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  1. I like demo better
  2. She confirmed that the Pace Remix is the official remix we're getting, which it doesn't have bridge. This bridge part was kinda important to me but wth... [Bridge]Don't cry for usNo time for usWhen we're at some partyWhen you grab somebodyDon't cry for usNo time for usWhen we're at some partyWhen you grab somebody
  3. VEENX

    VEENX's Cover Art

    1400x1400.jpg Dua Lipa - Want To (Pace Remix) Cover Art
  4. VEENX

    VEENX's Cover Art

    just my edit.
  5. VEENX

    My auntie just passed away :(

    stay strong
  6. VEENX

    Still hoping...DUA'S WANT TO & RUNNING

    can we ask music mafia to leak the lossless somehow
  7. Dua Lipa - Self Title (2016 version) - WANT TO, RUNNING...
  8. VEENX

    VEENX's Cover Art

    Afterlight Cover Art Dua Lipa Remade by me. 2601 x 2601 Special Italian Edition Japan Special Edition (2018 Official Release), I had to make this there's no HQ for this cover.
  9. VEENX

    Dua Lipa Nabs James Bond Theme Song

  10. wow thx for buying
  11. VEENX

    Tidal Accused of Faking Beyoncé and Kanye's Numbers

    i don't care about tidal tbh...

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