer and Melanie and Me. Probably all the same person.

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