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  1. Remade the other bitch again today https://dbree.org/v/e5e549 If anyone still cares for it
  2. Clown

    Ne-Yo Demos

    Nvm found it
  3. Clown

    Ne-Yo Demos

    Can someone reup this
  4. https://dbree.org/v/05f02d - someone https://dbree.org/v/ea7724 - come clean https://dbree.org/v/e9c3ab - gone
  5. I just went through your designs from the first page, god you are awesome, I think I follow you on ig too, love them 😍
  6. It's been days since this snippet surfaced, I'm assuming someone has recorded it or has any link to watch or hear it, if anyone finds any links to watch it or just hear the song, please share.
  7. Was sorting my unreleased collection and found it, Here https://picosong.com/wEysV Leave a upvote if you download
  8. So I can't tolerate Alessia's stale voice on the chorus it sounds so pale, so I edited her out. Dbree Picosong Second is the scrapped single "the other bitch" Which was later censored to the other chick, I edited the "bitch demo" snippet with the full the other chick demo Dbree Picosong
  9. IIRC there's two versions one is the Nick remix that was leaked before, and the original one which was leaked after. The remixed one says "I'm on fire" Btw who says hey Britney, Madonna?? If so it maybe from me against the music
  10. Wow if you can please do, I am starting to stan kelsea she's got some real talent 😍
  11. DL for kelsea ballerini myself anyone?
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