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  1. Due to my security settings I am unable to view the twitter link. Are these the pics you are all discussing?
  2. And this is news? Why? My guess is, that unless you watch this show, which I never have, then you probably have no idea who he is. I guess what I am saying is, that, I have no idea who he is.
  3. Ok. I will ask around and see what I can come up with. No promises. But I do enjoy the hunt.
  4. There's always a way to find stuff. Well. Maybe. :). Do you know who the photographer Was? Or perhaps, what the name of the photoshoot for this was. I'd be happy to give it a try finding these for you, if you can help with a little more info?
  5. It's Hollyweird. If it lasts a year, I will be surprised. Just speaking the truth. Plus. I have never heard of this Dalton Gomez dude.
  6. I was just thinking that I hope someone makes a better cover than the one that comes with the official release. And Lo and Behold, someone did. Thank you. I like this one much better.
  7. The only games I play, are head games with people who are easily triggered. Dammit. I do miss Joan sometimes. 😀
  8. Thanks guys for the feedback. I have some vacation coming up. And I plan on being very lazy during it. Maybe I will do a little binge watching.
  9. I know that I am probably a minority of 1 here. But I have never seen a single episode of this series. I hear a lot of people talking about it. Even at work. But to be honest, I have had no desire to check it out. Is it really that good?
  10. Bummer. I could have sworn I had the Island Fusion album. Unfortunately, I do not. All I have is the cover art. Would you happen to have a tracklist for that album so I can atleast check if I might have some of the songs in my Meghan Unrelased Folder.
  11. I am a bit shocked to be honest, that, as great of a member you are here, that you would feel the need to make a post such as this. Dude. You do not owe anyone an apology, or an explenation as to what, and why you post what you do. Your posts are a welcome sight on this board. Speaking for myself, I appreciate your contributions. I don't know who it is that asked you to stop "posting everything you find on dbree"? And as someone who does not hold back his opinions, I say, SCREW them. Post away my friend. Post away.
  12. I heard that she put up a $500,000.00 reward. in my case, it would be more of a bounty than a reward. My dog is part if my family.
  13. You can use https://loader.to to rip the song in mp3.
  14. To be honest, I have no idea if this includes everthing. This was shared over at sharemania by another member in 2016. I downoladed it in 2018. If I had to guess, I am sure that others have come out since then. But that is a guess.
  15. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9204751/Grammy-nominated-musician-Sophie-Xeon-34-worked-Madonna-dies-sudden-accident.html
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