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Found 7 results

  1. Heres a list of songs Music Mafia sold/bought through 2017/2018 (copied from leakth.is oop) Ariana Grande - My Way (Sweetener outtake) (not bought) Ariana Grande (feat. Diplo) - In Your Hands (Sweetener outtake) (bought) [LEAKED] Avicii (feat. Mike Posner) - Change A Thang Bebe Rexha - Nothing At All (Expectations Outtake) (bought) (might be leaked soon) Bebe Rexha - Forever Thing (AYF outtake) (bought) [LEAKED] Bebe Rexha - Take It Off (AYF outtake) (not bought) [LEAKED] Bebe Rexha - Take It Off (feat. Julia Michaels) (AYF outtake) [LEAKED] Bebe Rexha - My Own Worst En
  2. Hi guys! If you were to list a few songs that would be perfect for your sexual appointments, which would you choose? If someone mentions Halsey, Melanie Martinez etc, choke.
  3. hello guys, this is my second topic here. Today, I will discuss about tacks that should have been (at least) a little bit popular on the billboard charts 1- Tinashe- No Drama https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vAh7jTAkCKc: it should be at least top 30 (#31) 2- Bebe Rexha- Ferrari https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nyRawESIuy4: it should be in the top 20/10 (#10) 3- Calvin Harris - One Kiss https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DkeiKbqa02g: it should be in the top 5 4- Charlie Puth- Done For Me https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TdyllLZeviY: it should be top 5 track like Attention 5
  4. Most of Melanie Martinez' unreleased songs sound totally different than her released music. There are 100+ unreleased songs by her and we only have around 5 studio recorded, it's insane! We need more! Most of her unreleased songs are very "mysterious" I guess you could say?
  5. Recently, I have been exploring a different kind of music. Less known that puts you in that weird mood. They are mostly acoustic and poetic in a way. I wonder if you know any cool songs like that.
  6. After creating "The Saddest Songs Ever Thread", I thought that we should have another one which will help us pull ourselves together after listening to the sad tunes in the previous thread. I'ma start with this banger, duh! Forget the haterzzz cause somebody loves ya!
  7. Hi guys! I guess everyone of us has those days when we want to listen to the sad songs only. Post the saddest songs you have ever heard in this thread. Make me cry
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