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  1. Just use this download tool. Paste the link in the box. And choose your quality from the drop down menu. I am currently d/l the 1080 version. Not sure what other qualites are available. https://loader.to P.S. The 1080 version comes out to 2.4GB. P.S.S. I have to say, from what I have seen so far, we are seeing a side of her that most people probably never even thought existed. So far I am really enjoying this video. I have always been a fan of Paris Hilton. But this video, if it is a true representation of who she really is? Makes me like her even more.
  2. Didn't she already put out documentary? Don't you remember, One Night in Paris? Oh wait. That was a Sexumentary. My bad.
  3. Before we had the big Down vote wars some time ago, I had around 3000 +reputation points. And very few Negative Points. Probably less then 25 in all the time I had been here up to that point. But we had a number of idiots that came on board here at PHF and went on a terror and started downvoting all the best members. And since I am the Best of the Best Members (LOL), they really went after me. I lost almost 1,000 points in one day. Yes. In one day these idiots went through all my amazing posts and for no other reason then they were jealous stooges, they down voted as many of my posts as they could. Finally after I was down voted to around 600 +reputation points, Skinny Legend did away with the down vote button. I almost left the board during that time, but being the Amazing Person that I am, I persevered. And I am still here sharing my awesomeness with all of you. You are welcome.
  4. Im whoknowsmehere. I read stuff. I like to read about things. Welcome to the board. But I do have to say, that is a very unusual introduction.
  5. To be honest. When I heard an actor by that name had died, I had no idea who they were referring to. Until I saw that it was the King of Wakanda. He was pretty young at only 43. RIP. And condolences to his family.
  6. Your Mental age is 43 (Very possible. However, as I am not 43, I really have no idea) Sophisiticated (Very true). You were born in 1977 (I was not).
  7. Here to help when I can.
  8. Here you go. I had to split them up into 2 parts in order to upload them to zippyshare. I am sorry if zippyshare does not work for you. But that is all I use for uploading. Janet Jackson - Demo's, B-sides and other songs (37 songs) pt 1 (19 songs) 418mb https://www41.zippyshare.com/v/oHGDUIlo/file.html pt 2 (18 songs) 360MB https://www41.zippyshare.com/v/sjhlUhZH/file.html
  9. I will have to check my folder. To be honest, I can't remember if I even downloaded them? I save links, because thats what I do. But I don't always download the music if I am not interested at the time. I will get back to you later tonight.
  10. Yes. There is a request thread. And who the heck is Orville Peck? I only know of Orville Redenbacher. He makes great Pop Corn.
  11. There is no need to be yelling? It Won't get you a quicker response. Take a deep breath and calm down.
  12. You are welcome. And, it is King. I have never been a queen. I don't wear a Tierra. I wear a freaking Crown.
  13. @idrk These are very nice. I am quite impressed with your talent.
  14. Thank you very much for finding this. And a Big Thank You for sharing it with us. Good job.

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