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  1. I was about to hook up with this guy I met on grindr. Like literally 10 min ago. He arrived at my place, then we went to my room and started kissing and striped down, he's dick was super huge I almost choked just holding it lol but few seconds later he would say he lost his wallet on the way. So I tried helping him to look around by the front door stairs by my house. Then he would suggest that I should go back to my home then wait. SO I WAITED...waiting him for his messages. 5 minutes...nothing. I checked Grindr to see if he was still there then I realized I've been blocked... I was just laying down thinking what the hell just happened. Did this really happened to me? I can only laugh about it lol omg what am I doing its almost 2am. so...what's your worst hook up experience??? share yours!
  2. I was just listening again to this album this week! I love this album. Not as much as I used to tho. I feel like my taste of music has changed as I was growing up and understanding more English. I first listened to this album when I was in Middle School. I found this at my local Japanese public library and I rented with the album "Speak" for free It was fun going to that library! They had so many CDs there.
  3. Charlie Sheen Accused of Raping 13 Year Old Boy

    People on grindr: "_____ allegedly had sex with ____ again, but didn't enjoy it and "was finally over ___".
  4. Albums coming in 2018

    Beyoncé - Bitch Snatched Me Good
  5. thanks tho but yeah if anyone has an i+ version let me knowww.
  6. Made up album by me. Cover art made by me. Matched by me. Audio Sources: Original CD & iTunes Quality: iTunes Match & Apple Lossless Size: 244 MB Total 28 Tracks *Track 18, 19 and 23 are Apple Lossless from original CD.* Download Request: If anyone has this album from iTunes, please share I need "The Hills" by Dua in i+.
  7. VEENX's Cover Art

    fan made edition
  9. @Countess Here's the album if you want<3 iTunes Match .m4a
  10. VEENX's Cover Art

    - logo.png
  11. Is Country Music The New EDM?

    "Daddy Lessons" was first .mp3
  12. VEENX's Cover Art

    Size: 2000x2000 I tried remaking the original version in HQ...

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