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  1. Whoknowsmehere

    Member of the Month

    Congratulations a thousand times over to you my young friend. I wish I could hit the Yaaasss button a thousand times . In your acceptance speech you better give me a shout out. After all, I am the one that recommended this great forum to you. LOL. I am just teasing you. I am truly honored to have you as a Member of the Member of the Month Club. For Skinny Legend to bestow this honor on you just shows how much you mean to this board. I look forward to seeing what this next year brings for us here at PHF. Again my friend. You Most Definately Deserve this Honor. You are this months Little.... Yes she does deserve it so Much. You have made my day with this pick.
  2. Whoknowsmehere

    Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club

    I am right there with you my friend. I am a big fan of Lindsay Lohan. My Lindsay folder is over 22GB. And I could not agree more how great it is to see her looking healthy and stable. Perhaps I should watch another episode before being so Judgemental of the "Red Queen's" New Show.
  3. Whoknowsmehere

    PornHub Announces Most Searched Celebrities of 2018

    LOL. It's Miley. She may be married. And all Growed up now. But.....It's Miley. I am sure she was just out partying with friends and someone probably dared her to do it. (Just a guess). I wasn't there, so I don't know what was going on.
  4. Whoknowsmehere

    The begging thread (please leak....)

    No on the trading. But a Most Definite Yes on the Sharing of the song.
  5. Whoknowsmehere

    PornHub Announces Most Searched Celebrities of 2018

    LOL Stormy Daniels at the top of the list. You have got to be kidding me. I am sure the only reason she is at the top of the list, is because of her feud with President Trump. It cannot be because of her star quality. Nor for her acting ability. LOL. I can understand Kim being near the top. Who hasn't seen the videos? I am a bit surprised though that Selena is higher on the list than Ariana. Seeing how it is Ariana that makes more of an effort to exude sexual overtones in her videos. And I would have definately thought that Laday Gaga would be higher up on the list. Miley not being on the list, is quite a shocker to me. I thought everybody wanted to see the Pee pics. If for no other reason, then the fact that it is Miley Cyrus. LOL.
  6. Whoknowsmehere

    Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club

    I saw the first episode. It was not very good. I Don't think I need to watch anymore episodes.
  7. Whoknowsmehere

    Hannah Montana Studio Acapellas & Instrumentals (Leak)

    You can find it here. Along with a ton more Miley/Hannah music. It is in the "Hannah Montana Non-Stop Dance Party" folder. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B7AN0Pl2OoRjNXZjbjJpVDhCZFE
  8. Whoknowsmehere

    Hannah Montana Studio Acapellas & Instrumentals (Leak)

    Enjoy. Hannah Montana - True Friends (DVD- 576p-VOB) 100MB https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Nto0FwNeVEoz_FSMs0kLEwEgcuHr7UkK Hannah Montana - One In A Milion (DVD- 576p-VOB) 117MB https://drive.google.com/open?id=1vQPBn7jSPlm1IzfJOcaAz8nDbMMyjM65 Hannah Montana - Nobody's Perfect [VOB] 160MB 720x480 3:25 https://i.imgbox.com/8EDohYlr.png https://mega.nz/#!NhcADagS!pOECy6ckXHwRIaSxGnpUkqFsKuLV8vcUeFppPVtW8nw Miley Cyrus - The Climb (Movie Version)-1080p-bluray-x264-2009 Format : Matroska Format version : Version 2 File size : 251 MiB Duration : 4 min 6 s Overall bit rate : 8 544 kb/s https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B1X_AlU4fKz6dnBJZ18zZTFnZVk Hannah Montana - The Best Of Both Worlds Concert 4.37GB https://mega.nz/#!Ayhx0I7T!abuD_8MDMk9WKFmb8FS6l9I8uDr8T0poBr4DHDK9LZA And here ais a ton of Hannah Montana Music. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B7AN0Pl2OoRjNXZjbjJpVDhCZFE There was a post on here some time ago that had Hannah Montana stuff in it as well. But for the life of me I cannot remember how made the thread. just do a search. All I have is the original and the Chris Cox Remix.
  9. Whoknowsmehere

    The begging thread (please leak....)

    I couldn't agree more. Someone needs to find this and share it. Or if someone on here already has it. They need to step up and share it.
  10. Whoknowsmehere

    The 18 Best Songs of 2018

    Yessssss. We have some amazing members with some amazing taste in music. Don't We? Yesssssss. He has done an amazing job putting this post together. Skinny Legend is the Bomb. I was kind of worried about Making Demi's - Sober my #1 pick. Not because I do not believe it deserved to be. But for the reason that I had read quite a few negative comments here and at other places about this song. But I had to go with my gut and my Heart on this one. A big thank you to all of you for not making any negative comments over my pick.
  11. Whoknowsmehere

    Ella Henderson - Second Album

    I was on my phone at work today and Her audition video popped up from when she was on the X Factor 2012. Hard to believe she was only 16 at the time. The response she got from the Audience and the Judges was amazing. So when I got home tonight, I started listening to some of her music I have saved on my computer. Forgot how good of a voice she has.
  12. Whoknowsmehere

    Say Something Nice Thread

    Don't feel bad. I thought @Skinny Legend was a girl. I've Been a member here for nearly 2 years. Oh well. Boy Or Girl. I Still love her. OOOOOPs. I mean Him. LOL.

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