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    • Demi Lovato - Sober
      Demi Lovato's new single 'Sober' is out - and it's definitely not what you'd expect after the anthem that was 'Sorry Not Sorry'. Check out the revealing power ballad about addiction here!
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    • Did Kesha Accuse Dr. Luke of Raping Katy Perry?
      Things have gotten even messier now that Kesha has allegedly accused Dr. Luke of raping Katy Perry in text messages to Lady Gaga. Are you confused yet?
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    • Demi Lovato Faces Backlash After "Sexual Harassment" Prank
      Demi Lovato is facing backlash online following a "prank" that hoards of her fans are describing as sexual harassment.

      In a since deleted tweet Demi made on Sunday, she responded to a question from a fan asking about the best prank she's ever pulled. Demi replied with a story which involved her hiring a prostitute in Vegas to "surprise" her friend Max by walking into his room and touching his genitals without permission.

      It didn't take long for the tweets to start rolling in, with Lovato being accused of sexual harassment and insensitivity by hundreds of her onetime fans. In response, she returned to Twitter to apologise for what she called a "simple mistake", and to imply that she too had been abused.

      The song which Lovato refers to is 'Warrior', a track off her 2013 album DEMI. While fans have speculated for a while that it may be about her abusive father, the revelations of sexual abuse give a new twist to the lyrics, especially those in the bridge:

      While we sympathise with Demi, we wonder how she could make a mistake this obvious. "Pranks" about sexual abuse didn't warrant blinking up until a few years ago, but in the age of #MeToo and #TimesUp it's incredulous how she could not only organise the situation in the first place, but tweet it to millions of people afterwards.

      For the record, even though Demi described the "Max" in question as freaking out, he seemed totally unbothered by the prank in hindsight.


      What do you think of Demi's Twitter drama? Was it a harmless prank or something more sinister? Let us know in the comments down below!
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    • Shawn Mendes Allegedly To Come Out In New Song
      Earlier this week there were rumours that a big male popstar was going to come out in a song next week, and now we're hearing that it's meant to be Shawn Mendes!
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    • Katy Perry's beef with Taylor Swift started over a tour, and it's ended five years later on the opening night of Taylor's Reputation Tour.
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    • Yes! i have a cover for every song on Collxtion 2 if you go on my flickr page! TINASHE SUPERLOVE (DANNY L HARLE REMIX)  
    • Hello guys, I'm asking you for a little favour. I'm designing my own cd for unreleased songs of Leona, and as a good fan I am writting the lyrics down on the booklet. But here is the thing: I am not a native english person so my english is just good, but not perfect, and I have a little problem to understand some of the lyrics in one song. The song is "Haunted" and the part I don't understand is in the chorus, the sentence after each "Cos I'm haunted". This cd is special for me and I want it to be perfect. So, please, I'm asking you for telling me what she says in there. I promise you when I finished it I will show it to you because I think it's something beautiful and exciting for Leona's fans. Thank you so much and I hope you understand the lyrics
    • SLAY. ME. KING. This is fucking everything!
    • Found some more.  Actually a lot more Christmas music for those members that may be interested.  Here are examples: HILARY DUFF - XU02 - 07 - WONDERFUL CHRISTMASTIME.mp3 A-TEENS - XU02 - 11 - I WISH IT COULD BE CHRISTMAS EVERYDAY.mp3 TONI BRAXTON - XU02 - 03 - CHRISTMAS TIME IS HERE.mp3 Christina Aguilera - Top Hits USA XU00 Christmas 2000 - 05.mp3 Mariah Carey - Top Hits USA Christmas XU94 - 10 - Christmas.mp3 Gloria Estefan - Top Hits USA Christmas XU99 - 02 - Love On.mp3 Here you will find 9 folders of Various Christmas songs: (If you prefer your music in high quality?  Then this might not be for you.)  IMHO though, the music is quite listenable.
    • Avril Lavigne Tell Me It's Over Poster Please login or register to see this link.  
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    1. 1. Which new Christmas album will you be bopping to this year?

      • Jessie J - This Christmas Day
      • John Legend - A Legendary Christmas
      • Gwen Stefani - You Make it Feel Like Christmas (Deluxe Edition)
      • Sia - Everyday Is Christmas (Deluxe Edition)
      • Pentatonix - Christmas Is Here!

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